Brooklyn's Finest 2009

Enforcing the law within the notoriously rough Brownsville section of the city and especially within the Van Dyke housing projects is the NYPD's sixty-fifth precinct. Three police officers struggle with the sometimes fine line between right and wrong.

Their Finest 2017

During the Blitz of World War II, a female screenwriter (Gemma Arterton) works on a film celebrating England's resilience as a way to buoy a weary populace's spirits. Her efforts to dramatise the true story of two sisters (Lily Knight and Francesca Knight) who undertook their own maritime mission to rescue wounded soldiers are met with mixed feelings by a dismissive all-male staff.

World's Finest 2004

Fan made trailer for a Batman/Superman team up. Despite their differences, the two heroes join forces to take down Lex Luthor and Two-Face.

The Last of the Finest 1990

An elite group of vice cops are fired from the L.A.P.D. for being over-zealous in their war against drugs. It is immediately apparent that some of their superiors are involved in the drug ring. Banded together, four of the banned cops (which quickly becomes three when one is killed early) band together to fight the drug ring undercover. They gain capital for weapons by ripping off minor drug dealers. Then well-armed they go after the kingpin (Boyd).

Drunktown's Finest 2014

On a desolate Navajo reservation in New Mexico, three young people – a college-bound, devout Christian; a rebellious and angry father-to-be; and a promiscuous but gorgeous transsexual - search for love and acceptance.

Division III: Football's Finest 2011

This ensemble comedy follows the Pullham University Bluecocks, a small liberal arts college with a Division III football program (the lowest division in the NCAA). When the head coach unexpectedly dies, the future of the flailing football program is in jeopardy, as they have not had a winning season in decades. In a desperate attempt to create some media attention for the athletic program and the university, President Georgia Anne Whistler hires known lunatic and felon, Coach Rick Vice, for what could be the football programs final season.

World's Finest 2016

Set shortly after the events of the 2013 film 'Man of Steel', the global community comes to grips with the destruction of Metropolis and a young Bruce Wayne returns from his training abroad to prepare for his first true challenge. The stage will be set as the World's Finest meet for the first time. World's Finest is a fan film that presents an alternate Batman vs Superman, both at the beginning of their careers.

Broadway's Finest 2012

The winner of twelve film festival awards including Best Feature Film and the Audience Award, "Broadway's Finest" follows three desperate, men who impersonate New York City undercover cops and chase down a notorious drug in order dealer to get the authentic material they need to create their own cutting edge police drama. Things are rarely what they seem in this gritty dramatic action comedy.

Hackney's Finest 2014

A small-time drug-dealer gets into big trouble when a corrupt East London cop tries to steal a consignment meant for Welsh-Jamaican Yardies.

Patton Oswalt: Finest Hour 2011

Patton Oswalt brings his deeply insightful, creative comedy to topics such as trying to be a good example for his daughter, his bewilderment at why we still have circuses, and his run-ins with crack addicts in New York.

Finest Kind

Two brothers are pulled into a deal with an organized crime syndicate in Boston.

Manila's Finest 2015

Manila’s Finest is inspired and based on the life and career of retired Western Police District (WPD) Col. Jimmy Tiu who last served as the Sta. Mesa police station commander of WPD. The film focuses on the dual functions of a city policeman as he inter-acts with the people in his jurisdiction and as an intrepid cop battling criminal elements with guns blazing.

Fingal's Finest 2016

Fingal's Finest tells the extraordinary story of Thomas Ashe & the 5th 'Fingal' Battalion, Dublin Brigade of Irish Volunteers during the 1916 Easter Rising in Ireland. Largely forgotten by history, and by those who tell the tales of the 1916 Rising, the Fingal Volunteers did not lie in wait for the British Army to attack them in the buildings of Dublin City. Instead, they took the fight to their enemy in North County Dublin and Meath, which culminated in the only successful engagement for the rebels during those fateful six days in Easter Week, 1916, when they defeated a superior force of Royal Irish Constabulary at the Battle of Ashbourne.

Kennedy's Finest 2015

In a timeline where JFK wasn’t assassinated and a top-secret time travel program was created, two groups of travelers with different ideals are sent after a teenager who’s actions in the near future could impact how America is shaped for years to come.

The Finest Hour 1992

Macho Lawrence 'Larry' Hammer and frailer Dean Mazzoli initially rival as U.S. Navy SEAL trainees, but become buddies in instructor chief petty officer Bosco's merciless training class. The friends date two girls, but both love Barbara, who chooses to marry Larry, as ideal father for her pre-teen son. After graduation from Basic UDT/SEAL training, they choose opposite oceans for further training. However Sadam Husein's invasion of Kuwait gets both mobilized in the same unit, with Bosco, who gets captured and tortured. Dean learns Barbara has left adulterer Larry. They mount a rescue together, taking risks even on their own side.

The Nation's Finest 1990

This short video explores, through a collage of images, text and voice over, some of the issues raised when Black athletes are called upon to 'represent' what have been historically seen as 'White' nations, within the international sporting arena. Produced initially for Manchester Olympic Video Festival, the piece juxtaposes nationalistic heraldry and the heroic imagery found in public monumental sculpture, with the bodies of two young Black athletes. Through referencing historical legacies of the disenfranchisement and exclusion faced by Black people, the piece goes on to examine how the transition of the Black athlete from the periphery to the centre of the nations psyche, carries with it a network of contradictions and limitations.

PWG: World's Finest 2012

Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents "World's Finest" held March 17, 2012 in Los Angeles, CA featuring the PWG World Title Three-Way Match was El Generico defends against Eddie Edwards and Kevin Steen! Singles Match 1. "Pretty" Peter Avalon vs. "Mr. Wrestling" Kevin Steen Singles Match 2. Ray Rosas vs. Brian Cage-Taylor Singles Match 3. Candice LeRae vs. Joey Ryan Singles Match 4. TJ Perkins vs. Scorpio Sky Three-Way Tag Team Match 5. RockNES Monsters (Johnny Goodtime & Johnny Yuma) vs. Super Smash Bros. (Player Uno & Stupefied) vs. The Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson) Singles Match 6. Alex Koslov vs. Kyle O'Reilly Singles Match 7. Willie Mack vs. Roderick Strong Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Championship Title Three-Way Match 8. El Generico (Champion) vs. Eddie Edwards vs. Kevin Steen

L.A.'s Finest 2019

Syd Burnett has left her complicated past behind to become an LAPD detective. Paired with a new partner, Nancy McKenna, a working mom with an equally complex past, Syd is pushed to examine whether her unapologetic lifestyle might be masking a greater personal secret. These two women don't agree on much, but they find common ground when it comes to taking on the most dangerous criminals in Los Angeles.

Boston's Finest 2013

Boston's Finest is an American reality documentary television series on TNT which chronicles the daily operations of the Boston Police Department. An eight-episode season order was announced on May 11, 2012, with the series premiering on February 27, 2013. It was announced in May 2013 that the series has been renewed for a six-episode second season.

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