Mazhai 2005

Arjun (Jayam Ravi), an unemployed youngster and Deva (Rahul Dev) a powerful don both fall in love with Sailaja (Shriya), a middle-class beauty, at the same time on a rainy day at a railway station. Arjun keeps bumping into Sailaja coincidentally every time it rains. This makes them both feel that it is perhaps the rain that keeps bringing them together, and they start to fall in love. Deva, on the other hand, takes the back-door route to get the girl, with the help of her good-for-nothing father (Kalabhavan Mani)

Enga Kaattula Mazhai 2018

This is yet another film where the jobless hero falls for a beautiful girl, stalks her dutifully, and does everything possible to stop her from marrying an actually perfect groom. Everything about the love track in the film is not only morally incorrect but also so loosely written, that you hardly find any trances of romance in this so-called romantic comedy.

Then Mazhai 1966

Thenmazhai (Honey Rain) is a 1966 Tamil-language romantic comedy film directed by Muktha Srinivasan and produced by V. Ramasamy. Music by T. K. Ramamoorthy assets to the film. Gemini Ganesan, K. R. Vijaya and Major Sundararajan played lead with Nagesh, Cho, Sachu and Manorama played pivotal roles and provided comic relief.

Enga Kattula Mazhai 2018

A couple of wastrels chances upon a bag full of American currency. A corrupt cop and a ruthless pawnbroker are also after the bag.

Mouna Mazhai 2013

Directed by Anand, Starring Sasi, Nakshathra, Videos, Stills, Wallpapers, Synopsis, Promotional Events

Kodai Mazhai 1986

Motion picture from India directed by Muktha S. Sundar

Sivappu Mazhai 2010

The film revolves around Nandhan (Suresh Joachim), a Lankan youth who kidnaps Meera Jasmine, a Minister's daughter and a television journalist. The Minister (Suman) is helped by the Director General of Police (Rajeev) and his subordinate (Bose Venkat) to rescue Meera. Things take a turn when they get an interesting demand from Nandhan seeking the release of a Lankan national detained by police. Why and for what the demand is forms the crux.

Mazhayathu 2018

One day, a bizarre incident shakes the whole family and ruins their happiness. Venugopal finds himself being the victim of people's angry reactions and to make matters worse, he is shocked to find the reason behind the reactions.

Mazhayethum Munpe 1995

Nandakumar is a college professor who wants to get the best treatment for his paralyzed fiancee, Uma Maheshwari. Trouble starts brewing when Shruthi, Nandakumar's student falls in love with him. Will Shruti let Uma unite with Nandakumar weaves the rest of the story.

Tholi Prema 1998

Balu falls in love with Anu who has come to her grandfather's house from the US. He even saves her life during an accident, but he is still not able to express his love to her.

Action Jackson 2014

A man meets his lookalike, who's not just a killer of evil, but also a kind hearted man. Together, they team up to fight against a dreaded gangster.

Manathodu Mazhaikalam 2006

Siva (Shaam) and Sathya (Nithyadas) are collegemates. She is a good friend of Siva. She is always with him, both in his happy and sad moments. When he is in a tight corner, Sathya with the help of her father, helps Siva to come out it unscathed. Their friendship continues even after their college days. The parents of Siva and Sathya mistake their friendship as an affair. In the course of time, Siva marries Sruthy (Samiksha) and Sathya marries Karthik (Jaya Surya). Sruthy soon becomes pregnant but dies of complications in childbirth. Siva is left to raise his son on his own. Many years pass, and Siva's son begins to treat him badly, leaving Siva destitute. At the same time, Karthik informs Siva that Sathya is in her death bed due to heart problems. In due course of time, Sathya dies. The film ends as Karthik and Siva, both widowers, walk together vowing to remain good friends for the remainder of their lives.

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