Dark Harbour 2009

Manzo is a fisherman in a small seaside community who lives and works alone, but longs for a relationship and maybe a wife. When a sign is posted advertising a matchmaking party with city women, all the men gussy themselves up and videotape themselves for the dating service. Manzo borrows a camcorder and tries his luck, but his rehearsed speech doesn't go as planned. When showing the videotape to the prospective dates, he discovers something unusual: There is a woman and her son living in one of his closets. Instead of kicking them out, he encourages them to stay and develops a relationship with them that makes the other fishermen jealous.

Safe Harbour 2007

Melissa Gilbert stars in this film adaptation of Danielle Steel's bestselling novel, in which a young girl named Pip and her mother meet an artist on the beach in Safe Harbour, where they have retreated in order to recover from the devastating loss of Pip's father and brother.

Harbour of Hope 2011

In 1945 Irene, Ewa and Joe were among the nearly 30,000 survivors rescued from German concentration camps to the peaceful harbour town Malmö, Sweden. Here they started life again.

Naked Harbour 2012

Naked Harbour is a movie about Finnish love in the year 2011. It is a story about people who seek love and acceptance at any cost. During one winter week all its characters face something irreversible.

Harbour 1998

While shooting “Flying over blue field” we lived in Birtonas sanatorium hotel. I was watching treatment procedures. People were plunging into bubble, mud and mineral water baths. They were going circles singing, were standing under cold water spouts. All this seemed like a sacred ritual, that frees from scurf of life. They were naked, like just born, without any signs of standing in society. Movie – silent impression about tired people "harbour".

Harbour 2017

A Moldovan and a Croatian industrial painters are working on a deserted pier in Rotterdam’s harbor when they discover a dead body floating in the water. Not in a position to call the police, they try to come up with an alternative solution while continuing their daily work.

Harbour Beat 1990

Neal McBride is a Glasgow cop who likes to go undercover - the rest of the police wish he would stay there. When he arrests a politician he gets reassigned to where they used to send criminals: Australia. Lancelot Cooper is a Sydney cop but a country boy at heart; he is as trusting as McBride is suspicious. The two are partners on a case where death, deception and betrayal propels them into a desperate fight for survival.

Cold Harbour 2014

While investigating a smugglers' turf war in Cape Town, township cop Sizwe discovers police corruption. He must set loyalty aside to act with integrity, alone.

Harbour City 2016

Hong Kong's hyperactive fish market in overwhelming colours.

Misery Harbour 1999

A young writer named Espen Arnakke tells the story of his escape from the small Danish town of Jante. Espen boards a ship headed to Newfoundland, but the harsh conditions on board makes him jump ship, and he ends up in the little town of Misery Harbour. There he meets the girl of his dreams. But his passion shifts to jealousy when one of the men from the ship mysteriously appears in town, and sets out to make Espen's life a misery

Temptation Harbour 1947

Robert Newton is the harbor signalman who retrieves a suitcase full of money after witnessing a murder, fails to report it to the police, and finds himself the object of murderous and mercenary interest.

Darwin Harbour 2010

A film about Darwin, exploring the events that led to the establishment of Australia’s main northern city. Images from the past and present reveal the early struggles to establish a permanent settlement. Culminating in the untold story of the epic voyage of the Forlorn Hope.

Blunden Harbour 1951

“In the middle of the twentieth century, Blunden Harbour was a small village on the coast of Vancouver Island in British Colombia inhabited by a handful of impoverished Kwakiutl Indians who gained their meagre livelihood from fishing and gathering...It is a beginner's attempt to impart the rhythm and atmostphere of a place and a people.” - Robert Gardner

Little Harbour 2017

A story of children who feel safer in the streets than at home, about children seeking out sturdy lifeboats that cross between the world of fantasy and the harsh reality of life. Jarka is one of these children. Ten years-old, and living with a mother who is not yet ready to be a mom, Jarka spends most of her time alone. Pushed by her desire for love and to form a fully functional family, she finds herself substituting a "mother" to two babies.

A Harbour Town 2013

A journey into the dark visions of a small coastal town. Memories of the inhabitants or memories created by the place itself.

Harbour Drift 1929

A pre-Depression slice of proletarian life from Weimar Germany, Harbour Drift is unusually interesting for its indifferent pessimism, rejecting even the minor rays of hope which permeate the other low-life ‘street films’ of the period. A sordid tale of poverty and greed set within a quayside milieu of crime and prostitution, the narrative centres on the quest for a sparkling pearl necklace stolen by a beggar under the gaze of a prostitute, who persuades her unemployed friend to steal it back, with tragic consequences. The story unfolds in flashback, without irony or a hint of redemption: life simply goes on. The film is remarkable for the innovative camerawork of Friedl Behn-Grund, which manipulates light and shadow to create a nightmarish atmosphere of fear and premonition.

Safe Harbour 2018

A group of six friends on a yacht trip from Brisbane to Indonesia come to the aid of a broken-down asylum seekers' boat, leading to a tragic series of events that return to haunt them four years later.

Black Harbour 1996

Black Harbour is a Canadian television series, which ran on CBC Television from 1996 to 1999. The show starred Rebecca Jenkins as Katherine Hubbard, a successful restaurant owner who returned to live in her Nova Scotia hometown to be with her mother who had suffered a heart attack. Her husband Geraint Wyn Davies, followed her with their two kids. Alex Carter also starred as Hubbard's high school sweetheart Paul Isler, whose own marriage was on the rocks and who was employed by Katherine's brother at the boatyard. In the show's final season, Hubbard and Isler's marriages had both failed, and they officially rekindled their old relationship. The show is currently reairing weekday mornings on TVtropolis.

Harbour Lights 1999

Harbour Lights is the story of the close-knit south coast community of Bridehgehaven, where Mike Nicholls is the newly appointed Harbour Master, in the town where he grew up. The community is bedevilled by the ruthless business dealings of Tony Simpson, the feuding of the Blade family, and the all-pervading majesty of the sea.

Harbour Lights

Harbour Lights is a television drama broadcast by the BBC for two series in 1999 and 2000. It was filmed in Bridport in Dorset, and set in a fictionalised version of the town, known as Bridehaven. Story lines centred around the town's harbourmaster, Mike Nicholls, a former Royal Navy officer, played by actor Nick Berry.

Sydney Harbour Patrol 2016

Taking a look at the daily operations of this buzzing hive of activity, Sydney Harbour Patrol follows the elite team who work day and night to keep the world famous waterfront running. They fight to maintain law and order, ensure massive construction projects stay on track, protect the delicate ecosystem against poachers and keep congested shipping lanes clear of dangerous debris from accidents and fierce storms.This series shows the struggles and triumphs of this dedicated group of workers, as they tackle the Harbour's mammoth logistical challenges. With unprecedented behind-the-scenes access, Sydney Harbour Patrol reveals a side to one of the world's most beautiful cities that is rarely seen.

Sydney New Year's Eve

Sydney New Year's Eve is an annual multi-tiered event held every New Year's Eve over Sydney Harbour, centering on the Harbour Bridge. Its main features are two pyrotechnic displays, the 9pm Family Fireworks and the Midnight Fireworks, both of which are televised nationally with the latter also televised around the world. Each year the event takes on a new theme and is regularly viewed by more than one million people at the harbour and one billion worldwide for the televised Midnight Fireworks. For the 2010–11 event, an audience of 1.5 million watched the display at the river bank and 1.1 billion are reported to have watched it globally.

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