Gentlemen in White Vests 1970

Bruno Stiegler, a boxing promoter with a disreputable past, returns from America to Berlin to make some big things again with his friends. Fatally, he is always preceded by some gentlemen from better circles who are developing amazing criminal activity in their old days. They are led by Oberlandesgerichtsrat a. D. Herbert Zänker, whom it still hisses, that he could bring in his term Bruno never behind bars.

The Master and His Servants 1959

The Master and His Servants (Norwegian: Herren og hans tjenere) is a 1959 Norwegian drama film directed by Arne Skouen. The film is based on a 1955 play by Axel Kielland, who also plays a minor character in the film. The play and the film is based on a true story from Sweden. The Master and his Servants was entered into the 9th Berlin International Film Festival.

Ladies and Gentlemen over 65 2002

"Looking for men and women aged over 65" was the small ad in a local newspaper in Wuppertal, through which the choreographer Pina Bausch sought senior performers for the remake of her dance spectacle "Kontakthof". 26 amateurs aged from 65 to 72 were selected. They rehearsed for over a year and the premiere took place in the early 2000s in Wuppertal. Lilo Mangelsdorff has accompanied this exceptional project with a camera. The result is a touching film, which focuses on the dancers' stand with their fears and inhibitions, their enthusiasm and passion.

Kaun Kitney Paani Mein 2015

The film wryly expresses the changes in hierarchy, caste and the power equation when water, the most important resource, vanishes and how the oppressed become the oppressors.

Midnight in Saint Petersburg 1996

Harry Palmer heads a private investigation business based in Moscow. His associates are Nikolai "Nick" Petrov (Jason Connery), ex-CIA agent Craig (Michael Sarrazin), and ex-KGB Colonel Gradsky (Lev Prygunov). They take on the job of finding 1000 grams of weapons-grade plutonium stolen from the Russian government, though they do not know the identity of their client.

Prince of the City 1981

New York City detective Daniel Ciello agrees to help the United States Department of Justice help eliminate corruption in the police department, as long as he will not have to turn in any close friends. In doing so, Ciello uncovers a conspiracy within the force to smuggle drugs to street informants

Oldboys 2009

Now in his fifties, Vagn leads a solitary life and plays football with a group of similarly aged men, some even older. After being left behind at a petrol station by his teammates on their way to a match in Sweden, he encounters a young habitual offender and together they set off in hot pursuit of Vagn's buddies. A Nordic road movie taking in a whole series of comic, serious and, above all, well-written scenarios.

Ride Upon the Storm 2017

The story centers on a family of priests: Johannes, Elisabeth and their sons August and Christian. Johannes is God-like to his sons - he gives, loves, and punishes. His favoritism for August and his disappointment with Christian forces both into making desperate choices in order to either gain his love or break free from him.

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