Stereo 2014

Erik has is own motorbike workshop in a sleepy little town. He may have the telling word ‘scoundrel’ tattooed onto his lower arm but he nonetheless creates an impression of a well-behaved average Joe. His relationship with his girlfriend Julia is going well and her daughter Linda is very fond of her new Dad. But then all of a sudden the mysterious Henry appears and begins following him about like a sinister shadow. The more Erik tries to shake off his diabolical guest the more Henry intrudes into his life. But then when a violent gangster named Keitel enters the fray and threatens not only Erik but Julia and Linda, Erik’s seemingly ideal world begins to run off the rails.

In Stereo 2015

David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. After a break-up, they each experience their own rough patch. For David, a self-destructive artistic endeavor and a relationship with an immature beauty—for Brenda, a failing acting career, an eviction notice, and a boyfriend who just doesn’t do it for her. A chance encounter brings them together on the streets of New York at a particularly bad time. David invites Brenda to the opening of his first photography exhibit and the stage is set for a night of drinking and flirting which leads to an untraditional proposal of how they can be together without getting back together. A sharply observed, un-romantic comedy by writer/director Mel Rodriguez III, IN STEREO is a stylish and striking first feature that offers an unflinching look at the complexity of modern relationships.

Stereo Future 2001

Keisuke, an aspiring samurai-movie actor lands a major role in a new film, but must contend with a director who has nothing but scorn for him, but who continually fawns over the film's obnoxious ham of a star. Meanwhile, Keisuke has been dumped by his girlfriend, Eri, after she becomes heartbroken when he considers working full-time as a bar manager rather than pursuing his dream. Through her job as a translator, she meets an Italian professor who claims to talk to trees, and who immediately starts trying to woo her.

Palestine Stereo 2014

Palestinian director Rashid Mashawari follows his widely acclaimed dark comedy Laila’s Birthday with this compelling and ironic drama about two brothers on the West Bank who, rendered homeless by an Israeli air strike, hustle odd jobs to raise enough money to emigrate to Canada.

Stereo (Tile 3B of a CAEE Educational Mosaic) 1969

Disguised as an educational film. Stereo purports to be a report on the "Canadian Academy of Erotic Inquiry's" experiments to induce telepathy in eight experimental subjects. It follows the effects of the experiment using the theoretical framework of the parapsychologist Luther Stringfellow. The film is virtually silent except for commentary by the experimenters.

Soda Stereo: Buenos Aires 2007 2007

Performance by Soda Stereo in Buenos Aires in 2007 as the end of their tour "Me veras volver". This tour marked the band's return to the stage after a 10 year hiatus

From Stereo to Video 2014

"From STEREO to VIDEO" is a visual essay by Caelum Vatsndal focusing on Cronenberg's early life in a Jewish intellectual household, his initial aspirations to be scientist or writer, enrolling in University of Toronto – where he saw the film "Winter Kept Us Warm" made by a UT alumnus and featuring familiar locations and people he knew – where he then embarked on a series of short films. The essay then follows his early film career from SHIVERS through VIDEODROME noting how Cronenbergian elements are carried over from film-to-film. - Eric Cotenas and Gary Tooze

Stereo MCs: Connected Live 2005

British hip-hoppers Stereo MCs perform songs from their chart-topping album "Connected" in this concert video. Founded in 1985 by rapper Rob B. and DJ Nick "The Head" Hallam, the group hit the big time in 1990 with "Elevate My Mind," the first-ever British rap single to chart in the United States. But the band's biggest breakthrough came with the 1992 album "Connected," which featured several funky hit singles. Extras include five music videos.

Stereo A Visual Sound

Going for that 50 television soundtrack Stereo was hell bent on putting out a video that was artsy and fun. They definitely knew how to inject fun into a skate vid. So many video part look painfully forced, it's nice to see the Stereo crew having a blast. I have to say I love to see a good vert part. Mike Frasier delivered that via a giant half pipe. Killer stuff. Damn you, street skating! No one builds ramps any more. So, anyway... A Visual Sound is a fun vid, but it's always hard to look back and think about the standards of the mid-90's compared with this 2008 re-issue. The retro-value of this box set is very cool. It was a bit too artsy for my taste, but who the hell am I, right? One of the best facets of this disc is the bonus commentary by Jason Lee and Chris Pastras. Since I wasn't a big fan of the music they used, watching it with the commentary going was awesome. I highly recommend this option.

Soda Stereo - El Ultimo Concierto 2005

The last concert of Soda Stereo is the first work published by the group in DVD. This is a final concert by Soda Stereo on September 20, 1997 at River Plate Stadium in Argentina. In the same year, the group visited Mexico, Venezuela, Chile and finally, River Plate Stadium in Argentina.

Soda Stereo: Me veras Volver 2008

Gira Me Verás Volver de Soda Stereo es la tercer obra grabada en un doble DVD y editada por el grupo. Se trata de canciones extraídas de los recitales que realizaron en 2007 y combinadas logrando un DVD el cuál muestra gran parte de los mejores canciones. Intro (Título original) Some day-One day (título en español) Algún día (versión original) May 01 Juegos de seducción 02 Tele-Ka Cerati 03 Imágenes retro 04 Texturas 05 Hombre al agua 06 En la ciudad de la furia 07 Picnic en el 4to B 08 Zoom 09 Cuando pase el temblor 10 Final caja negra 11 Corazón Delator 12 Signos 13 Sobredosis de TV 14 Danza rota 15 Persiana americana 16 Fue 17 En remolinos 18 Primavera 0 19 No existes 20 Sueles dejarme solo 21 En el séptimo día 22 Un millón de años luz 23 De música ligera 24 Disco eterno 25 Cae el sol 26 Prófugos 27 Nada personal 28 Te hacen falta vitaminas

Live In Hi-fi Stereo 2011

Live In Hi-Fi Stereo is an outstanding salute to the ongoing creative genius of Mindi Abair as a saxophone performer. Her performances are flawless, and the musicians she is working with provide a remarkable background to her unique sound. The DVD could be summed up this way: Innovative, creative, refreshing and original performances! Comprised of six tracks from the chart topping new release on Heads Up/Concord Records of the same name, the DVD also has Mindi performing four of her earlier hits that have never been captured on film. On the DVD, Mindi provides introductions to each song, describing the songwriting process and stories behind them. There are also interview clips on various topics, from Abair's history to who she admires, among other topics.

Umphrey's McGee: Death by Stereo Webcast 2011

Webcast for fans who pre-ordered Death By Stereo. Set I: Domino Theory, #5, FF* -> Booth Love, Puppet String, Deeper -> Glory, Miami Virtue set II: Search 4 (Jake solo) Orfeo (Joel solo) Weight Around (BB solo) Oh Susanna Pequod> Dim Sun> Pequod August> Keefer> August EOTR Haji> Floor

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