On Body and Soul 2017

Two introverted people find out by pure chance that they share the same dream every night. They are puzzled, incredulous, a bit frightened. As they hesitantly accept this strange coincidence, they try to recreate in broad daylight what happens in their dream.

El mundo es suyo 2018

In the sequel to 'The world is ours', 'The world is yours' we have Alfonso Sánchez and Alberto López playing 'Los compadres', men from Seville with a good economic position. Using satire, the two Andalusian comedians caricature these two new characters, through pride and lack of culture, and make comments about the situation of men, women and the differences that Spain has with the rest of the world. Now, with 40 years on, they pose the following situation: you are a man of forty years who laughs at life, without really having a hard because everything you have had you squandered. The vision of the prototypical, casposa and sister in law of Spain.

DAS ES 1996

The long flights of spacecraft have been in the past, as well as the chronicle of accomplishments. Snatches of memory bring to us the fragments of those memories that are confused and do not leave a coherent and consistent trace. All in the past. But was it really ?!

El mundo es nuestro 2012

The Culebra and Cabesa, a pair of criminals, decide to take a bank at gunpoint, dressed as penitents. The plan is simple: Get in, get the money, take off all the loot quickly and catch the first flight to Brazil. But things get complicated when a man on his fifties, victim of the economic crisis goes into the bank loaded with explosives, threatening suicide. What would be the easiest shot in history, becomes a nightmare carnival

Rabbit and Deer 2013

Rabbit and Deer are living happily and careless until their friendship is put to the test by Deer's new obsession to find the formula for the 3rd dimension. After an unexpected accident Deer finds himself in a new world, unknown to him. Separated by dimensions the two characters have to find the way back to each other.

Final Cut: Ladies and Gentlemen 2012

A film where anything can happen - the hero and the heroine changes their faces, age, look, names, and so on. The only same thing: The love between man and woman... in an archetypical love story cut from 500 classics from all around the world.

Silence and Cry 1968

Miklós Jancsó's Silence and Cry is set during a turbulent era of disquiet, fear, persecution and terror, which permeates every corner of post-WWI Hungarian society. In 1919, after just a few months of communist rule the Hungarian Republic of Councils falls victim to a nationalist counter-revolution. Admiral Horthy, leader of the nationalist far right movement, becomes the self-proclaimed regent of Hungary, and assumes power as the legal Head of State. Soldiers of the short-lived Hungarian Red Army are now on the run from relentless secret policemen and patrol units of the nationalist Royal Gendarme. If caught, ex-Red Army soldiers are executed without mercy or proper trial. István Cserzi, a former soldier of the Red Army has fled to the Great Hungarian Plains and has taken refuge on a farm, which is run by two sympathetic women. Due to the generosity of these women and a former childhood pal...

Bye Bye Germany 2017

David Berman and his friends, all Holocaust survivors, have only one purpose: to go to America as soon as possible. For this they need money. Close to his aim, David is not only deprived of his savings but also overtaken by his shady past.

It 1966

Manfred and Hilke live a live perfectly complied with each other in West Berlin. They managed to elude from the bourgeois conformity, which they loath. But when Hilke finds out about her pregnancy she estranges from her partner. Trying to keep her former life as it was, she desperately looks all over the city to get an abortion.

Es gilt das gesprochene Wort 2019

While Kurdish gigolo Baran dreams of a future in Europe, German pilot Marion is struggling to come to terms with her cancer diagnosis. When the two meet at the Turkish holiday resort of Marmaris, they engage in a kind of double-cross and decide to enter into a sham marriage. After a promising beginning, a shared future seems well within their reach. But things turn out not to be quite as simple as that.

Todo es mentira 1994

Pablo hates everything. When Lucia comes into his life, he thinks she's the woman he dreams of, and sees the solution to all his problems. But Lucia, who is rather manipulating, is just what will make Pablo explode. Nobody believes in the ideal couple, not even Pablo's friends, who live all in couples, and all with problems: Between Ariel and Lola there is a professional rivalty they don't know how to cope with; Claudio lives on Natalia, and none of them feels good about it; what's wrong with Alejandro and Beatriz is just the big age difference between them two. Nobody is happy with his partenaire, but everyone will let it be, maybe for conformism, maybe for fear, maybe for lazyness, or maybe because Everything is false.

