Dharam Veer 1977

An Astrologer informs Satpal Singh that his nephew will eventually kill him. When Satpal's sister, Maharani Meenakshi, gives birth to twins, he has one thrown from the castle walls, and ...

Dharam Sankat Mein 2015

The film revolves around a Hindu man (Paresh Rawal) who goes through an identity crisis when he discovers he was adopted as a son in a Hindu family but was born in a Muslim family. The journey starts with finding his real father.

Dharam Karam 1975

Not wishing his son to grow up like himself, a brutish criminal secretly swaps his baby for that of a wealthy entertainer. Is the boys' destiny written in their genes or can the change of environment make a difference ? Their lives and those of their fathers inevitably collide.

Immaan Dharam 1977

Ahmed and Mohan Kumar Saxena are petty thieves, and con-men. They career is spent as false witnesses near the Bombay courts, where they get paid a set sum of rupees for false depositions. This changes when they meet and are influenced by Kabir Das, and decide to go straight. They find that it's virtually impossible to earn a living as honest citizens. Then Kabir Das is arrested and imprisoned by a murder he claims he did not commit, and the duo promise to help him, and find out who the real killer is, but they themselves end up getting in trouble.

Yoddha 1992

Ashokan goes on a trip to Nepal to meet his uncle who is settled there. To his surprise, his rival from his village Appukuttan is already there impersonating him. He is unable to convince his uncle about the truth and gets kicked out of the house. While trying to find shelter he meets a young Nepalese boy. Though they don't understand each others' language, they quickly form a bond. Meanwhile Ashokan is able to convince his cousin Aswathy that Appukuttan is an impostor. Aswathy who is a student researching ancient Nepalese traditions realizes that the young Nepalese boy is actually a Rimpoche, the spiritual leader of his tribe and is on the run from evil forces who want to banish him. Ashokan gets sucked in to the scenario unknowingly and ends up being the Rimpoche's protector.

Mera Dharam 1986

Two families become embroiled in plots of revenge following a deadly tiger hunt.

Dharam Kanta 1982

When Bhavani (Raaj Kumar) kidnaps the son of Harnam (Satyen Kappu), he expects to collect his ransom and be on his merry way. But when the boy ends up dead, a curse is placed on Bhavani and his family. Soon, devastating floods separate Bhavani from his children, and bereft, he turns himself in to the authorities. Years later, he returns to the village, not knowing that his sons have turned to crime and his daughter has been adopted by Harnam.

Dharam Yudh Morcha 2016

During a family visit, a devout man tells his grandson about significant events from the history of Sikhs in India.

Dharam Adhikari 1986

The compelling story of honest and ethical Dharamraj of Nand Gaon village, whose very name instills fear amongst wrong-doers. Ironically, the very man whose family has been administering justice for four generations, must now distance himself against his very own brother, Prakash; wife, Savitri; and daughter, Aarti, while the villagers, headed by Chaudhry and Shastri, charge him of having an illicit and extra-marital affair with a widow.

Aaru 2005

A thug, with his partners, is chosen to work for a criminal gang and he becomes the left-hand man of the leader. The leader declares a war against another criminal and the thug has to protect him despite losing his friends.

Mera Karam Mera Dharam

Ajay Shankar Sharma and his mom, Shivani, live a poor lifestyle until one day when Shankar's maternal uncle, Deviprasad, comes to visit them and bequeaths a large estate and wealth for their well-being, on the condition that they improve their home-town Sundergarh, the responsibility of which lies on Deviprasad's son, Sarjuprasad.

Dharma Chakram 1996

The story is about a family in which mother and son together fight against father for the principles and human values. Srividhya, as a ditched wife, rises up her kid Rakesh (Venkatesh) with well behavior, manner and makes him a good lawyer to do justice to the fellow woman who are cheated brutally by their husbands. How Rakesh takes the revenge on his father for the injustice that he had done to his mother is the crux of the film.


The town of Ramgarh is ruled by the wise and compassionate Badey Thakur, who is known for always relying on truth, fairness, and equal & quick justice for all. When the time comes for him to retire, he does so, and hands over the reigns of Ramgarh to his equally promising son, Thakur Vikram Singh. Vikram's best friend is Pratap Singh, together they live a fairly harmonious and adventurous life. Then tragedy strikes, first Pratap's sister, Guddi, is brutally raped and killed; then Kundan, who tried to intervene with Guddi's killer(s) is shot dead. Pratap finds out that the killer if none other than Vikram's younger brother, Vijay Singh, and he sets out to demand justice - from a family who are known for their fairness, truthfulness, and honesty. But what he finds is lies and deception, and he must run for his very own life, pursued by an enraged Vikram, who will not let anyone tarnish the name of the Thakur family.

Father, Son and Holy War 1994

Filmmaker Anand Patwardhan looks to history and psychology as he delves into the possible reasons behind the demolition of the Babri Mosque.

Dharam Veer

Dharam Veer is a period drama. It is a fictional tale of two princes — Dharam and Veer — their friendship, loyalty, bravery and their adventures as they traverse the path of life. It is presented by Sagar Arts.


Dharampatni was an Indian soap opera on Imagine TV. This serial is jointly produced by DJ's Creative Unit and Endemol India. It replaced the slot of the show Looteri Dulhan and started on 16 August 2011 at 9.30pm Monday–Thursday. Extraordinarily charming and heart-throb of girls' worldwide Harshad Chopra and super sweet and adorable Aasiya Kazi are the main leads, portraying the characters of Mohan and Kastur. Even though the show is supposed to go off air soon, their real, simple, subtle yet undefinable and magical chemistry is loved by a huge number of people around the world.

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