Africa Cries Out to You 2012

The vet Markus received the offer of taking over an animal centre in Africa. There he mets Arianne, a woman who is going through a troubled marriage.

Zu dir? 2012

Would you trust a stranger? What can things reveal about a character? Does a private place reveal enough to decide, if you want to go further in a relationship? This movie is turning around these questions and takes the audience on a journey to an unknown territory.

Umwege zu Dir 1944

Careless Fritzi, the wife of a much older professor, has secretly been meeting with the unmarried Baron von Burghammer. Fritzi's husband finds out about the affair. Leoni, Fritzi's sister, pretends to be Burghammer's lover to spare her sister. Burghammer then falls head over heels for the brave woman.

Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in dir 2010

Alpha 0.7 – Der Feind in dir is a German transmedia science fiction series which first aired on 14 November 2010 on SWR TV. It is set in Stuttgart in 2017 where surveillance is omnipresent. It stars Victoria Mayer, Anna Maria Mühe, Arne Lenk, Tobias Schenke, Oliver Stritzel, Thomas Huber and Rolf Kanies.

Mad About You 1992

Young, urban newlyweds Paul and Jamie Buchman try to sustain their marital bliss while sidestepping the hurdles of love in the '90s.

American Horror Story 2011

An anthology horror drama series centering on different characters and locations, including a house with a murderous past, an asylum, a witch coven, a freak show, a hotel, a farmhouse in Roanoke and a cult.

Moscow Noir 2018

In turn-of-the-21st-century Moscow, an innocent trade plunges Swedish investment banker, Tom Blixen, into a battle with millionaires, politicians, oligarchs and their private armies.

The Naked Director 2019

In 1980s Japan, one determined man turned every crushing setback into opportunity. His name was Toru Muranishi, and he revolutionized his industry.

Dirt 2007

Dirt is an American television serial broadcast on the FX network. It premiered on January 2, 2007 and starred Courteney Cox as Lucy Spiller, the editor-in-chief of the first-of-its-kind "glossy tabloid" magazine DirtNow, which was previously two separate publications: drrt and Now.

Dirty Sexy Money 2007

The Darling family's obscene wealth and enormous power makes them easy targets for their rivals, enemies, and the tabloids. Patriarch Tripp uses his money and influence to shield his five adult children from the prying eyes of the world. As the Darlings' reluctant personal lawyer, Nick George has barely begun to discover the legal - and illegal - needs of the family. Blackmail threats. Questionable deals. Illegitimate children. Illicit affairs. It will take every trick he can think of to keep them out of the tabloids - and out of jail. But if he can solve his father's mysterious death, it might be worth the hassle. Enter a seductive world of glamorous people, exclusive parties and delicious intrigue.

Dirty John 2018

This true crime anthology, based on the podcast of the same name, follows the terrifyingly true story of Orange County interior designer Debra Newell’s romance with John Meehan, a handsome and romantic charmer who sweeps Debra off her feet and pulls her into his web of lies.

Dirty Money 2018

From crippling payday loans to cars that cheat emissions tests, this investigative series exposes brazen acts of corporate greed and corruption.

The Good Wife 2009

The Good Wife is a legal drama starring Emmy Award winner Julianna Margulies as a wife and mother who boldly assumes full responsibility for her family and re-enters the workforce after her husband's very public sex and political corruption scandal lands him in jail.

Dirty Pair 1985

Dirty Pair is a series of sci-fi comedy light novels written by Haruka Takachiho and illustrated by Yoshikazu Yasuhiko that was later adapted into anime and manga versions. The stories take place in the years 2138-43, by which time humanity has spread across some few thousand star systems. A corporation called the World Welfare Works Association helps member systems of the United Galactica federation deal with various planetary-scale problems, for profit, by sending agents called "trouble consultants". Probably the most high-profile arm of the organization is the Criminal Investigations section, which works to solve crimes or mysteries. The series focuses on a team of trouble consultants in that section, named Kei and Yuri, who have a reputation for leaving a trail of destruction behind them, for which they are known publicly as the "Dirty Pair". The franchise has bounced across multiple formats and production companies, resulting in eight novels and a few shorter stories, a television series, two OVA series, two OVA features, a feature film, a number of graphic novels, and two short Japanese radio series. The series won the Animage Anime Grand Prix prize in 1985.

Rumbling Hearts 2003

At first, Takayuki Narumi is befriended by Mitsuki Hayase only because Mitsuki's best friend, Haruka Suzumiya has a crush on him; however since then, Takayuki, his pal Shinji Taira, and Mitsuki have grown to be the best of friends. Then one day, Haruka confesses to Takayuki her love for him. Not wanting to hurt her feelings, Takayuki agrees to go out with her. After a few incidents, their relationship gets intimate, even while Takayuki and Mitsuki begin to realize their feelings for each other. But suddenly, when tragedy strikes, things are never the same for these four friends again.

10 Things I Hate About You 2009

Outspoken Kat Stratford couldn't be less like her sister, super sweet, yet kinda conformist Bianca. The only things they seem to have in common are being new at school and their overprotective dad.

Kid vs. Kat 2008

Kid vs. Kat is a Canadian-American animated television series developed and produced at Studio B Productions. The show was created and co-directed by Rob Boutilier. The series is distributed by Studio B Productions. The feature revolves around a 10-year-old boy's constant battle with his sister's Sphinx cat which, in reality, is a cybernetic alien. The show premiered on YTV in Canada on October 25, 2008, aired on Disney XD in the United States on February 21, 2009, and then ended on June 4, 2011. It ran for 2 seasons, spanning 52 episodes.

Good Day Live 2001

Good Day Live was a nationwide talk show seen weekdays on FOX affiliates throughout the US. Each FOX owned and operated station airs a separate Good Day program as part of its newscast. Some FOX stations air up to five hours on weekday mornings, up to three on weekend mornings, (and almost 50% of the programming on these stations contains a locally produced newscast of local news, traffic, national news, weather, sports, business, and public affairs.)

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