Mother, I Love You 2013

Raimonds, a 12 year old boy, falls into a world of petty crime while trying to stay out of trouble with his mother.

Dawn Breaks, Which Is No Small Thing 1989

Theodore, a young Spanish engineer who works as a professor at the University of Oklahoma, returned to Spain to enjoy a sabbatical year. Upon arrival, he discovers that his father killed his mother and, to compensate for the loss, he bought a motorcycle with sidecar to travel together. Father and son arrive in a remote mountain village seems empty, what happens is that all residents are in church every day, because the Mass is a true spectacle. Jimmy and Theodore are discovering the peculiarities of the people, attend the elections held each year to appoint mayor, priest, teacher, bitch ... In addition, the town has come a group of students at the American University of Eaton, a Belgian meteorologists, a dissident group of the Russian Army Choir, invading people's hidden above ...

Todo es silencio 2012

In Brétema, on the Atlantic coast, there was a time when networks of smuggling, drug trafficking converted, achieved so much influence that they were close to control everything: social power, institutions, the lives of its people. Fins, Leda and Frink explore the coast in search of what the sea throws after a wreck, the sea is for them a place of continual discovery. The fate of these young people will be marked by the shadow odious and fascinating at the same time the ubiquitous Marshall, owner of almost everything in Brétema.

Who is Who? 2015

Is a story about twin brothers, one rich and the other poor, who were separated at birth and reunited several years laters by fate. However their polar opposite lives are switched. Through this journey they search and discover themselves.

My Heart is Yours 2014

Fernando Lascurain is a wealthy businessman and recent widower, attempting to raise his seven unruly children. He seeks the assistance of a new nanny. He hires and falls in love with Ana Leal, a struggling exotic dancer who tries to hide her double life. Although Ana lacks experience and a refined education, she quickly bonds with the Lascurain children. Ana dreams of being a mother, but when her home is destroyed following an accident, she must borrow money from her ruthless boss at "Chicago", the night club where she is secretly employed. When Fernando simultaneously falls for Ana and Isabela, an economist and sophisticated woman who is trained by her mother to marry a millionaire, he must choose between both women.

Où es-tu? 2019

What if someone close to you suddenly disappeared without a trace? Days, months, then years pass and there's still no answer. Marie-Claude Barrette follows families and friends who have lost someone close to them in their quest to find out what happened.

A Mézga család és az ámítógép 2017

The Pannonia Film Studio launched the idea in 2005 to continue one of the most successful cartoon series in Hungary, and at that time it was full of internet. [1] József Nepp and Béla Ternovszky, the creators of the series, returned as a director, and would have done the traditional predecessors of the series with traditional hand-drawn techniques (this technique ultimately led to its failure). After the players of the previous series died or passed their roles over time, the new series brought new actors into the voices of the actors, only Harkányi Endre, who gave the voice of the head of the family, remained among the old ones. The other actors were synchronized by Judit Tóth, Petra Haumann, Viktor Baradlay, Gábor Tomanek and Gábor Reviczky. According to the story, the family gets to know the computer and the Internet, and in every episode they are working on some new current problems with current computing. However, only two episodes of the series were made. The first part was screened on June 3, 2005 in the Filmmuseum Music Festival program series at the Merlin Theater in Budapest. Unlike its predecessors, this episode was only 10 minutes, not 20 or 22. The series has never been finalized. The first episode was finally released on May 17, 2017, on May 24th, on YouTube's KEDD Animation Studio.

¿Quién es el Jefe?

¿Quién es el Jefe? is an Argentine sitcom, the remake of the popular American sitcom Who's the Boss?. It premiered on April 18, 2005 at Telefe network, and had great success.

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