Stash House 2012

Dave and Emma have found the perfect house, until they discover a stash of heroine and end up imprisoned in it by violent thugs.

Stash 2007

Bud's a good ole' boy brought up on Bluegrass and Moonshine. While supplying the surrounding counties with its Marijuana supply, Bud has a hefty growing operation. However, this is not Bud's only secret. He has a much darker one. One that lies trapped under his cabin in the rural hills of Eastern Kentucky. What will happen when two people stand in the way of everything Bud has worked for? How much blood will have to spill?

Stash 2007

A dark comedy about a young entrepreneur who will go to your home, in the event of your death, and secretly remove all your pornography before your loved ones have a chance to stumble upon it.

Stash 33

Silliness at its most sublime is the order of the day in this issue of the popular video magazine, which features Make's flammable chipmunks, Han Huggebrooge's off-kilter vignettes for Dutch TV, Nexus's pirate/bovine/bicyclist stop-motion animation for Cravendale and more. Also included are a slew of music downloads from Baltimore's Monitor Records and two shorts from the "Roger Dans L'espace" series about aliens who land on a farm.

The Stash 1976

Paco, a truck driver who has always been dedicated to smuggling, hires Curro as an assistant, a young man wanting to make money without caring about the way to get it. The two drivers are surprised by an offer that far exceeds what they use to perceive: they have to transport illegal immigrants from Portugal to the French border.

New Jack's Secret Stash

In April 2013, New Jack retired from professional wrestling and transitioned into his new life in the entertainment world. But in April 2011, New Jack was already plotting his escape. During the Wrestlemania weekend in Atlanta, the cameras followed New Jack around the ATL. From the "white part of town" to the ghetto, New Jack was in rare form and had a special guest along for the ride. After a full day of visiting some fine establishments in the ATL, New Jack took the stage at the world famous Punchline and delivered a unbelievable comedic performance.

The Stash in grass 1982

Based on the tale by Pavel Bazhov. It was under serfdom. Once there was an orphan Ustya, her late father worked with the malachite. It was rumored that he was a secret stash hidden in the grass. The smart girl was outwitted stupid clerk and greedy lady, who is still looking for a hiding place.

Cash Stashers 1953

This Pete Smith Specialty short shows, humorously, the disastrous results when people save their money in unsafe places.

Comic Book Men 2012

A show for Fanboys by Fanboys. Set in uber-geek Kevin Smith's iconic comic shop Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash, the show explores every nook and cranny of Fanboy culture from A to Z. Endless circular debates about the technical accuracy of the USS Enterprise's warp-core schematics? Snarky comic aficionados with an encyclopedic knowledge of every Marvel back issue? You bet.

Husbands' Secret Stash 2017

Shouldn’t everything be shared openly and honestly in a happy marriage? Mrs. Zheng is a widow who feels she has successfully raised her three daughters to be happily married women. However, her world turns upside down one day when she finds evidence that her late husband may have hidden some money from her. Mrs. Zheng then counsels her three daughters to make sure that their husbands are not diverting money into their own private funds. The ensuing suspicion causes the eldest daughter, Nan Nan, to stop speaking to her miserly husband, Zhao Ming Hao, while middle daughter, Ting Ting, divorces her husband, Zhang Tao, and the youngest daughter, Duo Duo, separates from her husband, Li Wen Dao. Can Mrs. Zheng repair the broken trust she caused in her daughters’ marriages?

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