Toofan 1975

Twin boys separated at birth grow to be a magician and a superhero. Both have cause to seek vengeance for injustices visited upon their fathers and eventually their paths cross.

Toofan 1989

Two brothers (Toofan and Shyam) are separated at birth by their father, a police inspector. One grows up to be a magician, and the other, the legendary Toofan, hero of the poor. His father was falsely accused of stealing millions in gold and Toofan is on a mission to clear his father's name from the police records.

Toofan 1969

Toofan is a movie directed by Radhakant, featuring Dara Singh, Nisar Ahmad Ansari.

Toofan Singh 2017

The journey of a Punjabi Sikh boy who grew up during the chaotic, violent 1980s revolving around his chase for survival, equality and justice in order to protect and shield society and fight against brutality, crime and corruption.

Aaya Toofan 1964

Film starring Aruna, Bela Bose and Champaklala

Diya Aur Toofan 1995

Dr. Vijay performs a ground breaking surgical operation when he transplants the brain of a slain police officer on the brain-dead body of his to-be bride in order to avenge the death of the police officer.

Ice Queen 2005

While transporting a unique female species from the Pleistocene Age, a.k.a. Ice Age, a military convoy is attacked and the sample is abducted. The creature called "Ice Queen" should be conserved in cryogenic state, otherwise she would wake-up very aggressively, but the apparatus in the plane where Dr. Goddard airborne the species has a problem, the creature is warmed, awakes and kills the mercenary pilot. The airplane crashes and slides with the snow avalanche that was provoked in the mountains, falling over and burying a resort, trapping a group of survivors with the Ice Queen inside. The species kills some of them, while Johnny, his girlfriend Tori and Elaine have to find a means of escape to save their lives.

The Dragonfly Storm 2002

Early Shahram Mokri short film, for which he won Best Director at the 2007 Noor Iranian Film Festival

Aandhi-Toofan 1985

Notorious biker-gangster Balbir kills Inspector Ranjeet Singh. Now Sheela, his love, hires two men to capture Balbir alive and bring him to her. Is this a task for them or will Balbir have the last laugh?

Storm in Our Town 1958

The fates of a madman, a homeless woman, a print shop worker and a playboy are intertwined in the days leading up to Persian New Year. Toofan, an uncategorisable film which moves freely between horror and comedy; documentary, musical and sci-fi, was the first production of Khachikian’s own studio, Azhir Film. After the censor banned Khachikian from making a film about the first serial killer of the modern era in Iran, he turned to one of his own stories, exploring his preferred themes of compassion and evil. Shot both in the studio and on location, it features a memorable sequence of Bonfire Wednesday and a ruin which was rumoured to be a former Qajar era torture dungeon.

Toofani Tarzan 1937

Scientist Ramu and his wife Uma (Nazira) live with their four-year-old son Leher in the jungle where he carries out experiments. He has discovered the elixir of life. Lions attack their house killing him, while his wife goes mad with grief. Ramu’s son, Leher, and their little dog Moti, escape with the help of a half-man, half-ape called Dada (Boman Shroff). Several people arrive in the jungle fifteen years later from the city. One of them is Ramu’s father with his adopted daughter, Leela. Bihari, one of the people in the group wants the formula for his own purpose. The formula was put in a pendant around Leher’s neck by his father before he died. Leher now grown-up and known as Tarzan (John Cawas), has been brought up in the jungle and there are some amusing incidents between Leela and Tarzan, due to his lack of language skills. Tarzan saves Leela from Bihari’s unwanted advances.

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