Margaret 2011

A young woman witnesses a bus accident, and is caught up in the aftermath, where the question of whether or not it was intentional affects many people's lives.

Houses (for Margaret) 2019

Luke Fowler constructed this tribute to Scottish filmmaker and poet Margaret Tait on the occasion of her centenary. Setting off to Tait’s native Orkney, Fowler creates a record of her life and work through images of her past dwellings, filming locations and notebooks. The soundtrack consists of location recordings made in Orkney and an archival tape recording of Tait reciting her poem “Houses,” in which she reflects on the meaning of home.

Journey for Margaret 1942

An American newspaperman and his wife, end up in London after several retreats in the opening days of WWII. After a shrapnel wound and loss of her baby she returns to America. War weary, he is forced to do a story about war orphans, where he meets Margaret.

Nate & Margaret 2012

Nate, a 19 year old film student, and Margaret, a 52 year old spinster, are best friends in an odd, quirky, totally working kind of way... until Nate's audacious classmate Darla sets him up on a date with James. Nate's new life shakes apart his friendship with Margaret, just as she is trying to start a career as a stand-up comedian. Written by Anonymous (

Margaret Cho: Notorious C.H.O. 2002

A film of Margaret Cho's one-woman stand-up show, in which she presents her take on modern sexual topics and minority issues. Filmed live.

Margaret Cho: CHO Revolution 2004

Filmed live at the Wiltern Theatre in Los Angeles, REVOLUTION is comedian Margaret Cho's triumphant return to the screen with the same unbridled, no holds-barred humor that infused her previous two concert films. In REVOLUTION, Margaret tackles the axis of evil, her travels through Thailand's red light district, the explosion of child birth, bartering sex for household chores, revolutionizing one's self-esteem, the joy of bodily functions, her loser ex-boyfriend, and of course, her now world-famous mother. Known as much for her social activism as she is for her raunchy humor, Margaret is a one-of-a-kind phenomenon who once again brings her distinctive and empowering personal voice to her devoted and adoring fans.

Margaret Cho: PsyCHO 2015

Three-time Grammy and Emmy nominated comedian Margaret Cho performs in front of a live audience in this provocative and hilarious comedy special event, tackling off-limits issues from Boko Haram to female empowerment with her razor sharp insight and wit.

Margaret 2009

A detailed and compelling portrait of one of the most formidable characters in British politics as she faces her final days in power. The year is 1990 and Margaret Thatcher's support within the government is wavering - her hold on the premiership hangs in the balance. Then, long-serving politician Sir Geoffrey Howe resigns over Thatcher's attitude to Europe. His resignation speech sparks a chain of events that leads to the overthrow of Britain's first woman prime minister. This modern dramatic tragedy illustrates the strengths and fatal flaws of this iconic woman more clearly than ever before and reveals how the very aspects of her character that helped her secure power are the ones that ensured her downfall. Drama starring Lindsay Duncan.

Margaret Bourke-White 1989

Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White is a 1989 made-for-television film biography about the life of photographer Margaret Bourke-White.

Margaret Cho: Beautiful 2009

Learning to love her luscious self over the past forty years, comedian Margaret Cho realized that the eye of the beholder doesn't hold all the power when it comes to beauty. Our tastes may be groomed by the media, but how we feel about how we look brings our self-image into focus. Armed with something more potent than lip gloss - a mouth so shocking and raunchy it should be stamped with a warning - Cho toured America with her manifesto: "This show is really about how we should feel beautiful," says Cho. "When you feel beautiful, you're going to have more of a willingness to use your voice to speak." Shot at the Long Beach Terrace Theater, Cho's latest stand-up concert film, Beautiful, explores the good, bad, and downright ugly in beauty, and the unattractive politicians and marketers who shape our world.

Pat and Margaret 1994

Unexpected events occur over a long weekend when Pat, a glamorous British born star of American soaps, returns home to plug her auto biography on television and meets, for the first time since they were teenagers, Margaret her plain, fat and frumpy younger sister. The meeting is painful for both sisters highlighting the vast differences in their lives and resurrecting painful memories of their unhappy childhood with their uncaring mother. The tabloid press smell a juicy story and a race ensues to trace the current whereabouts of the long lost errant mother...

Margaret & Evergon 2011

In 1999, the celebrated Montreal photographer Evergon took a remarkable series of nude portraits of his own mother, then 80 years old. The photographs were instantly recognized as a singular achievement: the black and white images embodied not the infirmities of old age, but the timeless strength, dignity, even majesty. In 2007 Margaret Lunt left her long-time home in Niagara Falls, Ontario and moved to Montreal to live with her son. It was shortly afterwards, that filmmaker Donald Winkler embarked on a project that would explore what lay behind that series of photographs, uncovering in the process a poignant family history, a woman's determination to be her own person, how readily she threw off her own deepest cultural conditioning when she discovered both her sons were gay and a most unique and inspiring relationship between mother and son. The Margaret & Evergon.

Princess Margaret Blvd. 2008

An introduction to Isabelle, as she defiantly confronts the frustration, confusion and loneliness that are the effects of Alzheimer’s.

Flogging Margaret 2008

Unceremoniously dumped by his college girlfriend Margaret during a trip to Cambodia, lovelorn American Keith returns to Philadelphia and teams with his best friend Chainsaw to form a "relationship investigation" team devoted to revealing unfaithful husbands, wives, boyfriends, and girlfriends for the two-timing louses that they truly are.

The Misadventures of Margaret 1998

A timid, insecure popular author with an overly-attentive professor husband decide to write an erotic novel. With encouragement from her sister and a bi-sexual friend, she goes to France with the intent of doing research at an inn where a diary she had been using documented erotic encounters. Instead she finds the inn is now a cloister for singing nuns. However, a young, divorced sound engineer is also there taping the nuns. While attracted, she mostly succumbs only to new fantasies until he follows her home to New York.

