Nudos 2003

Barcelona, 2002. A coffin is carried to the cemetery of Montjuïc in a chariot drawn by horses. The lifeless is Pep Grau, an old fisherman found drowned and subject to his boat by a complicated knot sailor. The Pep voiceover Grau, portrayed with affection and humor the curious characters he met in life, recounts the difficult moments of his childhood during the Civil War, and finally, we are introduced to Lola, the woman of his life , which has a fish stall in the Boqueria Market beautiful and, after the death of Pep, begins receiving anonymous gifts. Silvia, a teenage ambitious and attractive, is the attorney for the insurance company. Mario, her boss and lover, asked to investigate the strange circumstances surrounding the death of the fisherman. Silvia's inquiries aa allow us to know other characters, like the maverick Dr. Cipriano Mera, Pep old comrade, and his son Gabino Mera.

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