The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016

Father and son coroners receive a mysterious unidentified corpse with no apparent cause of death. As they attempt to examine the beautiful young "Jane Doe," they discover increasingly bizarre clues that hold the key to her terrifying secrets.

Meet John Doe 1941

As a parting shot, fired reporter Ann Mitchell prints a fake letter from unemployed "John Doe," who threatens suicide in protest of social ills. The paper is forced to rehire Ann and hires John Willoughby to impersonate "Doe." Ann and her bosses cynically milk the story for all it's worth, until the made-up "John Doe" philosophy starts a whole political movement.

John Doe: Vigilante 2014

Jamie Bamber portrays John Doe – a man accused of being a vigilante serial killer. As we await verdict on his trial, the film dissects the reasoning behind his actions which have divided the community. While imprisoned, a vigilante group called Speak for the Dead emerges in support of John Doe's cause elevating the debate about justice versus vengeance.

I Am Jane Doe 2017

Chronicles the epic battle that several American mothers are waging on behalf of their middle-school daughters, victims of sex-trafficking on, the adult classifieds section that for years was part of the Village Voice.

Doe 1983

Kim Ik-do and his second wife, Hye-mi, are living happily on the deer farm when a new breeder is hired. Hye-mi recognizes him as the ex-boyfriend who betrayed her five years ago. She makes a move on him but he is suffering from amnesia. Through her devoted nursing, he makes a full recovery and regains his memory. He leaves Hye-mi but then returns, demanding her love. Ik-do is furious but ultimately bows to their love. However, the man's wife and young child come looking for him. Hye-mi falls into the embrace of her forgiving husband.


A man wakes up with no memory of his past but the ability to speak dozens of languages fluently. After finding a clue about his former self, he will race against time to discover his true identity.

Eat Sleep Die 2012

A young Eastern European immigrant working in Sweden is faced with a painful choice when she's laid off from her factory in the name of "efficiencies."

I, Jane Doe 1948

In this courtroom drama, a French girl stands trial for murder. Flashbacks tell the grim story of how, during the Great War she got involved with a wealthy soldier and married him. He disappeared after the war. She then came to the U.S. There she finds him married to another woman. To cover himself, he tries to get her deported. In the ensuing argument, she accidently kills him. She is found guilty, but when they learn that she is expecting, the widow helps her.

Jane Doe 2001

A woman's son is snatched and she must follow his kidnappers’ instructions to get him back. But when she’s framed for murder by a government department, she must take them on at their own game to ensure her son's survival.

Jane Doe: Eye of the Beholder 2008

Cathy and Frank partner with a beautiful insurance investigator to recover a stolen masterpiece. Frank is smitten with her, even though it becomes more apparent she may be the mastermind behind the theft. Stars Lea Thompson, Joe Penny and Billy Moses.

John Doe 2002

John Doe is an intelligent adventure series, named after the main character, albeit not by name: 'John Doe' is called thus because nobody knows the name of the man who literally fell from the sky, naked, in the sea near an obscure island. When Far Eastern fishermen save him, it soon becomes clear his memory is in a paradoxical state: he has total amnesia concerning his own past, even his real name, but has more factual knowledge stored in his brain then even the Google computer banks on every possible other subject, as if he had memorized the Library of Congress, so one rarely needs to read anything when he's around. He also is intelligent and inquisitive enough to understand and use much of that knowledge, and keeps rolling into all kinds of weird mysteries, teaming up with various characters, each of which must first be convinced he's legit, such as police detectives Frank Hayes and Jamie Avery

Stag & Doe 2010

On the eve of their wedding, Chris and Camille put their relationship to the test at a joint bachelor/bachelorette party.

Jane Doe: Ties That Bind 2007

DNA evidence and camera footage places a corrupt CEO as the prime suspect in the murder of a company whistle-blower, but Jane Doe believes the real killer may be a twin sibling.

Jane Doe: Now You See It, Now You Don't 2005

The Declaration Of Independence is stolen while on display in a Los Angeles Bank. The NSA with the assistance of a puzzle slover Code Name Jane Doe becomes involved and solves the mystery.

Jane Doe 1983

The police are looking for a serial killer. A woman who appears to be one of the killer's victims, who survive is brought to the police. Only problem is that she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything. So a detective tries to help her.

