The Lame Pigeon 1995

Little Felipe has been sick for a long time. To hasten his recovery, his parents send him to spend the summer of 1958 in the villa of his grandparents, located in the wealthy quarter of Cadiz. The warm climate of southern Spain is good for the boy, but the inhabitants of the great home may be a different story as all the relatives within are a tad strange. There Felipe meets his great-grandmother and her tough nurse Adoracion who patiently listens to grandmama's reminiscence's of the bandoleros who died for her. Felipe is not allowed to leave his bed, but his hours pass pleasantly thanks to the ministrations of the sexy Mari, a virgin, who loves to tease her four strapping aspiring lovers. As the summer progresses, Felipe interacts with all of his relatives and from their strange behavior finds himself learning an awful lot about life and love.

A paso de cojo 1980

Ragtag crew of indigents from an asylum for the handicapped form a squadron to defend the Church during the Cristero Uprising.

El Cojonudo 2005

A young city couple are stuck in a gas station over a lost road in open countryside. An old man, disturbed by their disrespectful behavior, starts telling a story about respect, an Uruguayans countryside legend: the never ever told story of El Cojonudo.

Cojot: A Second Chance Comes Only Once 2018

Tells the virtually unknown story of a Parisian banker who risks his life, career and marriage to hunt down Gestapo commander Klaus Barbie and, only a few months later, plays a pivotal role in one of historys most daring hostage-rescue operations. Cojots journey started during World War II in Nazi-occupied France; hit a fork on the road in 1975 in Bolivia, when he faced his bitter past; reached a climax in Entebbe, Africa, a few months later, when he played a key role in one of the 20th centurys most daring hostage-rescue operations; and concluded back in France in the 1980s, when he again confronted Barbie this time, in court. Caught up in historys crosshairs, Cojot embodies the modern eras vital dilemmas how to lead a purposeful life and reconcile Western ideals of liberty, equality and justice with the bitter memories of WWII and the rise of global terrorism.

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