México lindo 1938

The film of the thousand dancers, of the enchanting songs, of the sets that are splurge of luxury and beauty.

Nene lindo 2007

A mature and professionally successful woman travels to Puerto Rico and finds herself victim of Cupid, who wraps her in the indestructible networks of love.

Cielito Lindo 1957

Revolutionist and Army General compete for a woman

Mexico lindo y querido 1961

Tourist's eye overview of some highlights of Mexican history and folk culture, all expressed through interpretive dance.

Qué lindo es Puerto Rico 2014

A musical journey through the genres that developed in different regions of the island and are now part of the Puerto Rican culture. We get to experience these genres through the eyes of five friends that go on a road trip around the island during the Christmas holidays. They go to concerts, parrandas, family gatherings, a New Year's celebration and get to enjoy performances by some of the great Puerto Rican artists.

Qué lindo Cha Cha Cha 1955

Satan opens a nightclub in a small town, scheming to seduce the townsfolk into naughtiness.

Lindo The Ultimate Rock Guitarist

Professionally-produced interactive DVD created by Lindo Guitars A must buy for anyone wanting to learn how to play the electric guitar Ideal for guitarists looking to brush up on or refresh their theoretical knowledge as well total novices just starting their guitar journey Modern graphics are utilised to provide clear on-screen tablature and chord shapes - makes learning the guitar easy and enjoyable Enthusiastically taught by professional guitarist Rich Weaver who is both fun and engaging and qualified from prestigious Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California (Paul Gilbert, John Frusciante)

I Tawt I Taw a Puddy Tat 2011

In 1950, Mel Blanc recorded some novelty songs for Capitol Records in the voices of his characters he did for Warner Bros. Cartoons. Now someone has taken his voices from one of those records and, with a new arrangement based on the originals by Billy May, has put them in this new computer animated short in order to illustrate the characterizations of Tweety and Sylvester in all their violent glory!

Tweety Pie 1947

Thomas the cat finds Tweety in the snow, warming himself by a cigar butt. Thomas's mistress rescues the little yellow bird before her cat can devour him, but Thomas doesn't give up.

I'd Receive the Worst News from Your Beautiful Lips 2011

Set in a small town in Pará in the heart of the Amazon, Cauby makes a living as a photographer. Soon he’ll befriend pastor Ernani’s attractive wife Lavínia and embark on an affair – a good portion of the film is dedicated to their passionate relationship. We will also learn of Lavínia’s baggage from her past – how she met her husband, her continuing love for him, and his supportive role. But when rumours of her affair with Cauby circulate, the conservative community do not look at it kindly, leading to tragedy, and their lives will never be the same afterwards…

Precious Pupp 1965

Precious Pupp is an animated cartoon produced by Hanna-Barbera and first broadcast as part of The Atom Ant/Secret Squirrel Show on October 2, 1965.

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