The Time Travelers 1964

A time travel experiment that was supposed to produce a window into time turns out to be a portal instead. One of the experimenters steps through into a not-too-distant-future world that has been destroyed by nuclear war. Some of the others follow, but then the portal phases out and they can't get back. Things just get worse after that. They run across a rocket that has landed to escape pursuing enemies, bearing scientists who survived the war, and many android "slaves." The time travellers are invited to escape when the ship is again ready to blast off - but just before that happens, the scientits' enemy returns and fires on the sitting-duck ship. A very bad day for the scientists turns terminal at that point, and the 20th-century Earthlings barely escape with their skins.

Traveller 1997

A young man, Pat, visits the clan of gypsy-like grifters (Irish Travellers) in rural North Carolina from whom he is descended. He is at first rejected, but cousin Bokky takes him on as an apprentice. Pat learns the game while Bokky falls in love and desires a different life. Written by Jeff Hole

Space Travelers 2000

Three bank robbers, who declare themselves to be Space Travelers, take six persons as hostages when they are surrounded by the police. Among the hostages, there is a terrorist with a hidden bomb. In order to escape, the robbers ask the hostages to pretend to be part of the gang. Surprisingly, the hostages soon enjoy doing so. On that strange day, the bank becomes a tropical paradise...

Time Travelers 1976

In 1976, there's an outbreak of a disease that no one has seen before. All what they know is that resembles a disease that existed at around 1871, and that a Dr. Henderson was able to save most of his patients but the Chicago Fire destroyed his records. Dr. Earnshaw the doctor looking for a cure was approached by a man, Jeffrey Adams, who believes that he could help him. It seems that a Dr. Amos Cummings has prefected the art of time travel, and the plan is for Earnshaw and Adams to go back to 1871 and learn how Henderson cured his patients. But a glitch in the machines computers sends them the day before the fire not four days as intended.

Travellers 2011

Four friends set out on a motorcycle adventure weekend, clocking up miles in an attempt to outrun their age and urban lifestyles. After bartering with a local land owner for a place to set up camp, they spend the night reminiscing over their wasted youth. The following morning they spot an ominous looking caravan, and decide to investigate. Within minutes, an idiotic prank leads to a series of brutal events and a deadly race for survival. A modern plunge back into the worlds created by movies such as 'Deliverance' and 'Southern Comfort' but with a gritty British twang. Kidnap, murder and a hidden past are just some of the reasons these four adventurers should have stayed at home. An action thriller that will make you question who the villains really are. You cant outrun what's in your blood.

Travelers 2013

Ten years have passed since the discovery of inter-cosmic travel. The existence of three parallel worlds have been confirmed. What happens in one cosmos, even the slightest incident, can create a “butterfly effect” that influences events in the other worlds. In response to these discoveries, the “Dimension Police” and “Space Guardian Academy” are formed. The beautiful female investigator Ai is the Space Guardian Academy’s top agent. Along with her trusted android partner, Bridge, she has been assigned to eliminate the inter-cosmic terrorist group DOUBT. Amidst the struggle, Ai finds herself challenged like she never has been before when allies become enemies, enemies become allies, and the mastermind behind the evil plot is revealed.

Travelers 2018

A fifteen-year-old child and his dog Spirale travel with a group of travelers. Winter approaches and life for the group and in the fields becomes more difficult. Either you adapt or have to leave.

Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time 2010

Akari Yoshiyama is graduating high school soon and is expected to lead new life after she passes the university entrance exam, while her mother is working as a pharmacologist. However, her mother has a car accident and the situation is totally changed. She decides to go to 1972 to fullfil her mother's wish.

Fellow Travelers 2015

In the middle of December, on a snowy and grim day, three frozen fellow travellers reveal hidden corners of their soul to a passing driver, who stops to give a ride. Their shared stories overlap in one's mind, even though they don't know each other and maybe will never meet. The only thing that connects them is the same car, the same driver and the road they are travelling.

