Fuck My Life 2010

Javier wants to forget his ex. But it's impossible when she's always on line. Getting drunk and partying it's the only solution. Or not.

¡Ay, pena, penita, pena! 1953

Carmela is a Gypsy singer who sells lottery tickets. She meets two penniless Mexican brothers and they buy a ticket between the three: if it is awarded, could share the prize and go to Mexico, they to return to their homeland and her for bullfighter boyfriend whom has no news. The fate accompanies them, but, on reaching Mexico, her boyfriend rejects her. This way, she ends up acting in a cafe where reaps many successes.

No Pain, No Gain 2001

David is a teenager who feels he doesn't belong to a life where his family, friends and the girl he loves seem not to understand him.

Maximum Penalty 2005

At the bench, the coach and three reserve players, including a sleepy goalkeeper. The game is about to start. Our team needs to win. The coach paces nervously and relays instructions to the players on the field... But the coach's attention to the ongoing game is repeatedly interrupted by family members, from the youngest to the oldest, who come one by one to remember him that a significant family gathering is about to take place and that his presence is needed. The coach is reluctant to leave the field on account of the importance of winning this game. What is this important gathering? Are his priorities proper?

Sem Pena 2014

There is no place in the world where the prison population grows as fast as in Brazil, a country that have the fourth largest population of inmates in globe. Sentence on Trial dives deep into the hellish everyday life of the Brazilian prisons to expose how moroseness, prejudice and the culture of fear amplify violence and the social abyss of the country.

Pena Fria 2014

A man from a village in the interior of portugal is back to visit the family that is left. But the true reasons for his return are not clear.

Praça Saens Peña 2008

Paulo works as a high school literature teacher, his wife Teresa is a local shopkeeper, and their daughter Bel is still in school. They live in a rented flat in Saens Peña Square, in the heart of Tijuca, a neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio de Janeiro. An unexpected and alluring job offer may have a profound effect on the routine of this family and even jeopardize a 20-year marriage.

Life Sentence 2008

Il film nasce dal Diario di Antonio Perrone, condannato per motivi di mafia a 49 anni di prigionia e detenuto in stato di isolamento. All'inizio degli anni Ottanta Antonio Perrone è il promettente primogenito di una benestante famiglia del sud Italia. Si innamora di una donna, Daniela, che diverrà sua moglie. Insieme sognano una vita all'insegna della conquista dei piaceri più evidenti che una società consumistica promette. Per raggiungerli si trasformano da giovani romantici in protagonisti del piccolo crimine di provincia, fatto di rapine e spaccio di droghe. Arriva un tempo in cui, per mantenere le proprie posizioni, occorre crescere e Antonio diverrà un esponente importante della mafia locale, denominata Sacra Corona Unita.

Death Penalty 2012

Documentary about the most thrilling series of crimes recorded in Chilean history. A group of psychopath killers murdered and raped without any precedent. The film wants to portray a wicked mind that found place, developed and expressed itself during the military government in the 80.

Qué pena tu familia 2012

Continues the romantic story of Javier and Angela, who, after having sworn eternal love and having their first child, decide to divorce.

Palaces of Pity 2011

Haunted by their own directionless lives, two pre-adolescent girls reunite while visiting their ailing grandmother. In the midst of her fantasies of a medieval past - one consumed by fear and desire - the two girls are transformed and confront a legacy of oppression.

Cuéntame tu pena 2002

A woman hosts a nocturnal radio program, in which people can release their anguish. The call of a woman with a sexual addiction problem will trigger the suspense when she is killed while her call is in the air.

Muerto de la Pena 2001

When a middle-aged accountant (Enrique Pinti) decides to chuck his humdrum life and go on the lam in search of liberation, he soon discovers that his family's frantic search for him becomes fodder for a new kind of reality television show. Now, his personal quest for excitement and a fresh existence has become hilarious top-rated entertainment for his entire country. Carmen Maura co-stars in this delightful comedy.

Penance 2012

Penance, known in Japanese as Shokuzai, is a Japanese television drama miniseries that started airing on WOWOW on January 2012. It is based on a novel of the same name by Kanae Minato and directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa.

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