Fe, esperanza y caridad 1974

The film compiles three stories, each named for part of the main title. The first, "Fe" (faith), is the story of a woman who travels to a distant town seeking a miracle to save her husband from disease. On the journey she is raped by fellow pilgrims; returning home she finds that the miracle has taken place and her husband is well. She vows to make the pilgrimage again the next year. The second story, "Esperanza" (Hope), concerns a man who consents to be nailed to a cross as part of "JesusChrist" freak show, hoping to help his mother. Unfortunately he is unable to afford the silver nails that would have helped him avoid infection. The final story, "Caridad" (Charity), stars Katy Jurado as a humble woman facing a lack of charity from those in authority. She comes into conflict with her son over a childish fight, and her husband is killed.

Charity 2016

Angélica and José Luis have been married for thirty years and they have always lived at the same house; first with their son, Daniel, and now, by themselves. Their daily routine is threatened when José Luis loses a leg in a car accident. When they try to restructure their life, they realize their relation was already fractured and opt for silence. However, they begin a passionate search for all they have lost. José Luis takes refuge in a sexual fantasy about his young nurse, while Angélica tries to remain just as contained as she always has for so many years.

Caridad sangrienta 1997

A street gang terrorizes a small town, while a woman tries to get a man to turn against his family.

L'uomo della carità

With very weak health and wait for the police to evict the immigrants occupying the building Pantanella Luigi remembers working in the mines of Belgium, along with Italian immigrants, their allocation to Giano, a suburb where subhuman living conditions provoke wars among the indigent, his work at Caritas, creating homeless shelters, first aid to AIDS patients, their struggle for racial and religious integration ... and above all, lack of support from different political parties and leaders of the church itself.

Fe, Esperanza, Caridad 1974

A trilogy featuring Nora Aunor giving life to the stories of 3 women: Fe - an emerging movie Superstar who has an invalid husband, Esperanza - a young wife living in a middle class neighborhood in the city & Caridad - a young novice who was seduced by the devil himself.

The Virgin of Charity 1930

Young man who had lost his father falls in love with the local Chieftain's daughter, who opposes the romance. Only a miracle can save the couple's love affair and Our Lady of Charity intervenes in the name of justice.

The White Angel 1936

In mid-nineteenth century England the medical establishment does not recognize the value of skilled nurses, cleanliness, nutrition and kindness. Florence Nightingale's heroic measures slowly changes all of this.

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