Milk 2008

The true story of Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man ever elected to public office. In San Francisco in the late 1970s, Harvey Milk becomes an activist for gay rights and inspires others to join him in his fight for equal rights that should be available to all Americans.

Milk Money 1994

Three young boys pool their money and pay V, a kindhearted prostitute, to strip for them. Afterward, she drives them home to the suburbs -- but then her car breaks down. It's just as well, though, because a mobster named Waltzer is after her, and V realizes the suburbs are the perfect place to hide. But things get a lot more complicated when V falls in love with Tom, a single father who is unaware of her real profession.

Bloody Milk 2017

Pierre, in his thirties, is a breeder of dairy cattle. His life revolves around his farm, his veterinarian sister and his parents whose livestock he took over. As the first cases of a zoonotic outbreak are reported in France, Pierre discovers that one of his animals is infected. He cannot cope with the perspective of losing the whole herd. They are everything he has and he will do whatever it takes to save them.

Milk 1998

Andrea Arnold’s directorial debut consists of a woman named Hetty that has a unique way of dealing with the unexpected death of her child.

Milk 2018

On a late night, a young teen goes into the kitchen for a glass of milk. Upon encountering his sleepless mother, he quickly realizes things are not as they seem.

Mother's Milk 2012

Claude is an easily overlooked statistics professor. After a childhood trauma left him motherless, he formed a dysfunctional craving. To satisfy the depraved hunger, he kidnaps Kim from the park and holds her captive in his basement. As the days pass and Claude’s truths are revealed, her fear slowly turns to comfort and compassion…or does it?

Milk 2017

A reticent young dairy farm employee struggles with the news of an unexpected pregnancy. A methodical cycle of calf births and milk extraction becomes an incisive meditation on the implications of reproduction and the anxiety of impending parenthood.

The Times of Harvey Milk 1984

Harvey Milk was an outspoken human rights activist and one of the first openly gay U.S. politicians elected to public office; even after his assassination in 1978, he continues to inspire disenfranchised people around the world.

Milk 2009

A high school graduate, Yusuf could not pass the university entrance exam. Writing poetry is his greatest passion and some of his poems are being printed in various obscure literary journals. But neither these poems, nor the rapidly falling price of the milk they sell, are being of any benefit to Yusuf and Zehra's lives. When Yusuf finds out about Zehra's secret affair with the town's stationmaster he gets disconcerted. Will he find the way to cope with his anxiety for the unknown future, the rapid change that he is going through and the pain of taking a step into adulthood and leaving his youth behind

Spilt Milk 2011

A disgruntled grocery store clerk can't quit living in the past until one night his store gets robbed and it changes his future forever.

Milk? 2012

Using engaging interviews and arresting visuals, this documentary investigates the case for milk as a nutritious food. Is milk good for us or not?

Making Milk 2016

Behind the scenes documentary following the making of the critically acclaimed action film, Milk 2%. The cast and crew of Milk return to make a sequel. The crew may not be perfect but they're determined to make a sequel better than the original.

Milk and Honey 2003

Over one night in New York City, lives of disparate strangers intersect by fate and circumstance.

Milk 2005

Reluctant Jennifer must bathe her mischievous grandmother. Once close, they are now virtually strangers. The enforced intimacy of the situation results in an awkwardness that they can neither deny nor overcome until they begin to play together in the water.

Milk 2015

Through an intimate and artistic lens, yet investigative and political, Milk brings a universal focus on the politics, commercialization and controversies surrounding birth and infant feeding over the canvas of stunningly beautiful visuals and poignant voices from around the globe.

Mush and Milk 1933

When Cap's back pension finally comes in, he treats the gang to a day at an amusement park.

Milk 1999

Forty-five-year-old Adrian has been living with his mother Lucy and running their Wiltshire dairy farm all his adult life. When Lucy unexpectedly dies of a heart attack, a rogue's gallery of family members show up at the farm to argue over the execution of Ruth's will. The one object that everyone seems to want, and several people try to steal, is Ruth's valuable Modigliani painting. In the midst of all this confusion over Ruth's death, a mysterious visitor named Ilaria inserts herself onto the scene and has a surprising effect on those gathered.

Milk 2015

One morning a man wakes up to find all the milk in his house has gone missing. He goes a journey and does whatever it take to get some milk to finish off his breakfast cereal. As they say, it is the most important meal of the day.

The Price of Milk 2000

New Zealand milk farmer Rob gives his lover Lucinda a ring. Trying to spark up her relationship with Rob, she takes her friend Drosophila's advice and starts to try and make Rob angry. But she tends to go too far. Admiring her ring while driving a lonely road, she has a run-in with an older woman that sets off a chain of events that begins with her quilt being stolen

Under Milk Wood 1973

This Dylan Thomas work is a delightful if peculiar story of a day in the life of a small, Welsh fishing village called "Llareggub" (read it backwards!). We meet a host of curious characters (and ghosts) through the 'eyes' of Blind Captain Cat. This is a true "Classic" of modern British writing with a wonderful, mischievous use of language. Under Milk Wood was Sinclair's first film and he was able to sign up Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor to the project with the help of O'Toole, Sinclair's long-term friend. Burton and Taylor were paid £10,000 each. Elizabeth Taylor was only available for three days of filming, which at her request took place in London. At £600, her three dresses took up half of the costume budget. It was the only film in which Burton, Taylor and O’Toole appeared together. It was shot on various locations in Wales and has since acquired a reputation among aficionados as a cult movie.

Milk Money

Milk Money is a hentai series featuring a woman named Kyouko who, to relieve herself of the pain of her unsuckled milk, takes a job as a wet nurse, but is quickly fired when it's found out that she has gotten a bit too close to one of her clients. Years later, she meets with her old client, Touji. Again Kyouko finds a sexual attraction with Touji, while at the same time the wet nurse's daughter Marika would like to be in an involved relationship as Kyouko.

The Super Milk-Chan Show 2004

The Super Milk Chan Show, known in Japan as OH! Super Milk Chan, is an anime comedy about a foul-mouthed girl named Milk P. Chan, who is entrusted by the President of Everything to defend the world, even though she can do very little besides making popular culture references. Its American slogan, as a result, became "Wholesome? Probably not. Good for you? Definitely." Super Milk Chan is produced in Japan by Studio Pierrot. The North American DVD release by A.D. Vision features two different English-dubbed versions: a straight translation of the Japanese version and an Americanized version with western pop culture references and short live-action skits featuring ADV voice cast members.

Brendan O'Carroll's Hot Milk and Pepper

Brendan O'Carroll's Hot Milk and Pepper is an RTÉ television quiz show show presented by Brendan O'Carroll and also starring Gerry Browne that was broadcast for two series between 1996 and 1998. The show featured two teams of four competing each week.


Milkshake! is a television programming block on Channel 5, aimed at children two to seven years old. The strand debuted in 1997 and is broadcast on weekdays from 06:00 to 10:15. The block has a number of presenters, and features a range of pre-school programming, including Peppa Pig, Thomas and Friends and Little Princess. Shake! aimed at an older audience, use to run at weekends after milkshake! When Five Life launched in 2006, Milkshake! was shown on the channel between 09:00 and 13:00 each day. In April 2011, 5* reduced its broadcast hours and the block was replaced by teleshopping.

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