Our Music 2004

Jean-Luc Godard's poetic meditation on war, violence and defeat. The film is structured in three parts. The three segments are "Hell", "Purgatory", and "Heaven". The first segment is a montage of war images from documentary and fictional sources. The second concerns two young Jewish women attending a European arts conference in Sarajevo. The final segment concerns the after life.

Street Musique 1972

Animator Ryan Larkin does a visual improvisation to music performed by a popular group presented as sidewalk entertainers. His take-off point is the music, but his own beat is more boisterous than that of the musicians. The illustrations range from convoluted abstractions to caricatures of familiar rituals. Without words.

The Music Teacher 1988

Aging opera singer Joachim Dallayrac retires from the stage and retreats to the countryside to school two young singers, Sophie and Jean. Although the rigorous training takes its toll on both teacher and students, there is plenty of time for relationships to develop between the three. Based on their teacher's reputation, Sophie and Jean are invited to participate in a singing contest staged by Prince Scotti. Scotti's protege is set up to get revenge for Scotti's defeat at the hands of Dallayrac in a similar competition many years ago. The young students overcome Scotti's trickery to win the competition. Written by Kevin Kraynak

Fela Kuti: Music Is the Weapon 1982

Musician Fela Anikulapo Kuti recorded more than 60 albums to promote the magic of Afrobeat but never lost his political voice as an outspoken critic against widespread government corruption in Nigeria. This documentary examines the role that Fela, dubbed "Black President," played in shedding light on atrocities in his homeland and in promoting the ascent of African music worldwide.

Amour et musique 1911

Working apart, a pair of off-key male and female street performers are assaulted by unappreciative music lovers. When an arrest brings them together, they discover their power to make beautiful music. (MoMA)

Music, Forward! 1907

“Music Forward!” is the order given by a lady in Colonial costume, and in march a group of five musicians, working industriously at their instruments. The directress stands them in a row, and taking the head off each, throws it onto a huge music staff and each becomes a note of the scale. The whole bodies appear again, after which the manipulator seems to wrap them up in a large sheet of music, which is then shown to contain nothing. The paper is rolled up again, and a cane is held, perpendicularly, in a horizontal position to the sheet.

La Petite Musique de Marie-Antoinette: Music for the Queens Theater 2006

Near Trianon, the young Queen Marie-Antoinette built a small and secret theater, to act and sing herself with friends and family. The little theater is still there, newly restored. For the first time since the XVIII century, opera arias and symphonies by Gretry and Gossec, two of the queen's best composers, are played with ancient sets and instruments. A cycle of late 18th century music, programmed by the Baroque Music Center of Versailles, showcases the finest compositions of the musical repertoire played in Paris, under the influence of Marie-Antoinette, during the reign of Louis XVI. The Center joined with French-speaking musicians from different horizons, giving pride of place to the great French-Walloon composers, Andre-Modeste Gretry and Francois-Joseph Gossec. Both enjoyed major careers under Louis XVI: the first built his reputation on his comic operas, which Marie-Antoinette greatly admired; the second came to be considered the true father of the French symphony.

Chamber Music 2012

Rose 12 years, spends his holidays in musical colony. By day she plays the flute in an orchestra. At night she shares a room with two clarinetists of 16. By proxy, Rose tries to get out childhood.

Banaras - Music from the Ganges 2004

Presents a musical journey through the area surrounding the Ganges. Focuses on Benares, Ustad Bismillah Khan, a musician influenced by Indian musical traditions, and the Shehnai, an oboe-type instrument. Other masters performing are Girja Devi, Lacchu Maharaj, Jotin Bhattacharya, N. Rajam.

L'inspecteur connaît la musique 1956

Harry Louis is a jazz clarinetist, obsessed by his art: he would like to match Sidney Bechet; the famous musician tries to give a piece of advice to his fan who, accidentally, kills him in a fit of anger. With the help of his mistress, Muriel, who has witnessed the scene, Harry does away with Bechet's dead body. But, during this gruesome trip, Muriel is accused of being responsible of a road accident. The insurance company sends a young man, Laurent, to investigate.


Trafic.musique was a French television series that was on occasionally. It featured different types of unusual music, and was shown in Metropolitan France on France 2; in Canada, on TV5 Québec Canada. The show was presented and produced by Guillaume Durand. The first episode was broadcast 26 October 2002; the last one, 22 December 2005. The best parts of the show have since been incorporated into the French television series Campus.

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