Marta 1974

A wealthy landowner haunted by the spectre of his dead mother has a fling with a beautiful fugitive who bears a striking resemblance to his missing wife, who may have been murdered.

Staff Only 2019

Marta, a 17-year-old girl, is on holiday in an African resort with her with her estranged dad and annoying little brother. Martha’s fascination for Khouma, a Senegalese cameraman who works filming the tourists' excursions, will add even more tension to her already troubled relationship with her father.

Marta 2006

Tense Czech war drama.

Marta and Surroundings 2000

A group of friends, all about in their thirties, gather at Julio's home, one of them, to help him paint the walls. During the hours they are together, their problems, their envy, their failures, their quarrels come to light. Around them, Marta will find how they really are.

Happy March 8th, Men! 2014

Anna Berkutova - blonde in the armor of mini-skirts. Her weapons - her beauty, intelligence and absolute confidence in the fact that she knows men. It is an important project in Skolkovo and is going to marry a rich foreigner. But on her birthday, March 8, it is clear, as the financial report, the fate of change: Anna throws groom steal her project of Skolkovo, and she begins to hear the thoughts of men. This ability is first brought her to despair, and then opens wide possibilities ...

Märta Proppmätt 2017

The goldfish Märta Proppmätt (Meaty Märta) has a tendency to end up in situations where her hunger forces her to a dilemma. When the aquarium where she lives gets new inhabitants it becomes increasingly hard for Märta to eat and fart her way through life.

Marta of the Lowlands 1914

Sebastien, a landowner, shelters the orphan Marta in exchange for sexual favors. When, years later, Sebastien's fortunes ebb, he marries Muri, the daughter of a rich man, and arranges for Marta to marry the shepherd Manelich. Sebastien assures Marta that Manelich knows of their relationship and will not interfere, but she discovers that her husband is ignorant of the affair and, in fact, loves her. Because she comes to return her husband's love, she confesses her past, after which Manelich kills Sebastien. With Marta at his side, the shepherd then returns to the hills. -From Database, powered by the AFI.

CHIKARA: The Marta Complex 2015

Sunday, September 27th, 2015 Norfolk, VA 1 The Marta Complex - Event Intro 2 Chuck Taylor Speaks 3 #COTI15: Chuck Taylor vs Jakob Hammermeier 4 United Nations vs Lucas Calhoun, Missile Assault Man 5 #COTI15: Silver Ant vs Oleg the Usurper 6 Icarus and Mr. Touchdown Speak 7 #COTI15: Eddie Kingston, Argus vs Icarus, Mr. Touchdown 8 Princess KimberLee Speaks 9 #COTI15: Amasis, Fire Ant, Worker Ant vs Crown And Court 10 #COTI15: Dasher Hatfield vs Flex Rumblecrunch 11 N_R_G Speak 12 Campeonatos de Parejas: The Devastation Corporation vs. N_R_G 13 Encore Match 14 The Good Life - Official Trailer 15 The Top 5 Moves of The Proletariat Boar of Moldova 16 Sweat + Sacrifice = Success

The Murder Secret 1988

A family of 4 makes a long drive to Aunt Martha's house to visit her for the first time in years. Only she isn't there. Just the caretaker and his message that she will appear the next day...if they survive the night.

Marta y Javier

Marta y Javier is a Venezuelan telenovela that was produced by and seen on Venezuela's Radio Caracas Televisión. Written by Ligia Lezama and directed by Cesar Bolivar, it ran for 64 episodes and was distributed internationally by Coral International. Actress Nury Flores appeared in telenovela with her daughter Patricia.

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