Bombshell Bloodbath 2014

Doctor Carter losts his wife and devotes his life to resurrecting her. However, every test of his C-900 formula creates hungry, flesh-eating zombies. Then, his daughter Cara contracts the virus and she and her sister strive to obtain the anti-serum.

Celluloid Bloodbath 2012

DEFINITION: 'Celluloid' - Motion picture film, cinema film. 'Bloodbath' - Savage, indiscriminate killing, a massacre. CELLULOID BLOODBATH: MORE PREVUES FROM HELL - the long-awaited sequel to 1987's horror cult classic, MAD RON'S PREVUES FROM HELL. An awesome collection of 61 over-the-top horror movie prevues, from the golden Grindhouse age, spanning the 1960's through the 1980's! Also features commentary from film makers, actors, critics and fans, that make this a true, incredibly entertaining, one-of-a-kind movie-going experience!

Bikini Bloodbath 2006

On their last day of high school seven gorgeous girls have slumber party to celebrate their going away to college. Across town, a maniacal chef goes on a killing spree. Can their gym coach come to the rescue of the bikini clad group? No, but when Chef Death shows up at the party, hilarity ensues and the blood bath begins.

Zombie Bloodbath 1993

A meltdown at a nuclear power plant turns a bunch of folks into lethal shambling flesh-eating zombies who go on a gory rampage.

Bloodbath: Bloodbath Over Bloodstock 2011

Bloodbath is an extreme metal supergroup from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 1998 with a mutual fascination for the glory days of death metal, (especially Swedish legends such as Entombed & Dismember), the band’s core line-up has remained mostly solid through the years since their ‘Breeding Death’ EP was unleashed back in 2000. Bloodbath features prominent members of Katatonia & Opeth, including the unmistakable Mikael Åkerfeldt on vocals. ‘Bloodbath Over Bloodstock’ presents Bloodbath live & in-the-flesh & was filmed in August 2010 at the famed Bloodstock festival - one of the UK’s leading metal events. This DVD offers a pummelling set of ferocious brutality featuring numerous classics & fan favourites from the band’s whole catalogue of releases in an unrelenting death metal attack, including songs from 2008’s highly-acclaimed tornado of blasphemy, ‘The Fathomless Mastery’.

Mexican Bloodbath 2010

Saltillo, a small dusty town south of the Mexican border, caught in a war of greed and corruption. A man named Bishop returns home after his parents are executed at the hands of a ruthless drug lord El Chilango. He swears to avenge the deaths of his loved ones and take down every person involved at the cost of losing himself and his new love Lucia, the wife of his new arch rival El Chilango.

Bikini Bloodbath: Car Wash 2008

A group of hot college girls decide to raise money and pulses by donning bikinis for a car wash. But a maniac chef is prowling about to get a cut of the action.

Bloodbath in Psycho Town 1989

The plot concerns two documentary film students who travel to a small, isolated town in the middle of nowhere to film a documentary about murders that occurred there. Soon they are stalked by someone who is afraid the students are getting to close to a close guarded secret in the town that led to the murders.

Bloodbath 1999

B-movie actresses are turning up dead, or simply vanishing, so two L.A. detectives are assigned to investigate. After some missteps, they begin to make some progress when a mysterious FBI agent intrudes, sending the case in an entirely new direction.

Bloodbath 1991

1991 experimental short by Aryan Kaganof, made under his birth name: Ian Kerkhof

Bloodbath at the House of Death 1984

Six scientists arrive at the creepy Headstone Manor to investigate a strange phenomena which was the site of a mysterious massacre years earlier where 18 guests were killed in one night. It turns out that the house is the place of a satanic cult lead by a sinister monk who plans to kill the scientists who are inhabiting this house of Satan.

Doctor Bloodbath 1987

It's the story of Dr. Thorn, an abortionist who uses post-procedure house calls as opportunities to murder his patients.

Easter Bunny Bloodbath 2010

In 1967, Peter McKay watched as his father decapitated his sister on Easter morning. Peter never celebrated the holiday again... until now - today - in 1987. In an isolated cabin deep in the woods, Peter and his five friends will fall prey to a killer with a bloody ax to grind. A killer dressed as the Easter Bunny.

Til Death: Bloodbath 2008

Bloodbath is the second chapter in director Jeff William's masterpiece Til Death. Filled with darker villans and a plot that draws you into a woman's dark world of violence and death. The only way out of this world is through death.

Psycho Killer Bloodbath 2011

Two stories collide as a small town in Texas comes under siege by an army of psychotic murderers. First, in the maximum detention wing of the Russell Institute for the Criminally Insane, two women - a young doctor and a veteran nurse - face unspeakable horror as the inmates who have been incarcerated there escape and embark upon a rampage of violence. Subjected to brutal violation, these trapped women must summon the strength to survive and escape the maniac bloodbath. Outside the facility, young college students are targeted as they party at an abandoned house in the middle of an isolated forest. An evening of celebration turns into a fight for life against the murderous rampage of one of the lunatics.

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