Blue Hill Avenue 2001

A child of a middle class home with solid moral values is lured into a world of crime and corruption.

It Happened on Fifth Avenue 1947

A New Yorker hobo moves into a mansion and along the way he gathers friends to live in the house with him. Before he knows it, he is living with the actual home owners.

Wabash Avenue 1950

Andy Clark discovers he was cheated out of a half interest in partner Mike's business, now a thriving dance hall in 1892 Chicago. Unable to win it back, Andy schemes to make Mike's position untenable. He also hopes to turn Ruby Summers, Mike's motor-mouthed burlesque queen, into a classier entertainer, and incidentally to make her his own. But at the last minute, Andy's revenge comes unravelled.

Grand Avenue 1996

When Mollie's boyfriend Jack dies on the reservation, she is asked to leave the reservation by her boyfriend's sister for not being one of there own, aside from Mollie's son. Mollie is forced to pack up here belongings and her children and move to northern california, right into a gang infested neighborhood.

Madison Avenue 1962

An adman (Dana Andrews) and an adwoman (Eleanor Parker) put a dangerous milk tycoon in line for the White House.

On the Avenue 1937

A new Broadway show starring Gary Blake shamelessly lampoons the rich Carraway family. To get her own back, daughter Mimi sets out to ensnare Blake, but the courtship is soon for real, to the annoyance of his co-star, hoofing chanteuese Mona Merrick.

The Mole Man of Belmont Avenue 2013

Horror/ comedy that explores what happens when a terrible situation is dropped into the laps of the two people least equipped to deal with it. The Brothers Mugg can either step up to the plate and finally grow up, or they can wait and clean up the mess as a mysterious creature eats every living thing in the building, one by one.

Avenue 2014

A young women recounts the memories of her girlfriend and the good times they had together in the past.

Avenue Zero 2009

Asian girls are enslaved in a suburban massage parlor... Domestic workers with working conditions reminiscent of slavery… Vancouver gangs recruit Honduran boys to sell drugs... Girls in a Montreal subway station are lured into prostitution... Human trafficking is still a reality today. And it’s happening closer to home than you might think. Featuring candid interviews with victims and witnesses, Avenue Zero weaves a spellbinding portrait of a dark and sinister trade flourishing in the shadows of the law.

The Prisoner of Second Avenue 1975

Mel Edison has just lost his job after many years and now has to cope with being unemployed at middle age during an intense NYC heat wave.

Kingston Avenue 2013

Vincent has followed the woman he loves to New York. But they're not getting along anymore. Stubborn, he's going to try to do everything to get her back.

Eastern Avenue 1985

From the material he shot during a three month journey, Peter Mettler edited a lyrical film which is no ordinary travelogue or diary. Without occupying himself in advance with anticipated images, he attempted as often as spontaneously as possible to respond and react to his surroundings, improvising with the camera as one would on a musical instrument. These visual notes allow insights into perceptions, feelings and emotional states in various situations.

Incident on Marmont Avenue 2012

On November 12, 2011 the police were called to an incident at 1701 Marmont Avenue. This film is the story of what happened that night.

15 Park Avenue 2006

An exploration of the impact of schizophrenia on a young woman and her family in today's Calcutta. The narrative pivots around the relationship of two sisters, older sister Anjali is a successful professor with a powerful personality. She is the anchoring rock for her family and carer for her sister Meethi whose progression into schizophrenia has been speed ed up by traumatic experiences. Anjali has always dominated the life of her attractive younger sister, and jealously warded off Meethi's handsome fiancé Jojo with fear of Meethi's impending illness. Years later when Meethi and Anjali are on holiday in the Hills there is a chance meeting with Jojo, now with his new wife and children. He is shocked to discover that Meethi does not now recognize him, but lives in a world visited by an imaginary husband and children of her own.

The Avenue 2017

Giancarlo "Eddie" Marturano, a down and out gambler trapped in the world he's created for himself. Like his adopted home of Atlantic City, Eddie is beaten, down on one knee, struggling mightily to rise to his feet again. His only salvation is his beloved Sandra and their hope of a better future. When he and his partner in crime, Christian Flynn, stumble onto the deal of their lives, will it finally be their avenue out of town?

Home Avenue 1989

An autobiographical examination of the director's rape at gunpoint nine years prior.

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