Belle Sommers 1962

A woman recording artist with a past tries to shake off a gangster syndicate.

Chronicle of a Summer 1963

In the late fifties a large industrial complex was built near Schwedt, in the GDR. This low budget film tells about the voluntary participation of the brigades of the Freie Deutsche Jugend in the building up...

Am Ende des Sommers 2015

Sylvia (34) has every reason to be proud. On her son and on herself. After all, she raised Ben all by himself, and today the 18-year-old is an all-round successful boy. Ben knows about his conception only as much as that he is a child of pure love. He never knew his father, so he does not miss him either. Sylvia is his mother and closest confidant at the same time. But this trust threatens to break as Sylvia is caught up in her past and Ben has to learn that he is actually the product of a rape. Everything seems to be in question in one fell swoop.

Sommersby 1993

Set in the south of the United States just after the Civil War, Laurel Sommersby is just managing to work the farm without her husband Jack, believed killed in the Civil War. By all accounts, Jack Sommersby was not a pleasant man, thus when he returns, Laurel has mixed emotions. It appears that Jack has changed a great deal, leading some people to believe that this is not actually Jack but an imposter. Laurel herself is unsure, but willing to take the man into her home, and perhaps later into her heart...

Summer Storm 2004

Tobi and Achim, the pride of the local crew club, have been the best of friends for years and are convinced that nothing will ever stand in the way of their friendship. They look forward to the upcoming summer camp and the crew competition. Then the gay team from Berlin arrives and Tobi is totally confused. The evening before the races begin, the storm that breaks out is more than meteorlogical...

Blue Car 2003

Gifted 18-year-old Meg has been abandoned by her father and neglected by her hardworking mother. Left to care for her emotionally disturbed younger sister, her world begins to unravel. She finds an outlet in writing poetry and support from her English teacher, Mr. Auster. But what started out as a mentoring relationship begins to get a bit more complex.

The Summer I Turned 15 1976

The story Peter is telling the about a special summer, when he is invited over to summer holiday from bickering parents, to his aunt and uncle in the country. He's been there before, but this summer was quite one to remember.

Summer's End 2000

12-year-old boy and his older brother have just lost their dad. At their summer cottage, the younger boy befriends a black doctor who has to deal with local prejudice and racism.

Beyond the Poseidon Adventure 1979

After "The Poseidon Adventure", in which the ship got flipped over by a tidal wave, the ship drifts bottom-up in the sea. While the passengers are still on board waiting to be rescued, two rivaling salvage parties enter the ship on search for money, gold and a small amount of plutonium.

Rachel, Rachel 1968

Rachel is a 35 year old school teacher who has no man in her life and lives with her mother. When a man from the big city returns and asks her out, she begins to have to make decisions about her life and where she wants it to go.

The Sandman 2011

One fine morning, Benno finds sand in his bed. While he tries to ignore this at first, he soon must realize that he himself is loosing the sand.

Stand by Me 1986

After the death of a friend, a writer recounts a boyhood journey to find the body of a missing boy.

Spartakus and the Sun Beneath the Sea 1985

The Arkadians are a civilization that survived a great cataclysm and moved to the center of the earth, thriving under the power of their artificial sun, The Tehra, until one day it began to fail. In desperation, the Arkadians broke the ancient law and entered the Forbidden Archives to search for an answer. They used their special powers and created a messenger to the people above, naming her Arkana. She meets up with Matt and Rebecca, two ordinary kids from the surface world, Bic and Bac, two strange anteaters from Arkadia, and Spartakus, a mysterious warrior. Together they search the worlds of the strata for a way to save a people and possibly the world.

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