This Earth of Mankind 2019

Based on 'This Earth of Mankind', the first book in Pramoedya Ananta Toer's epic quartet called Buru Quartet.

The Earth is Round 1983

Simson, a young entrepreneur from Surabaya suspects his girlfriend, Hedy, of having an affair in Jakarta. To compensate for his sadness, Simson goes to Jakarta. Shortly after arriving at the airport in Kemayoran, he immediately books a room in a brothel, to request a special service for a week with beautiful girls, before he deciding to kill himself.

Bumi Itu Bulat 2019

Rahabi, Markus, Hitu, Sayid and Tiara formed an acapella group named Rujak Acapella. Rahabi wants Rujak Acapella to succeed to paid his little sister, Rara's tuition college. The way opened when Aldi, a music poducer offered them a contract; with a condition Aisha must join Rujak Acapella. Rahabi finally must make a choice, whether he must chase his dream, with the risk he must lose everyone he cared about.

Blind Warrior 1987

A psychopathic and brutal Indonesian despot terrorizes and exploits the rural population. The cruel warlord demands sacrifices from the villagers, slaughtering them when they don’t meet his demands.

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