Frau Ella 2013

A young man goes on a road trip with an old lady he saves from a hospital.

Frau Holle 1963

The widow has an ugly and lazy daughter, Pechmarie, and a beautiful and hard-working step-daughter, Goldmarie. Because Pechmarie is her real daughter, the widow clearly favors her and makes Goldmarie do all the work. Poor Goldmarie must also sit and spin all day by the well until her fingers bleed. When she tries to rinse out the spindel, it drops into the cold water. Her unsympathetic step-mother tells her to jump in after it. Goldmarie does as she is told, and then wakes up in the middle of a beautiful field of flowers. This is the land of Frau Holle, who welcomes Goldmarie and invites her to stay, as long as she will help with the housework. Marie stays and serves Frau Holle gladly, until she suffers so terribly from homesickness that she asks to go home. Before bringing her back, Frau Holle rewards Marie with a shower of gold. Upon her return, Goldmarie and her gold are welcomed by her greedy step-sister and -mother. Hoping for the same kind of reward, the step-mother sends ...

Frau Müller muss weg! 2015

Because of their children's bad grades, some parents want the teacher Mrs. Müller gone. They meet with Mrs. Müller and try to convince her to leave the class.

A Regular Woman 2019

Hatun "Aynur" Sürücü, a vibrant young Turkish woman and mother is murdered at 23 by her youngest brother in an honor killing. Forced into an abusive arranged marriage with a cousin in Istanbul at 16 by her devout Muslim family, Anyur escapes to Berlin and gives birth to a son. She is considered a disgraceful burden by her parents and siblings, so Anyur soon leaves her family and attempts to start a new life.

Secrets of a French Maid 1980

Frau Oberst has 2 young nieces who are very open with their sexuality. She hopes to find adequate lovers for her nieces and along the way finds herself in some precarious sexual situations. After a series of sexual encounters between just about everyone at the estate, the Countess drops by for a party where the nieces announce their wedding intentions.

A Woman in Berlin 2009

A nameless woman keeps a diary as the Russians invade Berlin in the spring of 1945. She is in her early 30s, a patriotic journalist with international credentials; her husband, Gerd, a writer, is an officer at the Russian front. She speaks Russian and, for a day or two after the invasion, keeps herself safe, but then the rapes begin. She resolves to control her fate

A Woman in Flames 1984

Eva, an upper-class housewife, frustratedly leaves her arrogant husband and decides to enter the call girl business. She lets Yvonne, a prostitute, teach her the basics and both set out for prey together, until Eva starts an affair with Chris, who turns out to be a call boy, as well. Consequently, she moves into his penthouse, large enough for both to offer their services separately.

Nexxt - Frau Plastic Chicken Show 2001

In the 20th live broadcast of Frau Plastic Chicken’s TV show entitled Nexxt, the first guest comes from the sixties: it is the hero of Burgess’s novel A Clockwork Orange, the notorious murderer Alexander Grushkin, that is, Little Alex. With the help of Egodoki, Frau PC has the Ludovico Technique applied on him, and beside the broken Alex she has Rex Madison, the protagonist of American Psycho brought in, with handcuffs on. The self-assured gigolo breaks down at the appearance of Maggie, his first love, and it is he who wins the confessional show led by Mrs Cardinal Paula Aquarius, which incurs pardon to be given. Rex, freed from his shackles, shoots the majority of those present, rapes PC and leaves together with Alex by helicopter. The show continues on the moon.

Frau im Strom 1939

Alois, Wendelin, Schani and Franz operate an auto repair shop in Vienna. One evening, Alois fishes the suicidal Hannerl out of the Danube and takes her to live with him. The timid and taciturn woman soon disappears however, and with her, a large amount of cash out of the shop's cash register. A disappointed Alois wishes to forget about her, but his three friends look for Hannerl and the money. As it turns out, she's married to the smuggler Kerrylis, who forces her to take part in his business; that's why she tried to kill herself. When Kerrylis is found dead, Alois is suspected of being the murderer.

Mann & Frau & Animal 1973

Man & Woman & Animal shows a woman finding pleasure in herself, the whole film is a kind of assertion and affirmation of female sexuality and its independence from male values and pleasures... (Joana Kiernan)

Die verschwundene Frau 1937

An official justice assistant supposes behind a letter which falls to him by chance in the hands, a crime and gets going with his crimi-sleuthing energy an unclear confusion.

Snapped 2004

The fascinating cases of every day, seemingly average moms, wives and girlfriends accused of murder. Did they really do it? And if so, why?

The L Word 2004

A group of lesbian friends struggle with romance and careers in Los Angeles.

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