Entropy 1999

Entropy is the semi-autobiographical film by director which tells the story of a young director struggling to make a film for a despotic studio while his life falls apart around him. Along the way, he goes on tour with U2 to help them make a music video, gets married in Vegas, and has a conversation with his cat.

Entropy 2013

End of days is already here - you just didn't notice...

Entropy 2006

"Entropy is a document of the most progressive season in snowkiting so far. Join five of the world’s best riders across the globe as they search for the ultimate snow and wind conditions. Along the way they reinvent snowkiting by taking a newschool approach and pushing the limits of wakestyle manoeuvres." Entropy was shot entirely in High Definition video in Norway, France, USA, Sweden and Finland during the 2005/06 winter season. Featured riders are Claes Lundin, AG Dokken, Sigve Botnen, Bjørn Kaupang and Remi Meum. Running time: 38 minutes. Bonus: Trailer, Uncut, Slideshow and Bonus clip. Spoken language: English Subtitles: English and Norwegian

Ecstasy in Entropy 1999

An agit-prop edutainment ho down featuring a bevy of warrior lapdancers struggling to overthrow corporate state capitalism and rancid criminal globalisation through amateur wrestling, gun juggling and anarchist debate.

Entropy 2017

A brilliant, but hermetic and hard-living woman discovers an anomalous cosmic force that projects the end of the universe to be a mere two weeks away. The terminal diagnosis for all existence compels her to confront her own fear and isolation, and leads her to pursue another woman who may offer the promise of salvation.

Entropia 2018

Three women, three lives in parallel worlds, until the moment a fly causes a bug in the system. The universe collapses, sex is in the air, bras are overrated and the stars twinkle.

Entropia 2017

An aging woman attempts to regain her youth through her taxidermy and spell books.

Entropic 2019

The most beautiful man in the world, who, sick of being objectified, devises a plan to free himself of other's attention.

Entropic 2016

Universes collide when a scientist seeking to uncover the meaning of life accidentally disrupts the robbery of a small town grocery store from another world.

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