The Battle of Aiken 2005

This is a story of two cavalry generals: Hugh Kilpatrick on the Union side and Joseph Wheeler on the Confederate side. They had known each other since West Point, and did not like each other. The war only deepened their personal animosity. The story is also about a woman who could lose everything at any moment. A plantation owner and widow, her life is torn apart by the approaching Union forces. Her home is raided and her teenage son has joined the militia to fight for the Confederacy.

Silent Snow, Secret Snow 1964

Alienation, angst, and schizophrenia are powerful themes addressed by Kearney in this forgotten masterpiece. From a story by Conrad Aiken.

Feast 2014

This Oscar-winning animated short film tells the story of one man's love life as seen through the eyes of his best friend and dog, Winston, and revealed bite by bite through the meals they share.

Aiken Rosinante no Sainan ~ Mukai Ryuuta no Doubutsu Nikki 2001

The star of the show is Rosinante, a lovable Labrador retriever, whose master, a commuter train conductor, dies while Rosinante is spending the night at the impromptu weekend dog hotel a veterinary professor has set up at the university to collect a little extra cash. With a touch of the loyal Hachiko in him, Rosinante greets all the passing trains his master used to ride. Such loyalty leads Domoto to adopt Rosinante even if it does mean getting thrown out of his apartment building and having to live in the girl's dorm. "Dear Diary, the dogs broke out of the veterinary clinic again today . . .", you would think was written by a person. Well, the whole story is in fact told by a dog, Rosinante, one of the inhabitants of a university veterinary clinic. Chief among his writings is happy-go-lucky yet hapless vet student Arata Mukai, who is at bliss with animals. The question is, can Arata get along with his peers and professors as well as he can with the animals he cares for?

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