John Doe 2002

John Doe tell the story of a man who wakes up naked on an island off the coast of Seattle, knowing everything in the world there is to know—except for who he is and how and why he ended up there.

Jane Doe 2005

Jane Doe is the name of a series of nine TV mystery movies released by the Hallmark Channel between 2005 and 2008, and now appearing regularly on the Hallmark Movie Channel. While on the Hallmark Channel, it was broadcast in rotation with the movie series McBride, Murder 101, and Mystery Woman, under the umbrella title Hallmark Channel Mystery Wheel. In the series, created by Dean Hargrove, Lea Thompson stars as Cathy Davis, a soccer mom who is secretly Jane Doe, an agent for the federal "Central Security Agency". The films focus on her efforts to keep her lives separate while solving mysteries.

Who Killed Jane Doe? 2017

Behind the discovery of every Jane Doe lies two stories: the detectives puzzling out her identity and how she died, and her family struggling to find her. In each episode, we give a voice to the nameless and a final resting place to a missing loved one.

Shut up - or die 2016

Shut up - or die is a series about the right to say what you think. The author and journalist Lena Sundström meet people who stand up against totalitarian regimes and risk their lives for the truth.

Chelsea Does 2016

Comedienne and writer Chelsea Handler discusses the topics of marriage, racism, Silicon Valley, and drugs. Filmed in four parts.

Oskyldigt dömd 2008

Oskyldigt dömd is a Swedish drama television series from 2008. The first season was recorded in twelve episodes during February 2008 to be aired later during the fall. It premiered on the Finnish TV channel FST5 on September 24, 2008 and later the same evening on Swedish TV4. The series is produced by Filmlance. On January 23 TV4 announced that Mikael Persbrandt would be playing the main character and on February 10 other cast members were announced; Helena af Sandeberg, Sofia Ledarp, Marie Richardson and Mirja Turestedt. TV4 also announced that they had started to work on the second season before the first had even been aired., the first season was written by Johan Zollitsch, Jan Arnald, Karin Gidfors and Hans Rosenfeldt but the second one is written by Thomas Borgström and Sara Heldt. Filming the second season took place during the spring 2009. TV4 refused to say how much money the filming has cost the channel, but they confirms that "a lot of money" has been used.

Before We Die 2017

The police woman Hanna Svensson has a strained relationship to her son after having arrested him for drug dealing. Her married police man lover disappears, possibly kidnapped by MC gangs, although ties to Bosnia also appear.

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy 2003

Comic Relief Does Fame Academy is a spin-off of the original Fame Academy show where celebrities sing as students of the Academy. The programme was launched in 2003 to help raise money for the charities supported by Comic Relief, with the final of the show occurring on Red Nose Day. Coverage of the show was widely shown on BBC One, BBC Three, BBC Prime and the CBBC Channel. Many consider the celebrity version of the show to be far more successful than its predecessor. The Comic Relief series returned in 2005 and again in March 2007. It was announced by the BBC that Cat Deeley would not return because she was hosting So You Think You Can Dance. However, Patrick Kielty returned with co-host and host of the former spin-off show Claudia Winkleman.

Yaprak Dökümü 2006

Yaprak Dökümü is an award-winning Turkish television series based on the novel of the same name by Reşat Nuri Güntekin. The series premiered on 13 September 2005 on Kanal D, and endеd its fifth and final season on 29 December 2010, comprising 174 episodes overall. The show is set in Istanbul, Turkey, and it revolves around the fictional family Tekin, which their arrival in Istanbul tears their family apart, and transforms them in a way they can't imagine.

Death of a Pilgrim 2013

A Nordic crime mini-series on the murder of Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme and the fall of the welfare state.

Daisy Does America 2005

Daisy Does America is a hybrid reality/comedy series that premiered on TBS on 6 December 2005. The show, similar to British actress and comedian Daisy Donovan's previous outing for British television Daisy, Daisy, was adapted for US audiences by actors Courteney Cox Arquette and David Arquette for their Coquette Productions and distributed by Warner Brothers Television. In this unscripted program, Donovan attempts to follow the "American Dream" by blending in with ordinary people while at the same time poking fun at the individuals she is working with. Daisy Does America aired on LIVING2 in the UK, TV2 in New Zealand and UKTV in Australia

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