When Harry Met Sally... 1989

During their travel from Chicago to New York, Harry and Sally debate whether or not sex ruins a friendship between a man and a woman. Eleven years later, and they're still no closer to finding the answer.

Samson & Sally 1984

Samson is a young whale that doesn't have friends. He spends his time listening to his mother's stories about the legendary whale Moby Dick. Samson becomes fascinated about it and decides to go on a journey to find Moby Dick.

Sally and Freedom 1981

Sally, a 28-year-old social worker who has just broken up from a ten-year marriage. She seeks freedom, but has trouble living alone. She soon finds a new man, lawyer Jonas, but Sally knows that the past is chasing her and do things more difficult for her freedom quest.

Sally 1929

Sally is an orphan who was named by the telephone exchange where she was abandoned as a baby. In the orphanage, she discovered the joy of dancing. Working as a waitress, she serves Blair (Alexander Gray), and they both fall for each other, but Blair is engaged to socialite Marcia. Sally is hired to impersonate a famous Russian dancer named Noskerova, but at that engagement, she is found to be a phoney. Undaunted, she proceeds with her life and has a show on Broadway, but she still thinks of Blair.

Saving Sally 2016

Marty is an aspiring comic-book artist who is secretly in love with his best friend, Sally, the gadget inventor. Like every love story, there are complications: Sally has monsters for parents and a literal dick for a boyfriend, while Marty has the innate ability to do nothing about everything despite his vivid fantasies of defending the love of his life from the big bad world.

Sally 2000

Jack is driving aimlessly on a road to nowhere with his imaginary girlfriend, Sally, when he meets Beth. The duo becomes a trio when escaped mental patient Bugs, also fixated on an imaginary woman named Sally, finds himself along for the ride with Jack and Beth. Disagreements between the new acquaintances coincide with a series of violent and criminal confrontations.

Aunt Sally 1934

An ambitious girl who wants to be a cabaret star poses as "Zaza", a French chanteuse, to get a job in a prestigious nightclub. Unfortunately, she finds herself in the middle of a dispute between Mike Kelly, the club's Chicago-born owner, and a group of American gangsters bent on taking over the club. To put pressure on Kelly, the gangsters kidnap "Zaza".

Sally 2013

When Sally, a lost soul stuck in the past, meets up with her part time lover Winnie at college, she must decide what's more important, her past with Kristian or present with Winnie.

Jimmy and Sally 1933

Jimmy and Sally is a 1933 American comedy film directed by James Tinling and written by William M. Conselman, Marguerite Roberts and Paul Schofield. The film stars James Dunn, Claire Trevor, Harvey Stephens, Lya Lys, Jed Prouty and Gloria Roy.

Sally Bishop 1916

A barrister abandons his mistress for a socialite but returns in time to save her from suicide.

Shipyard Sally 1939

A lancashire singer buys a pub in Clydebank and hits money troubles when the shipbyards are closed. She takes a petition to London to try to get them reopened.

Sally Hemings: An American Scandal 2000

Epic television miniseries exploring the complicated relationship of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings, who conducted a 38 year love affair, spanning an ocean, ultimately producing children, grandchildren, and lots of controversy.

Sally Sargent 1968

Sally Sargent, the high school girl and secret agent, and Boris Bartok, the monster movie actor, are in danger of the revenge-seeking gangster, Rico Stark.

Sally Swing 1938

Betty Boop, auditioning bandleaders for a college swing dance, "discovers" a cleaning woman who resembles Betty Grable

Sally Bollywood: Super Detective 2009

Follows the adventures of Sally who, along with her friend Doowee, operates a private detective agency. Together they investigate cases brought to them by their school friends in a multicultural suburb of a big, western city, "Cosmopolis".

Sally 1983

Sally is an American syndicated tabloid talk show that was hosted by radio talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael. It originally was a half-hour local St. Louis television program, debuting October 17, 1983, and ran in syndication until May 24, 2002, with repeats running until August 30.

Sally 1957

Sally is an American situation comedy which aired on NBC from September 15, 1957 to March 30, 1958. The series is the first filmed television series produced by Paramount Studios.

Sally4Ever 2018

Sally4Ever follows the life of Sally, a soon-to-be promoted marketer who, for 10 years, has lived a comfortable and dull suburban life with David. But on the night he asks her to marry him, Sally has a crisis and embarks on a wild affair with Emma, a seductive, charismatic, boho actress, singer, musician, poet and author. Before Sally knows it, Emma has moved in, rearranged the furniture and her life. Is this really what Sally wants, or has she made a mistake?

When Paddy Met Sally

When Paddy Met Sally is a two-part television documentary shown on Channel 5 in the UK featuring Irish Traveller and Celebrity Big Brother 2011 winner Paddy Doherty and Sally Bercow, wife of the Speaker of the House of Commons. The show is similar to Wife Swap. The pair met in the Big Brother house in August 2011 and became unlikely friends. For the two one-hour episodes of When Paddy Met Sally, Bercow moved in to Doherty's chalet on his travellers' site in north Wales, living by his rules in episode one and hers in episode two. The programmes first aired on 9 and 16 January 2012. The series aired on 3e in Ireland in November 2012.

Sally Hemings: An American Scandal 2000

Epic television miniseries exploring the complicated relationship of Thomas Jefferson and slave Sally Hemings, who conducted a 38 year love affair, spanning an ocean, ultimately producing children, grandchildren, and lots of controversy.

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