Halbmond für Margaret 2004

"Glimpses of my life. Friends, snow, two tulips, skaters on the frozen lake of my childhood, balloons in the morning sun, my godchild Paulina running up and down the hill, Ulrike’s 50th birthday on the Baltic Sea, my desk in November 2003." - Ute Aurand

Margaret Cho: Assassin 2005

Margaret Cho returns to the concert stage with a "killer" one-woman show that has taken audiences by storm. Filmed live at the Warner Theatre in Washington D.C., Assassin features a fresh dose of Margaret’s ground-breaking and controversial brand of humor. Taking aim at the Bush administration and the religious right, she pulls no punches in her assault on the "ever devolving" state of the union. The result is an unforgettable performance featuring Margaret at her raw, irreverent and hilarious best.

Margaret Cho: I'm the One That I Want 2000

November, 1999, Margaret Cho is home in San Francisco at the Warfield Theater. Cho structures her monologue loosely on her professional life's trajectory: doing stand-up, cast in an ABC-TV sitcom, losing 30 pounds in two weeks for the part, the show's cancellation, a descent into booze, pills, and self-loathing, and a resurrection into her own voice, her own shape, and being the one she wants.

Bob and Margaret 1998

Bob and Margaret is a Canadian/UK animated television series that was also shown in the United States and all over the world. The series was produced by Nelvana, a Toronto animation studio, and created by Canadian David Fine and Brit Alison Snowden. The series was based on the Academy Award winning short film Bob's Birthday, featuring the same main characters, which won the Best Animated Short Film Oscar in 1994. The series is one of the few Canadian TV shows to ever have regular American exposure. In Canada, it was the highest rated Canadian made animation series ever when it aired in prime time on Global Television. The show revolved around a married English couple named Bob and Margaret Fish, a middle class 40-ish working couple with no children and two dogs named William and Elizabeth. Bob is a dentist and Margaret is a chiropodist. Bob and Margaret struggle with everyday issues and mid life crisis. Stories often revolve around the mundane, but in a way which is eminently relatable. From the trials of shopping to dealing with friends who annoy them, but owe them a dinner. In the first two seasons, Bob and Margaret lived in England, in the South London community of Balham. For the third and fourth seasons, however, they moved to Toronto, Canada, allowing the writers to explore the humour of culture clash. The move was actually inspired by the realities of funding, with certain Canadian tax benefits dependent on stories actually based in Canada. As such, to keep the series funded, the move was necessary. The creators of the series chose to take an executive role on these latter two seasons, reviewing scripts and consulting, but not involved in the detail they were for the first two seasons. Snowden continued to provide the voice of Margaret, but Bob's voice, originally played by Andy Hamilton, was replaced by Brian George.

The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret 2010

Comedy about an inept American placed in charge of sales at his company's London branch. He has no experience with British culture, knows nothing about sales, and has only one employee, Dave. Each episode begins with a scene of Margaret appearing in dire circumstances.

Margaret Bourke-White

Double Exposure: The Story of Margaret Bourke-White is a 1989 made-for-television film biography about the life of photographer Margaret Bourke-White. The movie stars Farrah Fawcett as Bourke-White, Frederic Forrest, David Huddleson, Jay Patterson, Mitch Ryan.

Pat and Margaret

Pat and Margaret is a British television film written by comedian Victoria Wood. The story follows sisters Margaret, a cook, and Pat, a successful actress in the United States, after they are reunited on a television programme after spending 27 years apart. It stars Wood alongside frequent comedy partner Julie Walters in the title roles, and features other past collaborators of Wood, including Thora Hird, Celia Imrie and Duncan Preston. First aired in 1994 on BBC One, the film was directed by Gavin Millar and produced by Ruth Caleb. After gaining over 10 million viewers, it won a Broadcasting Press Guild award and was nominated for two BAFTA awards. It drew comparisons with northern English dramatist Alan Bennett for its complex characterisation and observational dialogue.

Firing Line with Margaret Hoover 2018

Join author, activist and commentator Margaret Hoover for a public affairs talk show that delivers a civil and engaging contest of ideas among the brightest minds and voices from across the ideological spectrum.

Nick and Margaret: Too Many Immigrants? 2014

Nick Hewer and Margaret Mountford explore the impact of immigration in the UK by bringing both sides of the debate together, pairing five Brits who are opposed to immigration with five immigrants.

Margaret & David - Ex 2017

Margaret is dating a radio personality, while David is in an ambiguous relationship with his co-worker, Mei Yuk. To complicate matters, this happens while he develops feelings for another colleague of his, Virginia.

Margaret & David - Green Bean 2016

Margaret and David have been seeing each other for more than a year. One day, David initiated the idea of moving in together. What will happen when the two live under the same roof?

The Long Walk to Finchley

Margaret Thatcher - The Long Walk to Finchley, subtitled in the initial credits How Maggie Might Have Done It, is a 2008 BBC Four television drama based on the early political career of the young Margaret Thatcher, from her attempts to gain a seat in Dartford in 1949 via invasion to her first successful campaign to win a parliamentary seat, Finchley, in 1959. It also portrays her early relationship and marriage with Denis Thatcher. It is directed by Niall MacCormick and written by Tony Saint - it was made by Great Meadows Productions. Thatcher is played by Andrea Riseborough, Denis by Rory Kinnear, and Edward Heath by Samuel West. It was followed in February 2009 by Margaret, a drama on Thatcher's fall from power filmed in 2008-09, with Thatcher played by Lindsay Duncan.

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