Azaad 2000

Azad (Telugu: ఆజాద్) is a 2000 Telugu film directed by Tirupathi Swamy. It stars Akkineni Nagarjuna in the lead role and Raghuvaran, Shilpa Shetty, and Soundarya in other important roles. C. Ashwini Dutt produced the film and Mani Sharma composed music. The film was released on 29 September 2000 and was dubbed into Hindi as Mission Azaad. The film was later remade into Tamil as Velayudham. The story was inspired from 1989 hindi film Main Azaad Hoon in which Amitabh Bachchan played the lead role of Azaad.

Azaad 1955

After her widower dad, Kedarnath, passes away, Shobha goes to live with his friend, Charandas, and his wife, Shanta, who had their son go missing as a child. Years later Shobha is now matured and Charandas scouts for a suitable groom. A wealthy man, Sunder, would like to marry Shobha, but the family detests him. Then one night Shobha is abducted. The Police are informed but their search is in vain. A few days later they get wind that Shobha may be in Sunder's custody, a search does prove to be in vain. Then Shobha returns home and tells them she was rescued by a wealthy man named Azaad, housed in a mansion, looked after very well, and brought back home all in one piece. They subsequently find out that the wealthy man is none other than a notorious bandit named Azaad. They are even more shocked when Shobha informs them that she wants to get married to Azaad. Will Charandas and Shanta permit her to marry a bandit?

Azaad 1978

This is the story of a eccentric young man, Ashok (Dharmendra) who believes in doing good without worrying about the consequences. This does not find any favor with his sister-in-law Sarla (Sulochana), and she decides to leave him. But he persuades her to come back, and he decides to relocate and not cause any more trouble for Sarla. On his way he has a skirmish with the a princess Rajkumari Seema (Hema Malini) who he teaches a lesson to respect the poor and food grown in the fields. When he arrives in the city, due to his misfortune, he lands a job at a factory run by the Rajkumari, and immediately gets in to the bad books of Prem (Prem Chopra) to whom the Rajkumari is engaged to be married.

Mr Azaad 1994

The story of an orphan born into poverty who, when he grows up, becomes a bribe taking policeman in order to help the poor. This Robin Hood-esque hero soon realises that the people bribing him ultimately want to corrupt the city and his friends living in it.

Main Azaad Hoon 1989

A newspaper reporter exploits an ordinary man for few rupees to pose as a man who is fighting against the corrupt politicians and prints imaginary stories in his name to improve the circulation of her newspaper. People take him for real and he becomes a powerful leader of poor man. One day the paper prints a letter in his name that he is going to end his life fighting corruption. This puts the ordinary man in a fix. He knows that at this juncture he can't refute the accuracy of all those stories. He also realizes that he is the sole hope of millions. Finally, he buckles under moral pressure and jumps from an incomplete multi-storied building and ends his life.

Azaadi 2018

A man who has devoted his life to the Kashmir struggle attempts to pass his vision along to the younger generation.

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