Wien for Life 2014

An off-the-wall crime comedy about two oddballs whose unusual friendship is torn apart by a winning lottery ticket scratched off in a desolate petrol station on the border between Flanders and France. Also... are wrong-way drivers real?

Return to Vienna 1983

Franz West (1909-85) remembers his youth in Vienna: the variety of the Jewish population of the so called Matzah-Island, his commitment to the worker’s movement of the Red Vienna and the rise of Austro-fascism and National Socialism. West’s masterly narration combined with impressing archive footage illustrate and elucidate the complex Austrian history between WW1 and WW2.

Vienna 1910 1943

Vienna 1910 is a 1943 German biographical film directed by Emerich Walter Emo and starring Rudolf Forster, Heinrich George and Lil Dagover. It is based on the life of Mayor of Vienna Karl Lueger. Its antisemitic content led to it being banned by the Allied Occupation forces following the Second World War.

Unser Wien 1964

A medium length film advertising Vienna.

C'est La Wien 2009

A walk through the city of Vienna, that holds carefully collected impressions. The rhythm of the city depends on the switch of the traffic light.

Wien 17, Schumanngasse 1967

A car drives through Schumann street from its beginning to its end. The drive was filmed in one take, end and beginning of the film being identical with the end and the beginning of the street. The length of the street and the length of the film strip become identical by an apparent equation: space becomes time, space distance becomes time distance/duration.

'38 - Vienna Before the Fall 1986

The film presents the political events surrounding the Anschluss in March of 1938 through the lives of Carola Hell, a popular young actress at the prestigious Theater in der Josefstadt, and Martin Hofmann, the Jewish journalist she plans to marry. When we encounter the couple in the lovely springtime weather their future is full of promise. They are determined to stay clear of politics. Yet in the climate of the time, nobody of her prominence or his religion can remain apolitical. Although Martin's journalist friend, Drechsler, calls to inform them that the Nazis plan to take over Austria soon, they concentrate on their work and their private happiness and dismiss the warnings.

Bucharest - Vienna, 8:15 2000

Niki wants to leave his family and work illegally in Germany. The voyage with his friend Cretu proves difficult.

Willkommen in Wien 2010

For months, the corrupt Viennese policeman Albert Schuh unsuccessfully investigates the murder case of his former friend and colleague. Then he gets a young, overambitious partner. The German colleague Thorsten Richter is a set of correctness and ambition, and thus the exact opposite of the Viennese, the "benefits" from the criminal scene is quite open. Since the two can not stand, the dispute does not stay out. The Austrian stops the German an unnecessary undercover job on an erotic chat line and determined alone on.

Springtime in Vienna 1984

Martin Powolny, a down and out actor, calls himself Tiger. He lives in a tree house and practices his characteristic yell. An offer to make a film and an air-travel ticket entice him into the big city of Vienna. The director hopes he can finance the film if Tiger plays the leading role. There is no screen story as yet. Running away from a mean nightclub owner, Tiger is hit by an automobile and lands in a hospital.

War in Vienna 1989

For his friend and colleague Michael Glawogger (who directed the rest of the film), Ulrich Seidl contributed a series of existential documentary scenes from 1980's Vienna.

Vienna in War 1916

The inhabitants of Vienna line the streets to salute the soldiers who go to the war. The butcher and widower Franz Xaver Wamperl succeeds to enroll himself in the army, and so does his son Ferdl, who becomes a platoon leader. Ferdl is a womanizer, who at the same time has three fiancées in Vienna: Franzi, Resl and Poldi. All three girls remain faithful to him, when he's away at the front, and all of them send passionate love-letters to him. On May Day both Ferdl and his father Franz are back in Vienna on a short leave. They are sitting in an open-air café with another soldier, when suddenly Poldi and Franzi turn up at the same time. When the two women find out that Ferdl has a romance with both of them, they start to weep and quarrel. Ferdl tries to escape, but land in a fight between Franzi and Resl.

Summer in Vienna 2015

Extraordinary people, rare craft and a city full of music. These are the ingredients of this unusual city portrait about passion, the art of survival, carps and shellac, the necessity of failure and about the warm-heartedness in Vienna´s hot summers.

Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container

Foreigners out! Schlingensiefs Container, alternately named "Wien-Aktion", "Please Love Austria—First European Coalition Week", or "Foreigners Out—Artists against Human Rights", is an art project and television show from 2000 that took place within the scope of the annual Wiener Festwochen. It was conceptually designed by Christoph Schlingensief and directed by Paul Poet, and was styled as a mockery of popular TV program format Big Brother. It was critically aimed both at certain forms of television entertainment and at a latent xenophobia still thriving in the whole world.

Wiang Roy Dao 2014

Roy Dao lived in American and was raised by an American parent after her biological mother passed away when she was a baby. She grow up into a young beautiful lady and came back to Thailand to inheritance her death father will, but She start to heard a mystery noise coming from Wiang Roy Dao, the place where Wiang Kaew (her biological mother) used to lived there when she was still alive. Roy Dao started to go investigated the voice that she heard and the communicated start happening to her, she see the spirit of Wiang Kaew coming to hunted everyone in the Badanto's House...

Sarah Wiener, Eine Woche unter… 2017

Celebrity chef Sarah Wiener spends a week among fishermen, monks, winemakers, and more, baking bread with them and learning how they nourish themselves.

Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter 1975

Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter is a classic Austrian television series. It was produced by Österreichischer Rundfunk, Austrian Television, and ran for 24 episodes from 1975 to 1979. The script writer was Ernst Hinterberger; the series was based on his 1966 novel Das Salz der Erde. The producer was Hans Preiner, who initiated the project in his series Impulse, which centered on development of new program formats and training of new, young directors. Ein echter Wiener geht nicht unter starred popular Austrian actor Karl Merkatz as the main character, Edmund "Mundl" Sackbauer. Mundl lives in a typical Vienna Gemeindebau at Hasengasse, in Vienna's 10th municipal district. The series used Viennese dialect and became successful after an initial campaign against it by the Krone newspaper as too "common."

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