Tropico 2013

"Tropico" is a musical short film by Lana Del Rey, based on the classic biblical story of Adam and Eve. Using music from her 'Paradise' EP, the film is an exploration of redemption in modern LA; the land of gods and monsters.

Tropic of Cancer 1972

A couple on holiday in Haiti become involved in a series of savage murders linked to a doctors a new invention, a drug with extreme side effects.


When 17 year-old Axel finds out his girlfriend is pregnant, he tries to build a better future for them by accepting a dangerous "job" to make some extra money.

Triste Trópico 1974

In this "fake documentary", a doctor returns to Brazil after his studies in Paris. Setting out to practice Medicine, he becomes an indigenous messiah and, in time, a cannibal.

Tropic of Blood 2010

Dominican Republic is under the sway of dictator Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina, who has ruled the country with an iron fist since 1930. The Mirabal Sisters, Patria, Minerva, and María Teresa, involved in an underground movement against the government, dared to defy the dictator. But this act of bravery and courage leads to tragic consequences.

Tropico de cancer 2004

In San Luis Potosi, Mexico, residents survive by hunting animals and selling them on the freeway.

Carnaval en el trópico 1942

Three Mexican friends decide to go to Vercacruz Carnaval to celebrate. There they watch Cantinflas' show of torero and boxer.

Trópico Violeta 2019

Women, landscapes and manifestations of color meet experimentally with the possibilities of the artisanal copying technique on 16mm. Shot in Cuba and edited two years later in Chile.

Tropic of Cancer 1970

In contemporary Paris, expat American writer Henry Miller works his way through a series of amorous encounters while trying to find his literary voice.

Swing High, Swing Low 1937

In Panama, Maggie King meets soldier Skid Johnson on his last day in the army and reluctantly agrees to a date to celebrate. The two become involved in a nightclub brawl which causes Maggie to miss her ship back to the States. Now stranded, she's forced to move in with Skid and his pal Harry. She soon falls in love with Skid. Skid gets a job playing the trumpet at a local club and becomes a big success. Fame and fortune go to his head which eventually destroys his relationship Maggie and his career.

Orgasmo perverso 1986

Marga Lopez (Lina Romay) and Rosalba Villa (Ana Stern) are two prostitutes in a small, corrupt South American village. Marga falls in love with Chano (Antonio Mayans acting as "Robert Foster"), a freedom fighter posing as a guard at the local prison, which is run by the corrupt Governor Blanco (Ricardo Palacios) and a sadistic wardress (Veronica Setton). Marga and Rosalba are arrested for hiding Chano, who escapes back to the prison before he is caught. After various tortures and indignities, Chano helps Marga and Rosalba to escape and tells them he will meet them with a boat at the port on the other side of a wooded area.

Maria - Don't forget I come from the tropics 2017

Through interviews, we look into the life of the sculptress and avant-garde woman Maria Martins. Her art, connected with Surrealism, personal and political influence tore cultural traditionalism in Brazil and abroad.

The Lost City 2005

In Havana, Cuba in the late 1950's, a wealthy family, one of whose sons is a prominent nightclub owner, is caught in the violent transition from the oppressive regime of Batista to the Marxist government of Fidel Castro. Castro's regime ultimately leads the nightclub owner to flee to New York.


Tropico is a telenovela produced and filmed entirely in the Dominican Republic by Venevisión International, Iguana Productions and Antena Latina. It is a remake of the 1997 Peruvian telenovela Escándalo. Most of the cast and crew are Dominicans, except Jose Luis Rodriguez and Scarlet Ortiz who are Venezuelans, Javier Delgiudice and Giovanna Valcárcel who are from Peru and Victor González who is a Mexican actor.

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