Comedy Central Roast of Bruce Willis 2018

Bruce Willis goes from "Die Hard" to dead on arrival as some of the biggest names in entertainment serve up punches of their own to Hollywood's go-to action star. And with Roast Master Joseph Gordon-Levitt at the helm, nobody is leaving the dais unscathed.

Wesley Willis: The Daddy of Rock 'n' Roll 2003

Documentary about the late Chicago artist and musician Wesley Willis. Filmmaker Daniel Bitton follows Willis throughout the Chicago area, riding the bus, talking to friends and strangers alike, selling his CDs to record shops and going about his day. Willis was memorable to many for being schizophrenic as well as 6'6" and over 300 pounds, but was loved by his fans and friends for his quirky, oddball music, artistic talent and for being a real gentle giant. He was a testament to the human drive to survive and create, as he himself was a survivor of extreme poverty, mental illness, child abuse, racism, and obesity. The fact that he lived to see 40 was incredible, but his having a successful music career and being able to function was even more so.

Wesley Willis's Joyrides 2008

A look at the life and work of controversial rock musician and cult hero, Wesley Willis.

The Wronged Man 2010

Janet Gregory, a single mother with a haunting past, is a paralegal struggling to overcome doubts about Calvin Willis, an African-American husband and father wrongfully accused of raping a neighborhood girl. Eventually convinced of his innocence, Janet takes Calvin's pro bono case and wages a dramatic and stormy 22-year battle with the justice system that ultimately redeems an unjustly accused man and cements a life-long friendship.

Court and Hallie's wedding 2013

The union of Court Lukens and Hallie Willis taken place at the King Plow Arts Center in Atlanta, GA on March 16, 2013. The venue, decoration, and catering are all party of the Bold American family.

The Willis Family

Brenda and Toby Willis share the challenge of maintaining their large, fourteen-member family while keeping up with the workload required to manage their touring band. The family, hailing from just outside of Nashville, was thrust into the limelight after making it to the final rounds of America's Got Talent, where everyone fell in love with their music and original sound; the YouTube video from their national performance alone has garnered more than 6 million views. Throughout the series, viewers will get an inside look into their lives as they travel the country sharing their talents and balancing a life at home.

Invasion! with Sam Willis 2017

In this three-part series for BBC Four, intrepid historian Dr. Sam Willis reveals a remarkable story of invasion in Britain, spanning thousands of years. From the time that continuous settlement began in Britain over 10,000 years ago, to Iron Age hillforts and Viking ships, Sam Willis explores the many invasions of Britain. He unearths hidden stories to build a vivid picture of both successful and unsuccessful invasions and examines how they have shaped our psyche - including fear of invasion. Some invasions are bloody, some bloodless. Some were by invitation, some absurd and doomed. From Barbary pirates and brutal border raids to the air attacks of the 20th century, these invasions have shaped modern Britain and made us the people we are today.

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