Exposed 2016

After witnessing a miracle, a young Latina woman experiences strange things as a police detective searches for the truth behind his partner's death.

Exposed 2002

Two people, Taylor Kent (Julia Kruis) and Austin Riley (Samuel Iam), who've devoted their lives to making women beautiful fall into a relationship that turns very, very ugly. Taylor is a fashion designer who is making a big splash with her new line of provocative lingerie. She is introduced to Austin, who for years has been one of the major players in fashion lingerie, though recently his company has been suffering a dry spell. He is a notorious womanizer, and when he meets her, he wastes no time as he attempts to lure her into bed. She is more than interested, and soon the two are engaged in a very passionate affair. But it becomes obvious that his interest in her is as much about business as physical attraction, and their relationship soon turns into a ugly and twisted web of jealousy, betrayal, lies, and revenge.

Exposed 2015

An investigative journalist relies on questionable methods in order to expose the truth.

Mike Oldfield Exposed 2005

Exposed is a live concert video by Mike Oldfield recorded in 1979 at Wembley Conference Centre. The live album of the same name was released in 1979; it also had the same artwork. A DVD version of the concert was released in 2005 (see 2005 in music). It was part of the Tour of Europe 1979. The DVD release is split into two discs, like the CD, but this time because the viewer can choose their own viewing angles.

Exposed 2013

Beth B takes us into the 21st century underground and reveals a secret world where cutting-edge performers are taking hold of a taboo art form, Burlesque, and driving it to extremes that most people have never seen. It's satire. It's parody. It's a populist blend of art and entertainment that gives new meaning to the word "transgression." Above all, it's a lot of fun, and it will blow your mind.

Kiss Exposed 1987

Ah, the '80s! A time of hair bands and their ludicrous MTV videos filled with spandex-clad band members and skimpily clad bimbos. Kiss: Exposed returns us to that forgettable era, as Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons show how to desperately try to remain cock rock's elder statesmen. This 1987 compilation serves up several now-hilarious video clips from Kiss's '80s "unmasked" period, including "Tears Are Falling," "Heaven's on Fire," "Lick It Up," and "I Love It Loud." (Count the fires burning in these classic video relics of days gone by!) Also on hand are Stanley and Simmons themselves, looking properly embarrassed as they act out rock's biggest fantasy: lounging by the pool with a bevy of (mostly) bare beauties. The saving grace is the generous selection of vintage live performances: hearing the band do "Strutter," "Detroit Rock City," "Ladies Room," and "Deuce" in its late-'70s prime is worth wading through the outdated '80s-style power pop... if you're a real Kiss fan, of course.

Bare Naked Survivor 2001

Spoofing the hit television series Survivor, six young women are sent to a tropical island along with game show host Cliff Probate (Lenny Juliano).

Man Exposed 2006

A story of a priest, who considers himself as a rebel is suddenly asked to run for bishop of Turku.

Exposed 2001

Exposed uses short scene from a feature film – a man observes a dancing woman through a keyhole – as the raw material. Solely fragments of this tableau are visible to the viewer, and Fruhauf "re-exposes" the scene by passing the perforations of a strip of film in front of the projector so that they resemble a moving sieve. While the moving stencil allows us to see no more than portions of the scene, the narration's "peeping tom" motif is repeated in our own perception. Sight can no longer be taken for granted and therefore increases in fascination. Fruhauf also breaks up the intended movement of the found footage on the temporal level. The apparent irregularity of the fields of light scanning over the strip of film is juxtaposed with a metronomically precise rhythm which segments the scene. Successive shots often vary to no more than a minimal degree. Similar to a record album with a crack, the progression shifts in minute but regular ways.

Exposed 1983

Wisconsin farm girl Elizabeth Carlson leaves family and her English teacher lover behind and escapes to New York. There she soon makes a career for herself as a fashion model. During a vernissage she's approached by a mysterious man whose motives are unclear...