Travellers and Magicians 2004

A young government official, named Dondup, who is smitten with America (he even has a denim gho) dreams of escaping there while stuck in a beautiful but isolated village. He hopes to connect in the U.S. with a visa out of the country. He misses the one bus out of town to Thimphu, however, and is forced to hitchhike and walk along the Lateral Road to the west, accompanied by an apple seller, a Buddhist monk with his ornate, dragon-headed dramyin, a drunk, a widowed rice paper maker, and his beautiful daughter, Sonam.

War Travelers 2018

Baha’a is ready to leave the wartorn city of Aleppo to return to his hometown. He and his fellow travellers are forced to stop their journey because of clashes ahead. Complete strangers are stuck with each other, trying to bring life back to a village that has been destroyed and to wait out the war. Will it ever end?

Time Travelers 2012

Prepare for the ultimate travel through time. A new team is assembled combining the best of the best on the planet. But, little do they know that they are being recruited for a special branch of the C.I.A. called "Time Travelers". Now, they must take down a renegade who is using time travel to benefit his goal for world domination

The Traveller 2009

A poignant tale about a young girl, Seonag, who travels back in time to visit her recently deceased Grandfather.

The Traveller 2009

Love, passion, responsibility and loss follow a man over the course of half a century in this powerful drama from Egypt. In 1948, Hassan (Khaled El Nabawy) is working his first day on the job for a telegraph company when he has to deliver a telegram to Noura (Cyrine Abdelnour), a beautiful woman who is waiting on a ship docked in the harbor. The message is from Noura's fiancé, but when Hassan sees her, he acts on an impulse, and by the end of the day he's slept with Noura. In 1973, Hassan crosses paths with Noura again; her brother is in the hospital, and Hassan happens to meet Nadia, the beautiful woman's daughter who he may have fathered. And in 2001, elderly Hassan (now played by Omar Sharif) visits Cairo and meets Ali, Nadia's son, and both are taken aback at the similarities between them.

Travelers 2016

Hundreds of years from now, the last surviving humans discover the means of sending consciousness back through time, directly into people in the 21st century. These "travelers" assume the lives of seemingly random people, while secretly working as teams to perform missions in order to save humanity from a terrible future.

Magical Travelers 2006

Tsukishima Yui and 5 other girls were summoned into the Edo period by a mysterious stones and each one of them had a power to protect people from evil and yui's power were ''words'' her hope-giving kind words.

Crime Traveller 1997

Crime Traveller is a 1997 science fiction detective television series produced by Carnival Films for the BBC based on the premise of using time travel for the purpose of solving crimes. Anthony Horowitz created the series and wrote every episode. He got the idea while writing an episode of Poirot. Despite having over eight million viewers on a regular basis, Crime Traveller was not renewed after its first series, because according to Horowitz, "The show wasn't exactly cut. There was a chasm at the BBC, created by the arrival of a new Head of Drama and our run ended at that time. There was no-one around to commission a new series...and so it just didn't happen." The final episode of the series was followed the next week by the first episode of Jonathan Creek, which became a popular long-running crime series.

Business Traveller

Business Traveller is a CNN International monthly television program hosted by Richard Quest.

Travellers' Century 2008

Travellers' Century is a 2008 BBC Television documentary series presented by Benedict Allen that profiles the lives of three influential 20th century British travel writers.

Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide 2012

Of all continents on Earth, none preserve the story of the formation of our planet and the evolution of life quite like Australia. Nowhere else can you simply jump in a car and travel back through the entire history of the world. Australia: The Time Traveller's Guide takes you on a rollicking adventure from the birth of the Earth to the emergence of the world we know today. Buckle up for a rocky ride down the Road of Time with series host Dr Richard Smith. Over four one-hour episodes, we meet titanic dinosaurs and giant kangaroos, sea monsters and prehistoric crustaceans, disappearing mountains and exploding asteroids. Epic in scope, intimate in nature, this is the untold story of the land Down Under, the one island continent that has got it all. So join the good Doctor for the ultimate outback road trip: an exploration of the history of the planet as seen through the mind-altering window of the Australian continent.

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