Poppies 2014

‘Poppies’ is a specially commissioned two minute animated feature for CCBC. A beautiful, atmospheric and ethereal piece which sees war as experienced by the animal inhabitants of a WW1 battlefield.

Poppies 2000

Worn out by the sea, the Sète fishing boats decide to spend a day in the country amongst the poppies surrounding Arles, Bédarrides and the Thouzon Grottos.

Poppies Are Also Flowers 1966

In an attempt to stem the heroin trade from Iran, a group of narcotics agents working for the UN inject a radioactive compound into a seized shipment of opium, in the hopes that it will lead them to the main heroin distributor in Europe. Along the way, they encounter a mysterious woman doing her own investigating of the smuggling operation.

Red Poppies 2011

27-year old Vlada is moving to Belgrade from his little hometown, and he spends the last night with old friends. The night brings too much, and evokes inner struggles of all of them...

Dr. Pulder Sows Poppies 1975

A small town doctor gets a visit from a former study-friend. He doesn't know this former surgeon has become a junkie that wants to steal his morphine.

Black Poppies 1992

"A dramatisation of the experiences of black servicemen from the Second World War to the present day. These fascinating accounts - vivid, humorous, often harrowing - offer an unusual and sometimes startling perspective on army life. First produced by the Royal National Theatre Studio and now re-created for television, Black Poppies was filmed on the Broadwater Farm Estate in north London." - Radio Times, 1992

Flaming Poppies 1963

Short film directed by Hushang Shafti, that won the Silver Bear in Berlin Festival of 1963

Poppies and Sailboats 2001

Little is necessary for everything to appear differently. The date, the hour, the weather, the space's layout, one's glance or presence of mind . . . can make everything change. The boats sail out of the Vieux port in Marseille to be amongst the poppy fields.

Poppies of Flanders 1927

An Earl's reformed son fakes a relapse on learning his sweetheart loves another, and dies saving his life.

Red Poppies on the Wall 1976

The film mainly takes place in an orphanage of Tirana in the years of the city's occupation from the Italian fascists at the start of WW2.

Where the Poppies Grow: The Lakehead at War

Where the Poppies Grow is a short docu-drama about one soldier during the Great War. Alfred Saxberg was a first generation Finnish Canadian who signed up at the beginning of the war and was fortunate to return home in 1919. When the Great War ended In November 1918, the people of the Lakehead could take pride in the contributions they had made. Over 6,200 people enlisted either as volunteers or conscripts. At home, the community supported the war by raising money to assist soldiers’ wives, children, and other dependents. There were also campaigns to help finance the purchase of military equipment and to send personal items to the soldiers overseas. By the end of the conflict, approximately 300 people from the Lakehead were killed overseas or died of illness due to their war service. Thousands more were wounded in body and mind. Where the Poppies Grow is a docu-drama that looks at the sacrifices made by people from the Lakehead to secure victory in the war.

The Poppy 1935

Based on Soseki Natsume’s 1908 novel of the same title, Poppy is an ornately complicated story of desire and ambition. Fujio is beautiful, talented, well-heeled, and engaged to Munechika, a rising young diplomat. She has promised him a gold watch, a family heirloom, as an emblem of their engagement. But she falls in love with Ono, a student employed to tutor her in English, who is attracted by her beauty and wealth. Ono is himself bound by an engagement to Sayoko, the daughter of his mentor, Professor Inoue. The self-centered Fujio is ready to forsake everything for Ono, but he is prevailed upon to go ahead with his marriage to Sayoko. Fujio then offers the watch to Munechika who, perceiving Fujio’s true feelings, hurls the watch into the sea.

Short Poppies 2014

Journalist David Farrier goes on a quest to small town New Zealand to find the average Kiwi. What he finds in this mockumentary series, is a lovable bunch of people who are anything but ordinary or average. Each week he meets a new local, all played by Rhys Darby.

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