Goat 2016

Reeling from a terrifying assault, a nineteen year old enrolls into college with his brother and pledges the same fraternity. What happens there, in the name of 'brotherhood,' tests him and his loyalty in brutal ways.

The Goat 1921

A series of adventures begins when Buster is mistaken for Dead Shot Dan, the evil bad guy.

Rebound: The Legend of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault 1996

A dramatization of the life of Earl 'The Goat' Manigault (Don Cheadle), with a lot of factual based occurrences. A reformed junkie returns from prison to clean up his act and devote the rest of his life to the young kids of Harlem. 1996 was the 25th anniversary of the first tournament named after him.

Bad Lucky Goat 2017

After accidentally killing a bearded goat with their father’s pick-up truck, two incompatible siblings in their teenage years, embark on a journey of reconciliation.

Goat & Aaron 2011

The story picks up after an unexplained disagreement between two brothers, Goat and Aaron. To work out their differences, they take a hike together. The beauty of nature brings them back together, but the violence in Goat's heart can't be controlled and it pulls him under.

Hogan's Goat 1971

A young Irish ward boss has a chance to be elected mayor, but the disgraced current mayor makes sure the candidate's wife learns about his affair with a just-deceased rich girl.

Spenser: The Judas Goat 1994

Spenser is hired out by Hugh Dixon to track down the killers of his wife and daughters. He and Hawk are drawn into a huge plot involving assassination attempts on African leader Winston Boyko by some racist terrorist named Paul.

Goat Boy 2010

Goat Boy is the cobbled-together remains of a student film James Franco made based on Frank Bidart's poem, “Herbert White”.

Goat Lover 2011

This is a story Ukpabi and his mischievous son, both wolves in sheep clothing whom hiding under the mask of Christianity, embark on the mission of seizing peoples lands, on the authority of God's promise to Abraham in the bible. Ukpabi turns Peter into a goat lover and Samson into a faeces eater because they dared to question him. Unknown to Ukpabi, he was to meet his waterloo through the same people he wronged.

Goat Witch 2014

A young witch named Emelin and her friend Gloria perform an ancient ritual to summon a demon.

Virgin Goat 2009

In this unique tale, director Murali Nair portrays life in rural India with ribald wit and sharp social satire.

Goat Walking

A series of images photographed by Eadweard Muybridge, featuring a goat walking.

Where's My Goat? 2010

Filmmaker Christopher Richardson buys goats for third world families as thank-you gifts for clients. It's a fresh approach to promotional giveaways, but as the list of gifted goats grows, some clients question the existence of their goat. Christopher decides to travel to Zambia to track down a client's goat and discover for himself if ethical gifts are the positive developing world life changers they are advertised to be.

The Goat Man 1923

A man walking along a beach spots three bathing beauties and tries to get them to have sex with him. They agree to do so only if he inserts himself through a hole in the fence. The girls are then shown backing a goat up against the fence. Satisfied, he gives them money, as agreed. Later, one of the girls stuffs a pillow under her bathing suit to simulate pregnancy and more money is extracted from the man. - IMDb

Artois the Goat 2009

Lab technician Virgil Gurdies struggles to choose between his truelove Angie and his newfound quest to create the greatest goat cheese the world has ever known.

I, Pet Goat II 2012


Goat Lover 2 2011

The continuing story of Ukpabi and his young son who trick and curse the people of their village into loving goats and eating feces.

Goat Lover 3 2011

Part three of the story of Ukpabi, his young son, and their mischief.

Goat Lover 4 2011

The conclusion of the story of Ukpabi and his young son, and their mischief.

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