Inside Llewyn Davis 2013

In Greenwich Village in the early 1960s, gifted but volatile folk musician Llewyn Davis struggles with money, relationships, and his uncertain future following the suicide of his singing partner.

Amour sur place ou à emporter 2014

Amelle and Noom are two young thirties are total opposites and that fate will bring. Serious She manager at Starbucks, and dynamic IT dilettante, smart, and apprentice comic. Both victims disappointments in love, they swore that it does take longer. So how do when despite all these opposites attract? A game of seduction then sets up for our greatest happiness. But all is not so rosy, families, friends, colleagues get involved, wars are declared, quarrels explode. Caught between the roots of their education and the fire of their feelings, which side will they choose? The love he will triumph? One thing is sure, they will make us have a good loads of fun and excitement ...

Place publique 2018

Revolves around Castro, who was once a very famous TV host, but as he grows old, his popularity is dwindling.

Bruc, the Manhunt 2010

1808. The Napoleonic Army suffers its first defeat at the hands of a single man: a drummer boy who used the Montserrat mountains to echo his drums and send the enemy troops into a panicked retreat. When the news reaches Napoleon, he furiously orders the captain of the Imperial Guard to bring back the head of the young hero responsible for his army's defeat. The captain gathers together a band of his best and most deadly men and so begins the hunt to death of the soldier who was to become a legend.

Arrival 2016

Taking place after alien crafts land around the world, an expert linguist is recruited by the military to determine whether they come in peace or are a threat.

Inside 'Inside Llewyn Davis' 2014

A 42-minute making-of documentary, "Inside 'Inside Llewyn Davis,'" produced and directed by David Prior. A number of cast and key crew people are interviewed, but, not surprisingly, the Coens, music supervisor T-Bone Burnett, and lead Oscar Isaac dominate the proceedings.

An angel has appeared 1961

Marisol, who has recently lost his father at sea, leaving Cadiz to go live with his uncle Ramon. He lives in a family that falls apart because of his wife Eleanor, obsessed only pretend to their friends, who spoiled her children, Javier, Churri, Jorge and Pili. Javier is dedicated to waste money. Churri flirts with several suitors, and end up choosing the least of it is. Jorge lose too much time exercising and neglected studies, and Pili, even a child, she spends hours without leaving the cinema. Javier gets into financial problems that threaten to take him to jail, and Marisol decides to get the money anyway. Furthermore, it decides, with the help of the maid of the house, Herminia, and a friend he met on the train, trying to straighten out the family, earning the enmity of immediate Leonor, who from the beginning did not look favorably upon the arrival of the child.

Llegaron los franceses 1959

On May 2, 1808 the Spanish took up arms against Napoleon. The war are surprised by a traveling company of actors formed by Damian and their four daughters. Rosita, the eldest, is in love with a revolutionary, but Duvalliers, a French officer, also sought. Circumstances beyond all that Rosita can support: conflict views that cause her two suitors, the love of family, his duty as a patriot ... Having become human torch accidentally Rosita launches into a tinderbox and thereby causes the beginning of a decisive battle against the French.

And Then Came Summer 2000

A reunion of family and friends becomes an unforgettable vacation when two teenage boys discover their secret feelings toward one another. The relationship is eventually exposed to their families - leading to denial and a questioning of self-worth from each of the boys. The exposed relationship brings to light that one of the boys was previously institutionalized for his homosexuality by his older brother.

The Woods Are Full of Cuckoos 1937

A program for radio KUKU set in the woods, mostly starring birds as caricatures of celebrities of the day. The MC is bandleader Ben Birdie, heckled by Walter Finchell. Wendell Howell prepares to lead a singalong; he gives several different page numbers in the songbook, then says, "Never mind, we won't use the books." The audience, responding "Oh yes we will" pelts him. Billy Goat and Ernie Bear introduce and sing the title song. Everyone sings along, except a fox, who informed he's singing the wrong song, responds, "Why don't somebody tell me these things?" We pan across a series of celebrity guests, like W.C. Field-mouse, Dick Fowl, Deanna Terrapin, Bing Crowsby, and the high-note competing duo of Grace Moose and Lily Swans. Tizzie Fish has a cooking segment. Finally, Louella Possums introduces a company performing a scene from The Prodigal's Return.

Finding Father Christmas 2016

Christmas for Miranda (Krakow) is a painful reminder of the family she never had. Her mother died when she was young, never revealing the identity of her father. But, three days before Christmas, she unexpectedly receives a clue as to the whereabouts that takes her to a beautiful New England town where she meets Ian (Matter), a young man who helps with her search. As the clues lead to her father’s identity and Miranda discovers the possibility of love in Ian, and she learns that her father lived in the small town and now she knows his family (her brother and her biological father’s wife). She faces a terrible decision… Should she share the truth and risk losing the family she has just found, or leave and keep the secret forever? This Christmas promises to be life-changing for Miranda with a new chance at life and love.

Aquí llega Condemor, el pecador de la pradera 1996

The film follows the adventures of a French aristocrat, the "Condemor"and Lucas, his faithful Mexican servant, lost in the desert of Far West, looking for ways to return to Paris. Following an unintentional demonstration of courage, "Condemor" is appointed sheriff very much against his will and forced to chase the "One- Eyed" and solve the mystery of the whereabouts of Chico's father and also the location of the legendary El Dorado, the fabulous gold mine. The plot thickens when Condemor platonic love, the "Bella Jolly" saloon singer, is also kidnapped by the evil ...

