Road to Paloma 2014

While Native American Wolf is being pursued by the FBI for having taken the law into his own hands, when his mother was raped and killed on their reservation he crosses paths with Cash, a down and out musician who is coping with the end of his marriage. An unlikely friendship develops, as they ride together towards the Teton mountain range, where Wolf will spread his mothers ashes.

The Dove and the Wolf 2019

Displaced by the violence that swept their town, Paloma and Lobo survive trying to love each other. Through thirst, fear and nostalgia, Paloma wishes to go back home but Lobo lives tied to a memory that stops him from returning.

La Blanca Paloma 1942

Widow Martina runs her late husband's shop with a new partner, Fernando, also a widow. They're about the same age, and their sons could not be more different. Alberto, Martina's son, is spoiled and aloof, and takes badly that Fernando's beautiful daughter, Esperanza, a coy and respectful girl, rejects his advances

Paper Dove 2003

Juan, a young man convicted of terrorism, is given amnesty from a Lima prison; he boards a bus to return home and, in his mind's eye, recalls events in his village near Huaraz when he was 10 or 12. His father is long dead, his mother lives with Fermin, secretly a sympathizer with the Communist guerrillas in the hills. Town leaders are assassinated at night. When Juan discovers Fermin's secret, Juan is spirited away to the guerrillas to learn Marxist slogans and how to fight. When the band decides to attack the town to avenge the death of a comrade, Juan must choose.

La Paloma 1974

This heady exercise in excess mixes the operatic passion of La Traviata, stylish decadence of Stroheim and Sternberg, and the macabre glee of Grand Guignol.

La paloma 1930

The beginning has the main character wooing a woman on a balcony with the flower she sends down then putting the moves on him.

La Paloma

A reference to the song of the same name, which carries the motif of "La Paloma" (the dove) and can be traced back to an episode that occurred in 492 BC, before Darius' invasion of Greece, a time when the white dove had not yet been seen in Europe.

La Paloma 2014

Music by Austin Cesear, 16mm film by Paul Clipson.

La paloma 1937

Dazzled by the Empress Carlotta's graciousness, magnanimity and charm, a young officer in the Mexican army switches his allegiance to the Imperial government with Maximilian as figurehead. Bad move, space cadet.

Paloma brava 1961

Paloma is bound and determined to kill the heck out of the guy that dishonored her sister, but mistaken identities and stuff.

Paloma Faith - Late Night Live (BBC) 2014

This Prom sees the British singer-songwriter joined by a 42-piece jazz orchestra and the elite Urban Voices Collective for a performance that includes new arrangements of songs from her first two, double-platinum-selling albums, as well as from her most recent release, A Perfect Contradiction. A one-off performance striking an intimate mood in the Royal Albert Hall.

Cucurrucucú Paloma 1965

Biography of a fictional ranchera singer whose career trajectory seems to parallel that of the actress performing the role.

Paloma herida 1963

The story of a native mexican who wants to kill a man

The flight of the dove 1989

A film team arrives at a more authentic and old square in Madrid to shoot a film. The area is full of children, working families and simple people who see the cinema as something unattainable. From his balcony, Paloma, does not lose detail of the shooting, nor of the movements of the gallant, for which he feels a strong attraction.

Love from the Hood 2015

Living and working in the colorful neighborhood, La Lagunilla, two friends, Paloma and Laura, long for respective boyfriends and true love. Paloma, a law student and waitress, falls for Daniel, a wealthy doctor with a manipulative mother and a family filled with secrets. Laura finds love with Daniel's cousin, Raul, a business manager with his own complicated past.

Cuando seas mía

Cuando Seas Mia is a Mexican telenovela produced by TV Azteca. It was the second reunion for Silvia Navarro and Sergio Basañez as protagonists.

Lonesome Dove 1989

A pair of longtime friends and former Texas Rangers crave one last adventure before hanging-up their spurs. After stealing over a thousand head of cattle from rustlers south of the border, they recruit an unlikely crew of hands to drive the herd 3,000 miles north to the grasslands of Montana.

The Dovekeepers 2015

Set in ancient Israel, The Dovekeepers is based on the true events at Masada in 70 C.E. After being forced out of their home in Jerusalem by the Romans, 900 Jews were ensconced in a fortress at Masada, a mountain in the Judean desert. Besieged at Masada, the Jews held out for months against the vast Roman armies. The events are recounted from the perspective of a few extraordinary women who arrive at Masada with unique backstories, but a common bond for survival. Additionally, these women, who work together daily as dovekeepers, are all concealing substantial secrets. This four-hour limited event series is based on Alice Hoffman's bestselling, critically acclaimed historical novel.

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