Killing Kennedy 2013

Drama documentary based on Bill O'Reilly's and Martin Dugard's 2012 non-fiction book "Killing Kennedy: The End of Camelot". It follows the parallel lives of John F. Kennedy and Lee Harvey Oswald from the winter 1959-1960 to those fatal days in Dallas in November 1963, when they both died within two days after each other and were buried on the same day - John F. Kennedy in a state funeral in Washington D.C., broadcast live both to Europe and the Pacific, while Oswald was buried in Forth Worth at a small funeral where the attending reporters were asked to act as pallbearers.

The Kennedy Detail 2010

Based on the book by Gerald S. Blaine With Lisa McCubbin "The Kennedy Detail", this documentary interviews the men who served on President JFK's Secret Service Detail and their memories of the man, president, and perceptions of Camelot. Some of these men were there on the fateful day when life changed on the streets of Dallas, TX in Dealey Plaza on November 22nd, 1963.

Kennedy et moi 1999

Comedy drama about an apathetic writer whose only interest is in his psychiatrist's watch which may have belonged to John F. Kennedy at the time of his assassination in 1963.

Zapruder Film of Kennedy Assassination 1963

President John F. Kennedy is shown riding in an open-top car with his wife and several others, waving at crowds on the sidewalk. He is hit by a bullet and clutches his throat as the others react with surprise. Another shot hits Kennedy in the head and he collapses. A Secret Service agent runs up to the car, and Mrs. Kennedy climbs onto the trunk to pull him aboard as the car speeds away.

Love, Kennedy 2017

Kennedy Hansen is a funny, loving child but inexplicably she begins to fall. It takes years for the diagnosis… Juvenile Batten Disease, an extremely rare, terrible and terminal prognosis. There is no cure for Batten Disease and after living only sixteen years, Kennedy leaves behind a great legacy of love and friendship. But her story doesn't end at her death, that's when the miracles really begin. Based on a true story.

Jamie Kennedy: Uncomfortable 2010

Jamie Kennedy is hilarious as he reveals his life observations including his dating Jennifer Love Hewitt. He tells it all in this stand-up comedy special.

Strikeforce: Rockhold vs Kennedy 2012

Strikeforce: Rockhold vs. Kennedy was a mixed martial arts event held by Strikeforce. The event took place on July 14, 2012 at the Rose Garden in Portland, Oregon, Oregon.

The Day Kennedy Died 2013

The doctor who tried to save him. The Secret Service agent who was seconds too late. The man wrongly accused of his murder. And the woman who unwittingly sheltered an assassin. The death of JFK has inspired thousands of books and debates over the last 50 years, but the stories of the people there on that day have gone largely untold...until now. Experience November 22, 1963 as it has never been presented before, in this minute-by-minute account of that day, narrated by Academy Award-winner Kevin Spacey, and brought to life through rarely seen footage and rarely heard testimonies.

Nas: Live from the Kennedy Center 2018

Two decades after the album’s critically acclaimed release, hip-hop artist Nas teamed up with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in Washington, D.C., to stage a symphonic rendition of “Illmatic,” one of the most revered albums in hip-hop history. Nas: Live From the Kennedy Center captures the energy and nostalgia of this collaborative performance.

Jamie Kennedy: Unwashed 2006

TV and film star Jamie Kennedy (Scream, Malibu's Most Wanted, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment, MTV's Blowin' Up) performs his first stand-up concert special, filmed before a sold-out audience at the San Jose Theater. Raunchier, edgier and more unpredictable than you've ever seen him, Jamie covers a wide variety of topics including his family, being an altar boy, cat sex and fluffers. Watch him mix it up with the crowd in a razor-sharp act featuring over 40 different voices, characters and impressions!

Peter Jennings Reporting The Kennedy Assassination - Beyond Conspiracy 2003

Forty years after the assassination of John F. Kennedy, more than 80% of Americans still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone. This documentary attempts to separate fact from conspiracy theories to get to the truth, employing stunning forensic technology that makes it possible for the first time to be an eyewitness to this crime of the century – to see precisely what happened that November day in Dallas.

Robert Kennedy Remembered 1968

This moving film tribute to a man who had hoped to win the presidency created a historic moment when it brought the Chicago Democratic National Convention to a standstill and the crowd, in tears, to its feet. Commissioned by the Kennedy family, the film begins with the funeral train to Washington, D.C. and follows the triumphs and tragedies in the late Senator's life with extraordinary newsreel footage, archival stills, and home movies. The film was produced in only four weeks, two months after the Senator's assassination, in order to meet the Convention deadline. Guggenheim Productions, with the country's resources at its fingertips, worked around the clock to complete this film honoring RFK's life and the Democratic Party. "Robert Kennedy Remembered" is a poignant film biography that evokes the spirit, quality and commitment Robert Kennedy brought to his life and work. This film went on to win Academy Award® for Best Documentary Short in 1968.

UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Kennedy 2014

The Ultimate Fighter Nations Finale: Bisping vs. Kennedy (also known as UFC Fight Night: Bisping vs. Kennedy) was a mixed martial arts event held by the Ultimate Fighting Championship on April 16, 2014 at Colisée Pepsi in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada.

