The Cassandra Crossing 1977

The Cassandra Crossing is an all-star disaster spectacular telling of the terrifying odyssey of 1000 doomed passengers trapped aboard a plague-infested train. A terrorist infected with a deadly virus boards the Stockholm to Geneva Express and exposes all aboard to the disease. Colonel Mackenzie (Burt Lancaster) is called in to handle the situation and finds Dr. Chamberlain (Richard Harris) who is on board the train. Mackenzie decides to re-route the train to the Cassandra Crossing where it will plunge into oblivion. But passengers miraculously begin to recover and Chamberlain must race against time to disconnect the cars.

Cassandra 1987

A young woman has eerie flashes of recovered memories of her brother committing a murder, despite her parents assurance that all is well.

Spartacus & Cassandra 2014

“When I was one year old I was already walking. At two, I was eating dirt. At three, my father was in prison. At four, I begged with my sister. At seven, I came to France.” Those are the words of Spartacus, a Roma child who, at 13, has already accumulated the experiences of several lifetimes. He and his sister Cassandre, 10, scrape out a living with an alcoholic, melodramatic father and a mother who begs them to free her from her husband’s tyranny. With the help of an exceptional social worker, they manage to detach themselves from their terrible parents and experience childhood as they never could before.

Cassandra 2013

Are words, photographs and speeches sufficient means for describing and communicating a complex, harsh, unmanageable reality? These unsolved questions pursue Cassandra during her trip through the impenetrable Chaco as chronicler of a means of communication, her first job after graduating from literature school. The unknown reality of native peoples who live in the Chaco communities, their beautiful and uncomprehensive languages and their dilemmas facing an economy which excludes them, are part of a trip in which Cassandra finds an inhabitable world within her status as foreigner. Her visions start merging with the cosmovision of ancient inhabitants until she becomes part of the enigma herself.

Cassandra 1989

"If a body meet a body, comin' through the rye. If a body kiss a body, make a body cry." From an old folk song, "Comin' Through the Rye." This painted film is for the daughter of Troy as it fell to the Greeks and to all girls seeking womanhood by way of tears.

Suffering Cassandra 2013

During a terrible storm, a jaded couple gets stuck in a house with a charismatic woman who threatens their relationship, and their sex-crazed male best friend. Through this ineluctable isolation, their true humanity surfaces.

What Cassandra Saw 2008

Cassandra discovers by accident the Bureau of Shadows, responsible for making, measuring and resizing our shadows while we are asleep, in this post-modern fairy tale.

Cassandra Wilson In Concert Soft Winds 2004

Cassandra Wilson is recognized as an unequaled vocalist, a jazz singer for a new generation. Her distinctive style and daring aesthetic have earned her wide recognition, including chart-topping albums, a Grammy and countless media accolades. In this Live recording she inspires with her trademark mix of first-rate originals and adventurous covers of other songwriters' works, this time picking material by Bob Dylan, Tom Jobim and The Monkees.

A canary called Cassandra 2017

In one of her most recent works, the three-channel projection A canary called Cassandra, Marianna Christofides uses more than 200 collected slides to tell the story of the renowned Imperial Hotel, which was built by the architect Frank Lloyd Wright in Tokyo in the 1920s and opened just hours before the major Kantō earthquake that destroyed large parts of Tokyo and caused the death of more than 100,000 people. But the hotel survived almost undamaged. It took another 40 years until it was finally demolished for economic reasons in 1967.

The Ring 1996

During WW II, a young German woman is separated from her family and imprisoned by the Nazis. After being freed she falls in love with and marries a German officer. When Berlin falls to the Russians, and her husband killed, she flees to America, carrying his unborn child, all the while not giving up hope that she will find her family, tied together by her mother's ring.

I Capture the Castle 2003

A love story set in 1930s England that follows 17-year-old Cassandra Mortmain, and the fortunes of her eccentric family, struggling to survive in a decaying English castle. Based on Dodie Smith's 1948 novel with the same name.

Sorry Cassandra I Misunderstood: EVERYTHING PREDICTS 9-11 2017

This film was a collaborative effort on the part of many researchers working in the field of synchronicity and 'high weirdness', uncovering anomolies that could be called impossible in their implications, yet demonstrably true regardless. This film centers mainly around Back to the Future, the band ABBA, Stanley Kubrick, the 1980 film The Visitors/Artificial Intelligence, The Walk, 9-11, and the 2 biggest hotel fires that have occurred in U.S. history: The Winecoff fire of 1946 in Atlanta Georgia and the MGM Grand fire of 1980 in Paradise Nevada. This project was inspired by extensive studies in the Zohar and years of translating ancient Kabbalistic texts from Hebrew and Aramaic with a Rabbi. When these studies were applied to the goings on in the world at large, the following is what had emerged out of this.

When the Cat Comes 1963

Some people with a strange cat arrive in a small village. The cat wears glasses, and when someone takes them off, she can color people, according to their nature and mood. The grown-ups of the village consider the cat to be dangerous, but the kids just love her…

Golden Times – Cassandra’s Treasure 2012

The exploitation of the country’s mineral wealth is projected as the most reasonable solution to deal with the economic crisis that plagues Greece. The Greek state has ceded its mining rights over 31.700 ha of land in northern Halkidiki, a region rich in gold, copper and other metals, to the Canadian multinational company Eldorado Gold. However, many of the region’s inhabitants, who have been resisting the construction of a goldmine for years, claim that this investment will cause irreparable damage to the environment and the benefits will be fewer than the losses. “Cassandra’s Treasure” presents a detailed picture of the modern Greek state before and during the crisis period.

Cassandra French's Finishing School 2017

An overachieving publicist takes matters into her own hands when she can't find a mature guy: she takes a potential mate captive and sends him to a finishing school in her basement to teach him how to be a better man.

Cassandra: Warrior Angel

Cassandra: Warrior Angel is a horror fantasy series starring Gabby Concepcion, Eula Valdez, and Eula Caballero. It premiered on May 6, 2013 and will serve as the second season of Third Eye.

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