Sadie Thompson 1928

A young, beautiful prostitute named Sadie Thompson arrives on the South Pacific island of Pago Pago looking for honest work, and falls for Timothy O'Hara, an American sailor who is unfazed by her unsavory past. However, Mr. Davidson, a missionary who arrived on the island at the same time, aims to "save" Sadie from her sinful life and petitions to have her separated from her beau and deported back to San Francisco.

Naked Alibi 1954

Questioned as a murder suspect, solid (but drunk) citizen Al Willis attacks his police questioners, is beaten, and swears vengeance against them. Next night, Lieut. Parks is murdered; Willis is the only suspect in the eyes of tough Chief Conroy, who pursues him doggedly despite lack of evidence. The obsessed Conroy is dismissed from the force, but continues to harass Willis, who flees to a sleazy town on the Mexican border. Of course, Conroy follows. But which is crazy, Conroy or Willis?

The Opposite Sex 1956

Former radio singer Kay learns from her gossipy friends that her husband, Steve, has had an affair with chorus girl Crystal. Devastated, Kay tries to ignore the information, but when Crystal performs one of her musical numbers at a charity benefit, she breaks down and goes to Reno to file for divorce. However, when she hears that gold-digging Crystal is making Steve unhappy, Kay resolves to get her husband back.

The Miller's Beautiful Wife 1955

A lecherous governor of Naples in 1680 lusts after the wives of several peasants, particularly after the miller's wife Carmela. The miller himself plans to avenge his honor by seducing the wife of the governor.

Bufere 1953

Adaptation of a play written by Sabatino Lopez.

The Weak Ones 2018

Victor has a scuffle with a thirteen-year-old boy who is part of a gang. Hours later he finds his beloved dogs murdered. He gets his gun and begins a journey on board his pick-up truck on a path that will take him across the hostile land of Sinaloa. In his search for clues he will meet disturbing and eccentric characters who may or may not tell the truth about the whereabouts of the young criminal.

Die schwache Stunde 1943

Marion Austerlitz is a stubborn person, much to the chagrin of her husband, Dr. Fritz Austerlitz. There's constantly some kind of excitement going on in their house: this time, Marion takes in a barking dog, much against the wishes of her husband; that time she's harrasses the old servant; then countless traffic tickets from the police come in the mail; or high bills for extravagant huts are delivered by the mailman. Finally, Fritz blows a fuse. In the presence of his friend, Professor Endres, and Marion's mother, a big fight breaks out between the couple.

Angst - Die schwache Stunde einer Frau 1928

"The Fear of an Unfaithful Woman" - Inge Duhan lives with her husband, the lawyer Erich Duhan, and her little daughter Susi in Berlin. Inge is a very attractive woman. She loves her husband and has always been faithful to him. On a holiday trip to the French Riviera Inge meet the charming painter Francard. A brief affair begins that turns into blackmail.

Never Weaken 1921

Our hero (Lloyd) is infatuated with a girl in the next office. In order to drum up business for her boss, an osteopath, he gets an actor friend to pretend injuries that the doctor "cures", thereby building a reputation. When he hears that his girl is marrying another, he decides to commit suicide and spends the bulk of the film in thrilling, failed attempts.

Mädchen mit schwachem Gedächtnis 1956

Anny arrives in Munich to start a career as an actress, but soon ends up without money and job, sleeping on a park bench. When the police picks her up, she pretends to have amnesia and is taken to the police station. There she's surprised to get presented to her alleged parents. Not knowing yet what kind of game they play, she goes home with them and lets the rich couple coddle her.

Bride for Sale 1949

Nora Shelley is a tax expert for the accounting company which is led by Paul Martin. She thinks she can find a suitable husband by inspecting their clients' tax documents. Martin finds out and tries to dissuade her from this approach, later enlisting the help of his friend Steve Adams, who tries to woo Shelley.

Women 1998

Five women, all in their forties, try to find out what's important for them in life.

Der Schwächste fliegt!

Der Schwächste fliegt! is the German version of the game show The Weakest Link, literally meaning The Weakest one flies. It was first broadcast on 19 March 2001, on RTL. The show premiered weekdays at 15:00 and was hosted by Sonja Zietlow. Just like the British version, the show pitted nine contestants against each other for a pot of DM 50,000. But by September of that year, the show was sinking fast in ratings, so in order to gain ratings, Sonja treated the contestants with more respect. Previously, Sonja bullied the contestants with insults such as "Da wollen wir doch mal sehen, wer unsere kostbare Studioluft lang genug weggeatmet hat!" The change in Sonja's behaviour did not sufficiently revive the show, and it was cancelled in December. In February 2002, the show was given another chance in the late-night Saturday slot, this time with a newly revamped studio, that now featured an audience, and a higher prize of € 50,000. This version lasted for only two months.

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