John F. Kennedy: A Personal Story 1996

Relive the glory moments of John F. Kennedy's life as A&E's award-winning "Biography" series presents the compelling story of this unforgettable leader and the rich dynasty he left behind. John F. Kennedy will always be remembered as the youthful president who inspired America, a charismatic leader who gave the nation a sense of pride and confidence. His sharp mind, quick wit, and boundless determination won him friends, confidantes, and devoted followers. A World War II hero, respected senator, and author of the Pulitzer Prize-winning "Profiles in Courage," Kennedy regarded life as a race against boredom. Through archival footage and interviews with friends, famous journalists, Hollywood actors, and former staffers- including ex-cabinet member John Kenneth Galbraith- "JFK: A Personal Story" revisits pivotel moments of Kennedy's life and presidency with clarity and insight.

Mr Kennedy

Student Leo Keenan has to go a new school but discovers something not quite right with his new English teacher.

Kennedy Quay

Join David on an intimate and comic walk through Cork docklands as he regurgitates a collage of everyday conversations, while battling with his own demons. 80% of the dialogue in Kennedy Quay is transcribed directly from real-life Cork exchanges, creating a genuine filmic portrait of the city.

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After 2009

A behind-the-scenes look at November 22, 1963 from the unique perspective of Lyndon Johnson. On his pivotal first day as President, Lyndon Johnson is put to the test as he contends with the jarring transfer of political power and the daunting challenge of securing the trust of a devastated nation. From new details about when JFK really died, to the truth behind LBJ's Oath of Office photo on Air Force One, this special uncovers an unfamiliar story born out of one of the most crucial days in American history

Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy 1981

Biography of the former first lady, focusing on her years as a photojournalist and leading up to her marriage to John F. Kennedy and their moving into the White House.

Kennedy 1983

Kennedy is a five-hour miniseries written by Reg Gadney and directed by Jim Goddard. The miniseries was produced by Central Independent Television and originally aired in the United States starting on 20 November 1983 around the time of the 20th anniversary of the Kennedy assassination. The TV miniseries was a biography of the 1961-1963 presidency of John F. Kennedy. The mini-series stars Martin Sheen as President John F. Kennedy, John Shea as Robert F. Kennedy, Blair Brown as Jacqueline Kennedy, E.G. Marshall as Joseph P. Kennedy, Vincent Gardenia as J. Edgar Hoover and Kelsey Grammer as Stephen Smith amongst many others. The series was broadcast on NBC, and was also sold to 50 Countries, with 27 of them broadcasting the series simultaneous. The series was nominated for 3 Golden Globes and 4 BAFTA, and won Baftas for Best Drama Series and Best Make Up.

The Kennedy Center Honors 1978

The Kennedy Center Honors is an annual honor given to those in the performing arts for their lifetime of contributions to American culture.

Bobby Kennedy for President 2018

Historic footage and leading voices of the era examine the "Bobby Phenomenon" of the 1960s and the legacy of the man who helped redefine the country.

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment 2002

The Jamie Kennedy Experiment is a half-hour-long American hidden camera/practical joke reality television series that was broadcast on The WB. The host and star of the show is Jamie Kennedy, a comedian who presented a reality TV format which combined hidden camera with sketch comedy. The show was cancelled in April 2004 after having failing ratings on The WB. It was then picked up by the G4 network for syndication in October 2006.


Kennedy is an Irish chat show show hosted by Mary Kennedy. The show aired live on Saturday nights as a summer "filler" between 14 June and 23 August 1997.

Robert Kennedy & His Times 1985

Robert Kennedy & His Times is a 1985 American television miniseries directed by Marvin J. Chomsky. The miniseries was released in three parts and depicts the life of Robert F. Kennedy.

Craig Kennedy, Criminologist 1952

Craig Kennedy is a prominent scientist at a prestigious university. He uses his knowledge of chemistry plus newer devices such as lie detectors to solve difficult cases.

The Lucy Kennedy Show

The Lucy Kennedy Show is an Irish chat show hosted by Lucy Kennedy. Her father, John Kennedy, accompanies her in studio, where he performs the role of pianist. Each episode involves Lucy Kennedy interviewing two guests and dressing up as a well-known personality to perform a sketch. It began airing on 6 January 2009. In the first episode, Kennedy interviewed her fellow chat show presenter Ryan Tubridy and professional comedian PJ Gallagher. Gallagher displayed his boxer shorts and Tubridy revealed an addiction to a certain confectionery. Kennedy dressed up as singer Amy Winehouse to perform a sketch alongside the pretendedly dimwitted Bryan Dobson. Kennedy has described her show as "Livin' with Lucy in a studio" and "a bit like The Charlotte Church Show gone wrong". She is currently co-presenting with COLIN hayes.

The Graham Kennedy Show

The Graham Kennedy Show was an Australian talk show that debuted on 19 September 1972, on the Nine Network. On 23 December 1969, host Graham Kennedy has quit as host of In Melbourne Tonight, exhausted, and rested for two years. In spite of his fame and fortune, he later described that period as "years of misery". After a special on 2 March 1972, he returned with this series. Kennedy sparked controversy after a "crow-call", which sounded highly reminiscent of the word fuck, was broadcast in March 1975. Forced to pre-record from that point on, he abruptly departed following GTV-9 censorship of the 16 April 1975 edition.

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