Over-Exposed 1956

This titillating bit of pulp sensationalism was the last in a string of "B" films that Cleo Moore starred in at Columbia. Moore plays Lila Crane, an ambitious clip-joint floozie turned photographer with flexible morals and a penchant for fast money.

The Signs and Wonders Movement: Exposed 1999

Jesus said that the generation of believers alive for His second coming would be subject to the greatest onslaught of deception ever leveled at the body of Christ and that this deception would be predicated upon signs and wonders. For many professing Christians this could be the most important video you ever watch. Perhaps the best expose of many modern so-called “prophets & healers” ever made. The National Prayer Network out of the United Kingdom has done an admirable job exposing such leaders as Benny Hinn, Kenneth Hagin, and Rodney Howard Brown, revealing that the tactics and methods they use when performing “signs and wonders” have their origin in the occult. These tapes are a sober warning for those caught up in TBN evangelists and leaders, believing them to be “anointed” men and women of God. Speakers include: Andre Kole, Brian Edwards, Dave Hunt, Mark Haville, Ole Anthony, Dr. Peter May, Philip Foster, Roger Oakland and Dr. Stephan Sizer.

The Heart Exposed 1986

When 24 year old apiring actor Mathieu meets and falls for 39 year old Jean-Marc who has just ended a seven year relationship, things are not all roses. In addition to their age difference there's the matter of Mathieu's five year old son from a previous marriage.

Totally Exposed 1991

Bill is a professional masseuse who lives in Southern California, and has a life many men would give their right legs to have. He makes house calls to some of the more beautiful and affluent women of Southern California, massages them, and makes love to them (or what is called "special favors"), and gets paid for it. What more could a guy ask for? However, he starts doubting whether he's doing the right thing when it comes to these "special favors", especially when some of his clients (most notably a blonde named Lillian, played by former Playboy Playmate Tina Bockrath) are looking for more then he expected. Meanwhile, his strictly-business partner, Sue, whom together own and run a tanning salon/massage parlor in a strip mall, is having her own love issues. She lives with her boyfriend, Jake, a wealthy but obsessed businessman who appears to have his cell phone stuck to his ear at all times and cares more about his business then her, despite her attempts to seduce him. (IMDb)

America Exposed 1991

The father of American mondo cinema returns to his favorite genre for a final THIS IS America film! Pornstars entertaining war veterans at Vegas, gun conventions, war games and firepower shows, the cremation of Satan Claus, mating animals, sorority house atrocities, redneck fights, ninjitsu training, elderly citizens fighting muggers, drugs, sleazy entertainment, cops VS street gangs, limousine escort services, bank robberies, custom lethal weapons, sex in public, big city morgues, Nazi & white power organizations! This catalogue of sleaze should not be missed! See America EXPOSED in its totally uncensored form!

Sofía Niño de Rivera: Exposed 2016

Self-deprecating comic Sofía Niño de Rivera puts her sarcasm on full display in this stand-up special filmed live at Guadalajara's Degollado Theater.

Exposed 2012

A young teacher, Emily Bennett, sets out to clear her name after digitally fabricated pornographic photos of her are sent to her students. She soon discovers that this incident is linked to the kidnapping of another young woman and that she is now the kidnapper's next target. Written by Anonymous (

Exposed 2017

Annie has a plan for her 300k student loans: become a porn star.

7 Lives Exposed 2001

7 Lives Exposed is an American reality television-themed series produced by Playboy TV. The series was first aired in late 2001, with a second season following in late 2002. The series starred pornographic actress Devinn Lane and was produced by Tom Lazarus. The concept of the series is similar to that of Survivor and Big Brother -- contestants must satisfy certain ongoing criteria or risk being "evicted"; in this case, Lane herself decides who among a set of couples living together in a Los Angeles-area home stays or goes each episode. As the primary audience of the series is heterosexual men, there are both heterosexual and lesbian sex scenes throughout the series. The sex is simulated; however, scenes of oral sex and masturbation are much more explicit in that some contact is shown. Dramatic tension arises from conflicts between the contestants, often related to jealousy and competition. The last season aired in 2006, which was Season 5.