Into the Night 1985

Ed Okin used to have a boring life. He used to have trouble getting to sleep. Then one night, he met Diana. Now, Ed's having trouble staying alive.

El hombre que se llevaron 1946

An Argentine writer agrees to travel with a detective, a married individual and a woman in a car, to cross the mountain range. A storm forces them to seek refuge in a cabin, inhabited by an old fan of esoteric arts. Along the way, we learn about Alberto's story and the reasons for his arrest. In an oversight the criminal and the woman escape the detective's vigil ...

Y Lle

Y Lle is a culture-themed Welsh-language television show which began transmission on S4C in January 2011. During series 1 it aired weekly on Friday nights at 6:30 pm. It currently airs on Thursday nights, with the style of the show much changed from its beginnings. The original series of the show had a theme alternating every week. The first programme of the month was called Y Lle, and it tended to focus on music, films and other events. The second programme of the month was called Y Lle Gwisgo, a show about fashion. It has a catwalk which showcases different designers' clothes every month. The third programme of the month was Y Lle Feiral, which takes a look at all things geeky - gadgets, technology and the web - which a gang of hubbers. The final programme was called Y Lle Siarad, where young people can have their say on issues that affect them. It consisted of a panel of experts and a studio audience of young people with plenty to say. During its current run, the show is a magazine-style weekly, focusing on various cultural and technological subjects and presented from the studio by Griff Lynch and Leni Hatcher. They also occasionally present or narrate the reports and interviews included in the programme, recorded in gigs, sports competitions, fashion shows and other events. Various reporters also present items. The shows often include a live performance by current Welsh-language artists and feature guides for upcoming films, gigs and festivals. It is screened with optional English subtitles.

Full Moon 2017

Ferit Aslan is a very successful businessman, and is extremely organized. He wants the same manner of organization in both his private and professional life. Nazli who is studying gastronomy needs to find a job immediately as she is responsible for covering the expenses of the home she shares with her friend and sister. She is a stubborn and adamant personality, so she has a tough time keeping a job. Both completely opposites, meet each other in this series.

Full House 2004

Han Ji-eun is a naive writer who got swindled out of everything she owned including her house by her best friends. Stranded in China, She managed to borrow money from an actor Lee Young-jae to return to Korea. On her return, she found out that her house was bought by Lee Young-jae. In an attempt to get her possessions back, she entered in a contract marriage with Young-jae for one year. In spite of losing all, Ji-eun manages to be cheerful and takes things in strike and the business relationship between the two becomes personal as they start to rely and care for each other.

Fresh Off the Boat 2015

A '90s-set single-camera comedy about a hip-hop-loving Asian kid growing up in suburban Orlando, being raised by an immigrant father obsessed with all things American and an immigrant mother often bewildered by white culture.

Dead by Sunset 1995

A doctor meets a handsome, successful man and soon marries him--unaware that he cheated on his first wife, raped her, abused and tortured his children, and when his wife was about to leave him, murdered her.

Llena de amor

Llena de amor is a Mexican Spanish-language soap opera, produced by Televisa, that began airing in 2010. It is a remake of the 2002–2003 Venezuelan telenovela Mi Gorda Bella, which itself was inspired by the 1999–2001 Colombian telenovela Yo soy Betty, la fea. Llena de amor is about Marianela, an overweight girl, played by Ariadne Díaz, who is caught up in a set of family intrigues when she moves in with her aunt and uncle after becoming an orphan. The show premiered on May 3, 2010 in Mexico. It is produced by Angelli Nesma Medina. It formally aired in the United States on Univision at 7pm/6pm central from August 9, 2010 to April 19, 2011, replacing Mi Pecado.

Cuando llega el amor

Cuando llega el amor is a telenovela made by Mexican TV network Televisa. It is a telenovela aimed to young audience, set in Mexico. This telenovela was broadcast in 1990.

Full House 2014

Sentimental tears flood the screen again with the remake of this classic series.Directed and filmed by producer Max Martin Ananda. Everio Birmingham with his team at Swarm Products Company Limited has created a series of viral fever Korean idols for Thailand. Raised and imprinted audiences all over Thailand to imbue art, poetry, romantic vibe. The perfect match between chemicals. A spirit happy nad sad drama that has captured the hearts of people everywhere.

Full House Take 2 2012

Full House Take 2 is a 2012 South Korean television series that was jointly produced by Korean, Chinese and Japanese companies. It aired on Japan's TBS-cable affiliate TBS Channel 2, and South Korean cable channel SBS Plus. The term "sequel" is used loosely, since the series only shares the same premise as Won Soo-yeon's manhwa and the original 2004 hit Full House, but has a completely different set of characters and plot.

Amantes de Luna llena

Amantes de Luna Llena is a Venezuelan telenovela written by Leonardo Padrón for Venevisión in 2000. Ruddy Rodríguez and Diego Bertie starred as the main protagonists while Beatriz Valdés and Jorge Cao starred as the main antagonists.

Death Comes to Pemberley 2013

Adaptation of PD James's bestselling homage to Pride and Prejudice. Elizabeth and Darcy, now six years married, are preparing for their annual ball when festivities are brought to an abrupt halt.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea 1997

The year is 1886, when New England's fishing harbours are the scene for a "creature of unknown origin" destroying ships at sea. It is the job of Professor Pierre Aronnax, a marine expert, and Ned Land, the iron willed sailor, to learn the truth of the "monster" roaming the seas. The great novelist, Jules Verne, described this perilous journey to the darkest depths of the sea with Captain Nemo aboard the Nautilus.

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