Eine Handvoll Briefe 2014

Kristin turns 40. She is an attractive single woman who works in her profession, has a relationship with her boss and is somehow alone. Her best friend since childhood, Lenny, gives her a surprise suitcase for her birthday. For years, unclaimed suitcases are auctioned off at the airport without knowing the contents. Lenny bought one of these suitcases for Kristin. Of course Kristin is curious and finds in this suitcase, which must have belonged to a woman, a bundle of love letters. More and more she falls for these letters and the unknown who wrote them.

Ripper: Letter from Hell 2001

A massacre survivor (A.J. Cook) studies serial killers under a famous expert (Bruce Payne), but her classmates soon start dying at the hands of a Jack the Ripper copycat.

Die Briefe meiner Mutter 2014

One day before her 18th birthday, Laura Hellmer finds out by chance that her mother Katharina, a renowned political journalist, has lied to her for years: Laura's father was not a Spanish war photographer who died before she was born, but probably lives and is in Chile. Without further ado, Laura sets off for South America to find her true father. While she is in Santiago following in the footsteps of her mother, who once reported on the victims of the Pinochet dictatorship, Katharina travels to her daughter.

Letters to God 2010

A young boy fighting cancer writes letters to God, touching lives in his neighborhood and inspiring hope among everyone he comes in contact. An unsuspecting substitute postman, with a troubled life of his own, becomes entangled in the boy's journey and his family by reading the letters. They inspire him to seek a better life for himself and his own son he's lost through his alcohol addiction.

A Muppets Christmas: Letters to Santa 2008

When Gonzo forgets to mail three letters to Santa, he convinces Kermit and the gang to help him deliver the notes to the North Pole. Along the way, they discover that Christmas is the time to be with those you care about most, as they dash home to make a friends Christmas wish come true.

Letters to Juliet 2010

An American girl on vacation in Italy finds an unanswered "letter to Juliet" -- one of thousands of missives left at the fictional lover's Verona courtyard, which are typically answered by a the "secretaries of Juliet" -- and she goes on a quest to find the lovers referenced in the letter.

Letters from War 2016

In 1971, António Lobo Antunes' life is brutally interrupted when he is drafted into the Portuguese Army to serve as a doctor in one of the worst zones of the Colonial War – the East of Angola. Away from everything dear he writes letters to his wife while he is immersed in an increasingly violent setting. While he moves between several military posts he falls in love for Africa and matures politically. At his side, an entire generation struggles and despairs for the return home. In the uncertainty of war events, only the letters can make him survive.

Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam 1987

Feature-length documentary film featuring real-life letters written by American soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines during the Vietnam War to their families and friends back home. Archive footage of the war and news coverage thereof augment the first-person "narrative" by men and women who were in the war, some of whom did not survive it. Written by Jim Beaver

The Lost Moment 1947

In a long flashback, a New York publisher is in Venice pursuing the lost love letters of an early-19th-century poet, Jeffrey Ashton, who disappeared mysteriously. Using a false name, Lewis Venable rents a room from Juliana Bordereau, once Jeffrey Ashton's lover, now an aged recluse. Running the household is Juliana's severe niece, Tina, who mistrusts Venable from the first moment. He realizes all is not right when late one night he finds Tina, her hair unpinned and wild, at the piano. She calls him Jeffrey and throws herself at him. The family priest warns Venable to tread carefully around her fantasies, but he wants the letters at any cost, even Tina's sanity.

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