Samar 2013

Samar is a Tamil action-adventure film directed by Thiru. It features Vishal and Trisha Krishnan in the lead roles, with Sunaina, Manoj Bajpai and J. D. Chakravarthy appearing in supporting roles.

Samar 1962

Escaped prisoners on a Philippine island battle headhunters and other jungle dangers.

Samar 1999

In a small village in Madhya Pradesh, two different communities fight over a water pump installation. When a member of one of the communities, Nathu (Kishore Kadam) decides to protest against a decision he feels is unjust, he angers the local land owner, who decides to impose economic sanctions on the community in an effort to starve them out of the village. When Nathu's house is burned down in mysterious circumstances, Nathu seeks the comfort of a temple, and prays for a solution. Instead he finds himself abused and beaten by the land owner for breaking a rule that bans members of Nathu's community from entering the temple. It later emerges that the situation in the area is being used as a plot for a film made in Bombay, however characters featured in the film are misrepresented, which leads to tension on the set and eventually violence spills.

Bad Samaritan 2018

A thief makes a disturbing discovery in the house where he breaks in. Later, when he returns to the same house with his partner in crime, things are no longer how he expected.

The Samaritan 2012

After twenty years in prison, Foley is finished with the grifter's life. When he meets an elusive young woman named Iris, the possibility of a new start looks real. But his past is proving to be a stubborn companion.

Samaritan Girl 2004

Yeo-jin and Jae-yeong are two teenage girls who are trying to earn money for a trip to Europe. To reach this end, Jae-yeong is prostituting herself while Yeo-jin acts as her pimp, setting her up with the clients and staying on guard for the police. Things take a turn for the worse when Yeo-jin gets distracted from her duty and the police raid the motel where Jae-yeong is meeting with a client. To avoid getting caught, Jae-yeong jumps out of a window, fatally injuring herself.

Good Sam 2019

A news reporter looks into who has been anonymously leaving large cash gifts on random doorsteps in New York.

The Lost Samaritan 2009

After a long night at the office, an accountant stops to help an injured motorist and ends up becoming the target of two dangerous assassins.

Corto Maltese: The Guilded House of Samarkand 2004

Hugo Pratt's famous comics adventurer, Corto Maltese while sojourning in Adana, Turkey, discovers a map to the treasure of Cyrus, an ancient king of Persia. To assist him in his quest, he enlists his old friend/nemesis the unbelievable Raspoutine whom he first has to help escape from the prison of Samarkand (aka "La maison dorée de Samarkand", the golden house of Samarkand). On the long and tortured way to the riches, he encounters all kind of interesting characters, soldiers of fortune, lost British actors, and even his doppelgänger.

Samaritan 2011

a short film by Rafa Santos.

The Samaritan 1915

Feature film on an episode of love and heroism of an Italian girl rescuing his beloved from his imprisonment

Samarppanam 2017

The murder of a young girl brings together the three central characters that develop an inexplicable bond with the victim, and amongst them. Consequences beyond their expectations await them.

Intrigo: Samaria 2019

Nineteen-year-old Vera Kall cycles home through the night. She arrives at a farm, leaves her bike and sneaks quietly in through the door. She enters the kitchen and doesn't even have time to notice that she's not alone.

Samaritan Zatoichi 1968

Zatoichi is forced to kill a young man who owes a debt to a yakuza boss. Moments later, his sister Osode arrives with the money she earned (prostituting herself) to pay his debts. The bosses true motives are revealed and he attempts to steal Osode even though the debt is paid. Zatoichi realizes his grievous error and protects the girl from the gang. Osode and Zatoichi are caught in a dilemma as she must rely on her brother's killer for protection and Zatoichi wrestles with the injustice he has caused.

Redacted 2007

A fictional documentary discusses the effects the Iraq war has had on soldiers and local people through interviews with members of an American military unit, the media, and local Iraqis.

Buttwhistle 2014

Ogden Confer is a community college student living with his parents and dealing with the recent loss of his best pal, Rose, when he foils the suicide effort of a mysterious young lady, Beth, who proceeds to make him pay for not minding his own business.

The Samaritans 2015

A man gets into a terrible traffic accident in the middle of nowhere, and two religious zealots try their best to "save" him.

Fit to Be Tied 1952

Jerry removes a tack from Spike's paw. In gratitude, Spike gives Jerry a bell to ring when he's in trouble. Soon, Tom is acting as Jerry's servant. But then the city passes a leash law, and Spike can no longer help. Soon, Tom is taunting Spike (much like Foghorn Leghorn taunts the barnyard dog) and harassing Jerry, who becomes his servant until the leash law is repealed.

Bad Samaritans 2013

Bad Samaritans is an American comedy series produced by Walt Becker, Kelly Hayes, and Ross Putman. It premiered on Netflix on March 31, 2013.

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