Paganini Horror 1989

Rock and roll band purchases piece of music to record that were used in satanic rituals. Band decides to record and tape video of song in mansion where rituals took place. As one may guess, the spirits are summoned to commit mayhem and murder.

Kinski Paganini 1989

Kinski believed that he lived through the same experiences as the legendary "devil violinist" Niccolo Paganini, who set whole Europe of the 19th century into frenzy and through whose personality Kinski offers us an incredibly profound and honest insight into his own life; a life of extremities

Nicolo Paganini 1982

Biopic about Niccolo Paganini. He receives training from his father in early childhood. The best teachers of Parma are unable to give him more, so Paganini turns to a daily 15 hours of rigorous self-training. He makes sensational concert tours in Vienna, Paris, London and many other cities of Europe. He is always playing from memory, wearing black, and his stage appearance supports the rumors of his supernatural abilities. He is a wealthy man, but gambling and reckless spending forces him to pawn his violin. He is given a Guarneri violin by a wealthy listener to keep. He later gives this violin to the city if Genoa. The Paganini's violin is played by Leonid Kogan in this film.

The Magic Bow 1946

Biography of the famous Italian violinist Nicola Paganini which focuses as much on the musician's romances as it does on his craft. Phyllis Calvert plays Jeanne de Vermond, the aristocratic French woman who captures Paganini's heart, and real-life violin virtuoso Yehudi Menuhin supplies the breathtaking Paganini solos

The Devil's Violinist 2013

The life story of Italian violinist and composer, Niccolò Paganini, who rose to fame as a virtuoso in the early 19th Century.

Paganini 1923

Historical film about Italian musician Niccolo Paganini.

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