Penmani Aval Kanmani 1983

The movie deals with how Radio mama (Visu) solves the family related problems in the other household's where he newly moves in by staging events and setting numerous scenes with all of it resulting in happy ending before moving on to the next neighbourhood. The movie is about role of women in then's society. The problems include: Dowry, Ill treatment of in-laws by Daughter-in-law, Alcoholism in slums and his own family's apathy to his surroundings and society at large.

Keladi Kanmani 1990

Keladi Kanmani (English: Listen, my dear) is a 1990 Indian Tamil drama film directed by Vasanth in his directorial debut. The film stars S. P. Balasubrahmanyam and Radhika Sarathkumar. The film was a commercial success and ran for over 285 days at theatres.

OK Kanmani 2015

Adhi and Tara are in a live-in relationship and but they are both unwilling to get married. How do they realize that marriage is just a natural progression of their relationship?

Kana Kanmani 2009

Roy (Jayaram) is a successful architect married to Maya (Padmapriya) with a daughter named Anakha(pet name Anu). Roy decides to take his family on a vacation to Singapore, but Anu insists that they first go to Roy's old home. They agree to go there first, stay for 4 days, and then go to Singapore. But upon arriving at the old house, Anu starts behaving strangely and soon Roy and Maya understand that she is infected by the ghost of their unborn child Shivani, who was aborted. It was at this house both that Maya conceived Shivani and that they decided to abort the pregnancy. Shivani tells them that she is envious of the love that Roy and Maya are giving Anu, and that she will kill Anu as revenge. Roy and Maya try to escape in vain. Roy calls his friend Raveendran to his house. They all anxiously pray and wait until the time when Shivani said she would kill Anu. By that time, Shivani has changed her mind, after seeing the parents' love for Anu, and spares her life.

Aadyathe Kanmani 1995

Balachandran Unnithan (Jayaram) is a singer who falls in love with Ambika, a singer from his own troupe. They both end up getting married. Balachandran's family has been longing for a male child to inherit the family's wealth, but his elder brothers were having only female children. Ambika gets pregnant. Balachandran realizes that his wife is carrying a daughter, and not a son. Later, he meets his old classmate and best friend, Padmarajan, whose wife Hema was also pregnant. She was bearing a male child. However, their babies were swapped by mistake by Balu's mother soon after delivery. Both Padmarajan and Balu must keep this as a secret to see their children. When Balu's cousins discover this, the babies get kidnapped by the antagonists.

En Kadhal Kanmani 1990

En Kadhal Kanmani is a 1990 film starring Vikram and Rekha Nambiar in the lead roles. This is the debut film for Vikram. The music was composed by L. Vaidyanathan and the songs were written by Vairamuthu.

Prem Nazirine Kanmanilla 1983

A group of frustrated youngsters kidnap the famous Malayalam actor Prem Nazir from his film shooting set. Shockwaves are felt across Kerala and it soon becomes the one thing that everyone's talking about. The film is a satire that discusses how the society deals with this news and the events that follow.

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