Aujourd'hui où je meurs

After a month of texting, Zoe has organized a perfect first date with Marc. Their expectations will be tested by reality.

I Am Dying to Live 1994

“I’m dying to live.” These words from Saint Teresa of Ávila are said by Mother Aloïse Osée when she is about to separate forever from Don Jerome.

René van Meurs: Even Goede Vrienden 2019

René came across himself at some point, just as everyone sometimes encounters themselves. From that moment one cannot help but ask: "Am I still good friends with myself after this shit?"

If You Die, I'll Kill You 2011

In Paris' cosmopolitan and colorful 10th arrondissement, Philippe, who's fresh out of prison, crosses paths with Avdal, a Kurd who is trying to track down an Iraqi war criminal. Avdal, who dreams of staying in France, plans to bring his fiancee Siba to Paris. She's due to arrive in the next few days. The two men strike up a friendship and when Avdal dies suddenly and unexpectedly, Philippe finds himself left to organize the funeral arrangements. What should he do with the body? Siba arrives in Paris, and soon learns that Avdal has died. She is taken in by a group of Kurdish men and before long she also meets Philippe - all of whom are quite smitten by her beauty. Meanwhile, Avdal's father Cheto, a devout Muslim, comes to Paris to grieve for his son. He intends to force Siba to return to her homeland, but the young woman has now had a taste of freedom.

Soit je meurs, soit je vais mieux 2008

Après que son père eut quitté le foyer pour une autre femme, Martial, 16 ans, doit déménager avec sa mère, Sabine, pour un appartement plus modeste. Nouveau quartier, nouveau lycée, Martial a du mal à s'intégrer. Sa mère propose de l'aider, mais maladroite et fantasque, elle ne fait qu'envenimer la situation...

Je meurs de soif, j'étouffe, je ne puis crier... 1979

This is the story of a search, that of a woman in pursuit of her own identity. This woman, Marie-Noëlle Kauffmann, ventures into the world of representation, meets four characters who, each in their own way, give her a key to cross the five sequences/initiations of the film which are all benchmarks that she must absolutely cross to have an answer to the question: Can cinema help find a lost balance?

This Man Must Die 1969

When his young son is killed in a hit and run accident, Charles Thenier resolves to hunt down and murder the killer. By chance, Thenier makes the acquaintance of an actress, Helène Lanson, who was in the car at the time of the accident. He then meets Helène’s brother-in-law, Paul Decourt, a truly horrible individual.

Murder Me, Monster 2019

A rural police officer investigates the bizarre case of a headless woman's body. The prime suspect blames the crime on the appearance of a legendary monster.

The Dead Don't Die 2019

In a small peaceful town, zombies suddenly rise to terrorize the town. Now three bespectacled police officers and a strange Scottish morgue expert must band together to defeat the undead.

Each Dawn I Die 1939

A corrupt D.A. with governatorial ambitions is annoyed by an investigative reporter's criticism of his criminal activities and decides to frame the reporter for manslaughter in order to silence him.

Die Another Day 2002

Bond takes on a North Korean leader who undergoes DNA replacement procedures that allow him to assume different identities. American agent, Jinx Johnson assists Bond in his attempt to thwart the villain's plans to exploit a satellite that is powered by solar energy.

Statues Also Die 1953

Short documentary ordered by the magazine "Présence Africaine". From the question "Why is the african in the Human museum while Greek or Egyptian art are in Le Louvre?", the two directors expose and criticise the lack of consideration for African art. The film was censored in France for eight years because of its anti-colonial perspective.

Heroes Don't Die 2019

In a street in Paris, a stranger thinks he’s recognised in Joachim a soldier who died in Bosnia on 21st August 1983. Thing is, this is the very day Joachim was born: 21st August 1983! Thrown by the idea he might be the reincarnation of this man, he decides to go to Sarajevo with his friends Alice and Virginie. In this country, haunted by shadows of the war, they put their hearts and souls in discovering Joachim’s past life.

And So Angels Die 2001

A Senegalese man living in Paris with his French wife and children receives a letter from his father back home saying he has arranged for him to take a second wife. The man's indecision outrages his French wife and leads to the end of his marriage, his return to Senegal and his reflection about how his life has ended up.

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