In the Shadows 2010

"In the Shadows" slithers through underworld Berlin in grand style. En route to a twisty finale, German writer-director Thomas Arslan keeps his audience glued to the increasingly desperate actions of Trojan, a thirtysomething career criminal whose latest job slowly catches up with him.

Hanna's Homecoming 2018

After three years at boarding school, Hanna is returning home to her little village to help her father's butcher’s shop during her break. Soon she learns that she is not welcome in the village. Everyone remembers the horrific news story about her mother’s death which was followed by the discovery of three dead men in the marsh. Superstition rules the village and everyone believes her mother was a witch that lured the men into the marsh directly to their death. While struggling to make friends, she meets extroverted city girl Eva. Thinking she has finally found a friend, Hanna’s confidence, and with that her "power", starts to grow, while scary accidents begin to happen around her.

Warning Shadows 1923

During a dinner given by a wealthy baron and his wife, attended by four of her suitors in a 19th century German manor, a shadow-player rescues the marriage by giving all the guests a vision what might happen tonight if the baron stays jealous and the suitors do not reduce their advances towards his beautiful wife. Or was it a vision?

White Shadows 1951

An isolated man living in a cottage in the mountains one day discovers a mysterious unconscious woman and takes her in.

Shadow of Angels 1976

Beautiful, detached, laconic, consumptive Lily Brest is a streetwalker with few clients. She loves her idle boyfriend Raoul who gambles away what little she earns. The town's power broker, called the rich Jew, discovers she is a good listener, so she's soon busy. Raoul imagines grotesque sex scenes between Lily and the Jew; he leaves her for a man. Her parents, a bitter Fascist who is a cabaret singer in drag and her wheelchair-bound mother, offer no refuge. Even though all have a philosophical bent, the other whores reject Lily because she tolerates everyone, including men. She tires of her lonely life and looks for a way out. Even that act serves the local corrupt powers.

Chamisso’s Shadow 2016

It starts with "Peter Schlemihl's Miraculous Story", which tells of a man travelling the world in seven-league boots. Adelbert von Chamisso wrote the tale before setting off to Russia on scientific expedition in 1815. He analysed the flora of Alaska and then explored the Northwest Passage, just like Cook and voyager Bering had done previously, the latter with physician and naturalist Steller in tow. A porthole reveals the view. Thus begins Ottinger's journey from Alaska to Kamchatka via Chukotka, with her predecessors’ log books to accompany her on her way.

The Young and the Restless 1973

The rivalries, romances, hopes and fears of the residents of the fictional Midwestern metropolis, Genoa City. The lives and loves of a wide variety of characters mingle through the generations, dominated by the Newman, Abbott, Baldwin and Winters families.

The State Within 2006

The State Within is a 2006 seven-episode British television political drama, written by Lizzie Mickery and Daniel Percival, produced by Grainne Marmion as a joint BBC–BBC America production, that was broadcast by BBC One in the United Kingdom from Thursday, 2 November 2006.

Miss Marple: The Moving Finger 1985

The residents of a quiet English village begin to receive nasty, threatening letters. The wife of the local vicar calls in her friend Miss Marple to investigate.

Spin 2012

The President of the French Republic, visiting Saint-Etienne in the Loire, in a striking plant dies, victim of a bomb attack. The political world is agitated: early presidential elections to be held within the next thirty-five days. There is no doubt that Philip Deleuvre, the prime minister, will run for the Elysee. But what few people know is that the leader of the government knows more things he claimed. This state causes lie back to business Kapita Simon, a former communications adviser (spin doctor) of the late president. Anxious to preserve the honor of his deceased friend and some form of political ethics, the man of the shadows has now set a goal: to find a candidate who will be able to beat Deleuvre.

Shadow of Truth 2016

In 2006, the body of the girl Tair Rada was found in the bathroom stall at the school where she studied. Days later, the police arrested a suspect - Roman Zadorov, and after a week of intense interrogation he admits and restores the murder. However, even after he was convicted three times, many still believe in his innocence. The series explores the length and breadth provision and leaving no stone unturned in an attempt to complete the picture of the puzzle, exposing new and dramatic discoveries. Through a complex mosaic of interviews, photographs and cinematic touch with the extensive use of inquiry and archives, the show tries to fathom the overwhelming truth.

Memories of Midnight 1991

Catherine lost her memory and wound up in a convent in the care of nuns. She tries to discover the terrible events which led to her condition, not realizing that she's being watched by a wealthy and powerful man who will do anything to protect his secret - a secret that only Catherine can reveal to the world.

Windmills of the Gods 1988

When Mary Ashley is approached to become ambassador of the United States of America in Romania she does not take the offer because her husband does not want to give up his well-going doctor's office. Shortly afterward Dr. Edward Ashley gets killed in a car accident. After this Mary Ashley reconsiders the offer and finally accepts. Arrived in Romania she is confronted with a complex plot in which the American President's current plans to improve relations between the US and communist countries shall be sabotaged.

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