Inside Deep Throat 2005

In 1972, a seemingly typical shoestring budget pornographic film was made in a Florida hotel, "Deep Throat," starring Linda Lovelace. This film would surpass the wildest expectation of everyone involved to become one of the most successful independent films of all time. It caught the public imagination which met the spirit of the times, even as the self appointed guardians of public morality struggled to suppress it, and created, for a brief moment, a possible future where sexuality in film had a bold artistic potential. This film covers the story of the making of this controversial film, its stunning success, its hysterical opposition along with its dark side of mob influence and allegations of the on set mistreatment of the film's star.

Deep Throat Part II 1974

Nurse Linda Lovelace works for libidinous sex therapist Dr. Jayson. One of the patients she is treating is Dilbert Lamb, a meek geek who's harboring plans for a top secret government computer. Both the KGB and FBI alike attempt to enlist Lovelace in order to obtain the data on the computer.

Bone in the Throat 2015

A young ambitious chef gets mixed up with the East End London mob. While showing off his culinary skills, he finds himself trapped.

Cut Throat City

Four boyhood friends return to New Orleans’ Lower Ninth Ward after Hurricane Katrina, to find their home decimated and prospects for work swept away. Turning to a local gangster for employment, the crew is hired to pull off a daring casino heist, right in the heart of the city.

Throat Song 2011

THROAT SONG takes place in the small Arctic town of Iqaluit, Nunavut. In the snowy and mystic landscape of the Arctic, Ippik, a young Inuit woman, is caught up in an abusive relationship with her alcoholic husband. When Ippik gets a job with the Department of Justice, prepping victims of crimes for court, she connects with others in her community who are also suffering from pains of abuse. In hearing their stories, Ippik finds the strength to leave her husband and discovers that her voice is not yet entirely diminished.

Hot Throat 1939

An industrial short produced by Pražská železářská společnost (Prague Ironworks Company) in 1939, the film contains footage from the shorts Výroba oceli (Steel Production, 1939)—today presumed lost—and Poklady země (Treasures of the Earth, 1939), both directed by Karel Kohout.

Cut Throat 2002

A group of young filmmakers encounter a serial killer while shooting their first independent movie.

Deep Throat

A woman with an unusual birth defect comes to a doctor who has an unorthodox solution to make the best of her situation.

Ears, Nose and Throat 2016

In Kevin Jerome Everson’s deeply affecting Ears, Nose and Throat, a woman’s testimonial faculties are confirmed through medical examinations before she recites a tragic story, whose horrors we don't see, hear, or smell, but can imagine far too easily.

In the Devil's Throat 1960

Four deserters from Paraguay War hide in an old drunkard's country seat. The latter has two daughters who are unhappy with their recluse lives.

The Knife to the Throat 1955

Pacos Le Maltais, leader of a gang, lays down the law on the quay of Marseille. He fires one of his henchmen, Le Chinois, who killed a woman during the last bank stickup.

The Screaming Throats 1993

Copenhagen 1984. Ronni is a young, mediocre punk-guitarist, eager to make it big in the death obsessed late-punk milieu. But his girlfriend has left him, the other members of his band are fed up with his incompetence and insecure attitude, he has a problem with his stomach, his doctor wants to abuse him sexually and the former manager of the band thinks Ronni owes him some money. It seems to reach an ultimate low, when Ronni collapses onstage during an all-important concert, but it turns out to be his ticket to glory as he claims to be mortally ill

Land of the Throat

This work's Chinese title references a military term that uses the throat's location on the body as a metaphor for a strategically important position or passage. For "Land of the Throat," Zhou Tao considered construction sites as such critical places in his investigation of the rapid urbanization of southern China's Pearl River Delta. This region's changing topography compelled Zhou to imagine other terrain, both real and imagined, and even the surfaces of other planets in order to propose a recent history of humanity, the materials we produce, and the landscapes we inhabit.

Throat Singing in Kangirsuk 2019

Eva and Manon practice the art of throat singing in the small village of Kangirsuk, in their native Arctic land. Interspliced with footage of the four seasons of Kangirsuk by Johnny Nassak.

A Lump In My Throat 2001

Docudrama about the life of John Diamond - Author, jounalist and husband of food writer Nigella Lawson. Who wrote about the 'Stuff of life' in his weekly column in the Times. He then was diagnosed with cancer and this then became the backdrop to his writings. This programme was adapted fom the stage play by his friend Victoria Coren about his life and writings.

Cut Throat Struggle For An Invaluable Treasure 1982

In the early days of Republic of China, Buddhist monks from Shanhua Temple of Shanxi Province escort an important Buddhist relic to the Shaolin Temple. On the journey, the treasure is heisted. Wide spread rumors implicates the famous bandit Jing. Jing is a Robin Hood figure roaming the grasslands. To clear his name, Jing with the help of friend “Divine Hand” Zhang start a fierce battle against the real culprit - Captain Mai of the security team.

Your Voice Came Out Through My Throat 2009

Yamashiro Chikako channels the stories of survivors of the Battle of Okinawa through lip-synch and superimposition. With her body as an archive, she stages the link between the donors and inheritors of trauma and, ultimately, the impossibility of transferring memory across generational lines.

Deeper Throat

Deeper Throat is a Showtime reality TV show in which Vivid Entertainment owner Steven Hirsch stages a full-court press to persuade the owner of the porn classic Deep Throat to sell him the remake rights.

The Devil's Throat 2019

At the height of the refugee crisis in Bulgaria, a competent DANS employee and an ambitious local investigator are investigating the murder of a retired police officer in the border town of Smolyan. The clues are gradually turning them into a terrible secret about a crime that will overturn their investigation and personal fate.

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