Ulan 2019

In this coming-of-age-film about self-love, Maya is a girl who has always held a pessimistic view of the rain, reminding her of failed love and other depressing things. Will the rain ever stop her in her journey to overcome past heartaches?

Naked Island: Butil-ulan 1984

After the death of his father, Alex goes back to his native island to find inner peace. There he finds three girls longing for him.

Summer Rains 1975

A young co-ed falls in love with her first-degree cousin, who stays with her family while studying in Manila. Their forbidden affair, which they keep secret from their family, is revealed when she becomes pregnant. For the scandalized family, abortion is the only solution left, which the two lovers resist.

Memories of Rain 2013

A coming-of-age love story about a young man’s first encounter with love, romance, and heartbreak, told in bits and pieces of poetic and melancholic memories that began on one rainy night.

If the Rain Were Made of Chocolate 2016

Maita spends her last moments with her daughter, Mika before undergoing a process which will tamper with her emotions and change their relationship forever.

1812. Ballad of the Uhlans 2012

The Year is 1812. On the eve of the decisive battle of Borodino, Napoleon's secret agent steals a Russian battle plan. This fact is known to General Kutuzov (Head of Russian forces), thanks to a young nobleman Alexey Tarusov. Tarusov joint to the the regiment of Russian lancers, and finds new friends like Lieutenant Gorzhevsky, Prince Kiknadze and Sergeant Ptukha. After the terrible battle of Borodino, they fall into many unexpected adventures...


Kandemir is the head of a gang which conducts robberies. Their main goal is to rob fairly. What connects the members of the gang to one another is friendship. Unfortunately, everything changes after an old friend of Kandemir, Ali Rıza Kaptan’s goes to prison. Kandemir and the gang settle into an old neighborhood which seems quiet and peaceful. However, nothing is as how it seems in the neighborhood. They introduce themselves to their neighbors as the Nevizade family. Protagonists Kandemir, Ferdi, Karlos, Yaren, Bahadır and Derya have had hard times and when they gather under one roof these gang members still carry the traces of those hard times. Kandemir wishes to confront his daughter and show her that he is no longer a man of monkey business, while blood brothers Ferdi and Karlos who ran away from an orphanage still carry the misery of the streets; Yaren who came to İstanbul with the hope of being a famous singer is singing in taverns; Bahadır uses his genius for hacking computers and Derya joins the gang with her acting skills in order to save her father.

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