Habana Blues 2005

When Spanish record producers express interest in Cuban musicians Ruy and Tito, the longtime friends are faced with the prospect of leaving their loved ones behind. After years of hoping and dreaming, they've finally earned the opportunity to bring their music to the rest of the world. But are the emotional trade-offs worth it in the end?

7 Days in Havana 2012

A young American boy is trying to break into the acting business, and goes to Cuba during a film festival.

The King of Havana 2016

Recently escaped from reformatory, Reinaldo struggles to get by in the streets of Havana in the late 90s, one of the worst decades for Cuban society. Hopes, disillusionment, rum, good humor and above all hunger, accompany him in his wanderings, until he meets Magda and Yunisleidy, survivors like himself. In one or the other's arms, he will try to escape the material and moral misery surrounding him, living love, passion, tenderness and uninhibited sex to the limit.

Suite Habana 2006

Dawn breaks in La Habana, and as the day advances we follow the simple lives of ten ordinary Cubans, with only sounds and images accompanied by music.

Vampires in Havana 1985

Scientists Werner Amadeus, son of Count Dracula, develops an anti-sun formula for vampires. He moves to Cuba with his nephew Joseph Emanuel. Joseph grows up drinking the formula and forgets his origin, becoming Pepe, a trumpet player mixed up with revolutionaries in 1933 Havana. Soon he will be in the centre of a dispute for his uncle's formula between vampire factions from the USA: the Capa Nostra Society and from Europe: the Vampiro Group.

Habana Eva 2010

In a Havana, shaken by Fidel's retirement, a young seamstress, trapped in a sweatshop job, dreams of designing beautiful dresses. Frustrated by her lazy, though adorable Cuban boyfriend, she meets a sophisticated ex-patriot Cuban-Venezuelan who dazzles her with a glamorous future. After many deceptions and surprises, Eva has to choose between the two men she loves. Hers is an unexpected decision... a humorous metaphor of Cuba's options for the future

A king in Havana 2005

Mr. Arturo, an old rich Spanishman who arrives to Havana to marry Yoli, dies suddenly in bed. Yoli's family, afraid of losing all the money, convinces her ex-boyfriend Papito to go to Spain and get the money. Papito will have to be clever enough to deceive everybody and succeed in Spain

Habana 2014

Havana is occupied by foreign forces and on the edge of civil war. Lazaro, a kid from the slums, walks us through his streets and reveals the chaos that has taken over the capital.

Siempre Habana 2006

Ignacio and his nephew Tomasín are two Galician businessmen sharing a family inheritance bonus with their cousin Divina Luz, cuban-born, but of Galician descent. The division of the property is notarized in Santiago de Compostela, where Divina Luz is received by his unknown family.

Habana Muda 2013

Documentary Director Eric Brach spent 3 years in Havana filming Chino, a deaf-mute who works on a farm. Together Chino and his deaf-mute friends and wife go over the pros and cons of him fleeing Cuba to join Jose, a gay Mexican who has fallen in love with him and is ready to help him leave the country and obtain papers to work in Mexico. But Jose wonders if Chino's loves him or if he just wants to earn himself a better life and send money back to his needy wife and young children. As the months go by we get to know each of the protagonists more intimately and discover the doubts and bouts of hope each of them entertains with this singular situation.

Club Habana 2010

Barbara is about to travel to Spain for an exhibition of her paintings. The night before starting her journey there is a hurricane and she has to stay in a nightclub until the morning. During the night she comes into contact with different people who have a variety of conflicts and interests. She is drawn into this microcosm which seems to be a reflection of Cuban society today.

Free Havana 2012

Gay Rights is an issue heard around the world, including Cuba. Free Havana paints a vivid picture of what it has been like to be gay in Cuba through the candid stories of six gay and lesbian individuals. From the Batista era to the Revolution to the Mariel Boatlift to present-day Cuba, Free Havana exposes the evolution of gay life from a time when homosexuality was considered a punishable crime to current efforts to promote a greater acceptance of freedom of sexual orientation. Honest in approach and poignant in content, the stories of the six Cubans will inform and inspire as they touch your heart.

Winds of Havana 2016

The killing of a fiery young teacher sets Detective Mario Conde on the trail of a drug kingpin with ties to the high school he once attended.

Habana Instant 2015

Marcelo Quevedo and his brother Carlos Quevedo were separated in childhood when Carlos left Cuba with his mother on a boat to seek a different life. Marcelo was left behind in Cuba burdened with the heavy duty of caring for his grandfather who was in poor health. Distance wasn’t the only issue that marked the separation of the two brothers; their mother couldn’t endure the rough trip and she died before the boat could reach its destination. More than twenty years later, Carlos Quevedo decides to return to Cuba to see his brother only to find that he is now stricken with ALS, a terminal disease that slowly immobilizes him to the point of a vegetative state.

Havana Quartet 1999

Walter, an aspiring musician from Madrid, has a lot of troubles. After finding a videotape, he learns something which will alter his whole life, and put his Madrid problems on hold. In the tape, a Cuban woman confesses to being his mother. She is waiting for him in Havana. Walter goes to Havana to see his mother. There, the plot thickens with the addition of the mother's daughter, and a Spanish airline crew member, who round out the quartet.

Joaquin La Habana - LebenZwischenWelten 2014

An artist portrait about the Cuban born singer, dancer, and entertainer Joaquin La Habana. Androgynous and bisexual, this voice acrobat brings both women and men convincingly to the stage and into film. He had to fight for his artistic way but always stayed true to himself. In this documentary, with the now 60 years old artist, we look back into his life and career from the 1970's and 1980's New York with its provocative underground scene. Impressive material from that time and from the group he performed with the the famous Studio 54 lead us to the life he lives now in Berlin. A very personal film and a contemporary document.

Clandestine Stories in Havana 1997

In this Cuban-Argentine film, Argentine 40-year-old Laura (Susu Pecoraro), visiting Cuba for the first time on business, is divorcing her husband back in Buenos Aires. She's soon involved with smooth-talking cab driver Frank (Jorge Perugorria). Garment manufacturer Francisco (Ulises Dumont), having lost his wife, children, and home, has traveled to Cuba to kill himself, but Frank's mother (Veronica Lynn) realizes that Francisco is the teenage lover who got her pregnant. In other relationships, a gay couple (Luis Alberto Garcia and Humberto Paez) argue over whether or not to remain in the closet, and two documentary filmmakers (Jorge Martinez and Laura de la Uz) have career conflicts.

Four Seasons in Havana 2016

As Havana slowly revolves through the year, wistful detective Mario Conde probes the sultry heart of the city to investigate dark and deadly crimes.

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