Exposed 2004

Exposed is a program that airs on Tuesdays 13:30 ET on Canadian music television station, MuchMusic. The program focuses on a specific individual music artist or a music group and intends to reveal the real personality of the music artist by documenting a MuchMusic VJ spending time and interacting with them. The show concept is to provide a different view on a celebrity by documenting them offscreen and having good-natured fun with a VJ.

Exposed 2006

MTV's Exposed was a television dating show which ran on MTV. It debuted on January 1, 2007, and was produced by Kallissa Productions and Endemol USA, as a "successor" to the dating show Next. The show ended by 2008.

Growing Exposed 2016

Host Amanda Mackay takes you behind the scenes of some of the most incredible gardens in North America. From the mind of Jeremy Deichen, Growing Exposed is a new industry leading series on cannabis cultivation.

SuperCars Exposed 2008

Tanner Foust takes you inside the extreme lifestyles of the guys and gals who live for their rides.

Celebrities Exposed

Celebrities Exposed is a British television celebrity talking head documentary series that aired on ITV2 between 2003 and 2005. Repeats still occasionally air on ITV2 despite no new episodes having been made since 2005.

Marc Wootton Exposed 2008

Marc Wootton Exposed is a television sketch comedy show, written by Marc Wootton and Liam Woodman, and starring character comedian Marc Wootton, who plays numerous in-depth characters, with obscured humour situations, in the form of monologues. The characters are introduced through the point of view of a photographer taking their pictures in a studio, and the show looks beyond the fake poses and into the life of the person beneath. The series was filmed over late August 2007 and ran from 13 January 2008 to 25 February 2008 on BBC Three. The Song We are your friends By Justice V Simian features in the programme's opening and closing credits.

Pedigree Dogs Exposed 2008

Pedigree Dogs Exposed was a BBC One investigative documentary, produced by Jemima Harrison, which looked into health and welfare issues facing pedigree dogs in the United Kingdom. It was originally broadcast on 19 August 2008. The Kennel Club, the governing body of pedigree dogs in the UK that runs the prestigious dog conformation show Crufts, was criticized for allowing breed standards, judging standards and breeding practices to compromise the health of pedigree dogs. The programme generated much criticism of the Kennel Club. It also caused various sponsors and trade exhibitors to withdraw their participation from Crufts and other Kennel Club events. The BBC—which has broadcast Crufts for 42 years—withdrew its coverage of Crufts for 2009, and chose not to renew it for 2010. The Kennel Club initially denied the filmmakers' assertion that many dogs suffer from diseases and stated that the vast majority of dog breeds are healthy. It also lodged a complaint with broadcasting regulator Ofcom, claiming unfair treatment and editing. Due to strong public opinion, it later rolled out new health plans and reviewed breed standards for every breed. Some breeders have condemned the Club for overreacting. Ofcom's final ruling upheld KC's complaints regarding the lack of a right of reply for some allegations made by the programme but dismissed complaints made in various other areas. The ruling also acknowledges that KC's geneticist Jeff Sampson's views were misrepresented but states that as a whole, the KC was not treated unfairly.

Private Dicks: Men Exposed

Private Dicks: Men Exposed is a 1999 HBO TV documentary on the human penis. The film was directed by Thom Powers and Meema Spadola who previously made HBO's 1996 Breasts: A Documentary, a similar documentary on the breast.

Food Exposed with Nelufar Hedayat 2018

Hosted by award-winning journalist Nelufar Hedayat, the eye-opening series examines how our appetites shape our world, investigating the global food chain and the origins of our favorite ingredients.

Exposed: The Case of Keli Lane 2018

Caro Meldrum-Hanna investigates one of Australia's most notorious crimes: the disappearance of baby Tegan Lane and the conviction of her mother Keli Lane of her murder.

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